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First year of pick-up and learning curve

The learning curve is a concept that comes from the world of business. I will try to explain it simply and then to connect it to the game.

Industrial Definition: At the start of the production of a new product, it is the graph showing the rate of increase in productivity, that is to say, non-linear decrease of labor time per unit as is increasing the number of units produced, labor mastering better and better the job.

What has this got to do with the game?

During the first year of pickup, we do not yet master our subject, we do not know everything (far from it) but we start having results (normally).

The problem is, that even after one year, we usually still have no idea of ​​our true potential. We do not understand all the ins and outs of the game theories. We can also go through phases of stagnation that make us believe that we have reached our maximum.

That said, we must be active to improve our game. It does not just happen miraculously. We have to, for example, find new authors that we like to inspire us and give us new perspectives. I have repeatedly stagnated and it is every time a new author who revived me. I tested without judgment what he proposed and I saw what it could do for my game style. This may be abused to say this but I think that even if something does not help us, knowing that it is not done for us brings us forward since we all the same realize that this is not the direction that you want to take (do not buy things that are obviously shit all the same). When you discover something new (and credible), ask yourself where it comes from, how it works, why it works and if it can give you something new. Try to find something that suits you and listen with humility those who are officers in pickup.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen guys selling out themselves and starting a “serious” story with chicks they certainly would never have touched before the game (they were virgins) but who do not happen to their ankle.

In other words, given their past, they still have low requirements. While their potential yet allows them to get much better. There’s a difference in the value of men and women, so it’s very easy for a girl to make a profit like that. Well, after all, that’s their problem and good for the girls… but I am a guy so I help my fellowmen. Personally, there are a few girls that I fucked at the beginning but that I  would not fuck if I met them today.

Sometimes guys have low requirements because their friends do not bang chicks either: they are in a sexless environment so any girl drives them crazy. I advise you to do not to rely on what people in general do, but on what you want to do. And give yourself the means! Average people have average requirements. Not you, I hope.

The solution ?

The idea here is to firmly decide that we will not make a serious couple during our first year of apprenticeship (at least). We need a strong will and a lot of discipline to stick to it because temptations are many. The biggest risk is the one itis, the couple by default and the misalliance. But remember that it is better to be alone than in bad company (if you fuck chicks anyway) and that keeping cool will ensure you avoid a lot of crap. For example, do not leave your friends, your job, your country or I-don’t-know-what for a girl you barely know especially if she does not meet ALL your criteria (if you have some). Keeping people away from their roots weakens psychologically so they can better be manipulated. Having a girlfriend at any cost is not an end in itself if we are an alpha male !!!

So much the better if your goal was to have a girl… but isn’t it frustrating to say that you could have done MUCH better with A LITTLE more effort? This is where the concept of learning curve comes in. The hardest part is the beginning, a little bit like musculation. After, it we are still improving, but more slowly. Except that we have behind us a solid background now. If we simply practice a little, we may think we know what the game is while not at all. And especially we may not improve as much as we could have if we had stayed in the community a little longer. Giving up is a shame especially if you have invested time and energy in the beginning! The game, it works. Provided you accept to forget what you think you know. Agree to change in everything (refuse your ego protects you). And finally, Provided you enter a process built by taking yourself as an internal reference. Be happy with your progress but continue to ask yourself for results more objectively “very satisfactory”.

The only downside is if you cross miraculously a truly extraordinary woman at the beginning of your journey in the seduction community and that you are able to seduce her. Should you continue to improve your game or rather should you seize this chance and make your life with? Knowing that in general, we just improve our game to get extraordinary chicks. It is a choice to make: multiple experiences or very good quality ? Fortunately, the chances that this happens to you are low anyway… because chances increase when you increase the number of meetings you do. Ideally, I recommend to experiment a little (at least a dozen FC) before getting a couple because you should stay alpha in your couple. This is again the concept: adventure or comfort zone?

So keep some flexibility (better for the girl if she manages to make us change our minds) but the line should be: no couple during the first year of pickup. We must give ourselves the time to change. Because one could too easily be blinded by a girl and miss others that are better. In fact, if you make a couple with a girl, there are inevitably girls you’ll not pickup. What if the woman of your life was just one of those? It would stupid… Finally we could too easily believe that we know what a real hot babe is when in fact we would have never fucked one.

After all, everyone’s objectives. And all the better if you reach them. But I speak for those who have ambitious goals and for those who want to become PUA. Not for those who want fuck ugly chicks all their life nor for those who just want to settle down quietly.

Don’t be naive, the great paradox of the game is and will probably always be, “she said she would have preferred if I wasn’t a player (because it pisses her off I am a flirty) but if I was not a player we would probably haven’t met (because we had to make it happen) or she would not have kept me (I would not have been so good in bed).” The game is a personal development process so we therefore inevitably improves and it pays off. But we are not all equal as we face seduction improvement like we are not as we face weight gain.

If she does not totally satisfy you physically, if you do not see yourself with her in 10 years, if she is a pain in the ass a little bit too often : then she is probably not the one and it is perhaps better to break up now rather than waiting for years of decline knowing it would hurt even more (great upheaval in the habits).

Even if we leave aside the concept of “extraordinary woman”, know that will a little personal investment everyone deserves a feminine girl who takes care of her, who is not too much a pain in the ass, who do not treat us like shit, who is nice, not stupid, who takes us a little bit up and with whom we do not get bored.

Courage : the journey is as interesting as the end. I leave you with two great philosophers, Orelsan “All the better if the road is long
we will can make more detours”
and his buddy Gringe “I have to flee my city and crannies
To know what tomorrow looks like
Nobody wishes me good luck
But I will not spend my life wondering when it starts.”

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