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What is your added value in seduction ?

What is your added value in seduction The concept of value is one of the most important for success in seduction. Even if you did not know this concept, you surely were using it without even noticing it.


1 – The value in the seduction community

In seduction, we tend to see value as something that can create attraction. Where from the idea to practice DHV – demonstration of high(er) value.

We will speak of the “perceived” value because when doing a cold approach it’s the only one a girl can see. Thus, it may be wise to always behave as if we had a great value. It is not dishonest, it’s just a way to be in a better light. It will always be better than the assholes who often are successful because they have assholes behavior but that can be perceived as “high value” behavior.

So far we were talking about “alpha behavior” on this blog, but today we’ll try to see it in another light. It goes without saying that, basically, we say the same thing as usual. This is just another way of seeing things, other words put on the same concepts.

So, giving the image of a guy who has value helps having good results quickly. Mystery used the peacoking for it. The negs also. Personally, I prefer to have really got a great mental strength and now I know what I am worth. Replicas and other behavior showing that I am a “high value” guy come naturally to me… I confess, however, that at first I forced a little the thing, taking models as an example (PUA, movie characters, etc. ). I practiced “fake it until to you make it.”

Often in my field reports, I said that I sat next to the girl and she came over to kiss me. I justified it by “she cracked because of the sexual tension.” This is a way of seeing things. But one could also say that she found me alpha and was so excited that she jumped on me. Finally, we could say that I informed him that I had so a high value for her at that moment so she threw herself on me to be sure I will fuck her.

Little riddle, who has the highest value?
– The one that approaches or the one who is approached?
– The one that numclose or the one who is numclosed?
– The one that offers an appointment or the one who is offered?
– The one that kiss or the one who lets himself be kissed?
– The one who accepts fucking a girl or the one who pushes hard to fuck?

In general, it is always the one who is sought who has the most value. However, the inner game can allow us to see things differently: I’m a guy who dares approach so I have a high value. I’m a guy who dares to warm her to make her want to fuck so I have a great value.

To finish this part, I would say that I hate guys who are pressuring a girl to have sex by treating her like a princess. And that, once they have fucked her, think they have immediately taken a lot of value and therefore treat her like shit. To me, your value should not depend on the validation of a particular girl, but should come from your mind. From your way of thinking. Finally, do not treat girls badly especially if they did not deserved it.



2 – The different types of value

Now we will talk about fixe different types of value… but when it comes to the value in general it’s a little the five at a time. If we were into micromanaging, we could say that we have a specific value for each target and that it is up to us to make her see what she can expect to gain by being with us. But there are more general values, who give us less headaches (I prefer that), you will see that.

A – The emotional value

The idea, when it comes, is to communicate that we represent an added value, not that we will be an anvil.

The first question to ask yourself to see if you can have any value in the eyes of someone is: what can you bring to this person? What added value do you have for her?

For example, you work in a trendy club and can therefore make people come in and offer free drinks. Hence the appeal of the Party Girls for servers. Or you are rich and so a girl who would enter your life might enjoy a bit of your lifestyle.

Most of my readers are like me I think normal people at this level. So we mostly represent added value if we can create emotions (mostly positive). Or if we can offer benefits like super good orgasms. Thus, an added value can be intellectual, monetary, benefits of all types, services, emotions…

In the community, we prefer the emotional value because women love it and that is cheap. Many suckers think their only value in the eyes of a woman is to pay her glasses. How sad… Instead, make her live emotions like intrigue, excitement, etc.

B – Social Value

It is the one that people give you. This is what is sometimes called social proof.

It is often said that seeking to break the rapport is a good idea because it shows that we have a value greater than the other person. And looking for the rapport shows that we have a low social value. I do not agree. I think that establishing good communication is more important than trying to show at all costs that we have a high value. Also, if we show a too high value and in addition we do not create rapport, we risk alienating people. Because we intimidate them or because they really believe they are a shit in our eyes.

The important thing is still to do not seek for approval. Do not be needy. But negs and everything, it’s really to be used with caution (for example if there’s a bitch shield).

C – The survival and replication value

It is the most developed value sub-concept in the community because most related to the attraction and the most generic.

This is just what evopsy explains: we all look for partners who can bring us resources for us and our offspring.

Are attractive in terms of values:
– Survival (strength, power, intelligence …)
– Replication (health, beauty, fertility, etc.)

As you probably already know, the weight of these features in the attraction is reversed in men and in women. The potential of attraction of a woman is based 80% on her replication value while in a man it’s 80% of his survival value. Do not they say that both sexes are complementary?

D – The specific values

The specific value is the subjective value that is for a person based on her own characteristics or the circumstances. Most people have, consciously or not, one or more personal criteria.

A rich daddy’s girl will not give the same value to the professional situation of a guy than a girl who is not rich. A girl is looking the image of her father in his lovers, which is different for each (if they do not have the same father). A PUA who has the choice will be more demanding regarding his girlfriends than a virgin who is desperate to ejaculate one day.

Sometimes one has a value simply because he is there. Some girls do not filter on natural biological unconscious criteria but on orders of psychological criteria (their neurosis) or other more conscious stuff. Some do not seek an alpha male but a beta male so he serves her as a princess, others are just looking for a guy who has a car, or a fuck without complications or any guy who can lift her spirit her with his cock because she just has been dumped with humiliation.

That’s why some suckers sometimes get hot babes (good for them). That’s why sometimes we fuck even if we do not practice DHV. It finally explains why we can not have 100% success.

Many chicks like tall men. But some are afraid or are complexed. They therefore prefer shorter guys. For some, a guy who drives a Porsch is a gambler who surely makes up for his small cock, for others it is particularly attractive.

Eh yes ! Thus, there are vulgar girls who fancy on riffraff who are in a tracksuit all day, with a hood and who spit on the floor. But hey, they are often the same picture than them, so I am not interested.

In my high school, a guy looked like Harry Potter (uglier) and some chicks liked him just for that reason. This is what can be called a marginal value because he is far from being a sex symbol, Harry Potter. If you like him, take the example of Austin Power : if a girl liked the character in the movie she can be attracted by a guy looking like him.

If the guy looked like Ian Somerhalder, the fact of licking him would not be a marginal behavior, because most chicks find him very beautiful. In this case, a guy who would even a little bit look like him would gain in value by ricochet effect of the fantasy value of Ian.

There are chicks who like submitted guys. Suckers. To dominate them widely and everything. This is a relatively rare behavior, but for them being a loser gives value. I advise you of course to do not adopt this behavior, precisely because it is rare and mostly because you must respect yourself in life.

E – The hidden values

Sometimes our value lies in what the other feels when they are with us : serenity, security, freedom, fun, appreciation, etc.

If a girl says she loves the tall and muscular men, it’s probably because she feels safe with them. Men who are not tall and muscular will therefore have an interest in making her feel safe by using communication. This is not the dishonest manipulation if they are able to guarantee her safety for real : if not why not just changing the target?

Identifying the things that are important for a girl helps to DHV specifically on this criterion (calibration/adaptation). What is potentially more powerful than a general DHV. In addition, it can help to create the rapport with the conversation that will flow from it.

So you can dig to find her hidden values ​​or simply deduct it from what she says. Otherwise than that, to match her specific values, one can only rely on luck!


3 – The utility of value and how to recognize value

Any value is relative, ours (depending on whose eyes) like the value of our target (it depends on who games her). You must understand that a person has not got the same value for everybody.

We do not game someone with a high value like someone with a low value. We do not really play the same way with a 20 year old student shy than facing a thirty blossomed in her life.

What is the value of a girl for you? And what is your value from her point of view?

Basically, what is the value?
– Physics rating, replication value (traditionally between 1 and 10 in the community – 5 being a girl with whom the average guy would have sex – 6 being my minimum to undress). Of course this replication note is adapted taking into account the values ​​related to survival (intelligence, social status, money, etc.)
– Her self-esteem, her confidence, level of welfare
– Her way of behaving with others, her beliefs, her mood of the moment
– Her social value (anonymous or actress, girl in a group or alone at the bar, the clothes she wears, etc.) The prestige of banging a celebrity, or a model who poses in magazines, or the hottie college, doesn’t it make you hard ?
– The relative value, depending on the environment, circumstances, etc. A bartender is overpriced in her club, outside, she is probably nobody. A model in a normal club or at a beauty queen election it’s not the same level or arrogance.
– An attractive girl with humor, conversation is more likely to have fun with me.
– Our identity and specific values: I like classy girls, elegant, open-minded…

Some think that if a girl has a “high value” she must be negged directly. No ! Think about it: you may very well find value in a super friendly and open girl. No need to be aggressive from the start! In addition, she is maybe not aware of her value in your eyes. Understand that your reality is not everybody’s reality.

Depending on your current form, or your status in such a place, it is sometimes better to practice very direct game than taking gloves! According to the competition there is in the place where you are, your value can also increase or decrease.

We are attracted by what is more valuable than us. But beyond a certain big difference, ego protects itself. That’s why some unfuckable chicks and too full of ego allow themselves to talk to us badly while we were just being nice. This difference of value explains why sometimes chicks that are not worth a 4/10 will violently reject us as we just talking for socializing (we were not even flirting).

We tend to say that 2 points (/10) of difference between two people, it is still possible if the person in front is confident. With 4 points of difference, it is a miracle.

The value of a man resides essentially in his inner game. So if you are convinced of being a 8, you can bang 10 if you are confident. In addition, women are much more sensitive to the mental strength of a man than we are. Or other solution : totally kill your ego.

According to this principle of value, chicks who are chasing send Indicator Of Interest and other Approach Invitation to the alpha male with the highest value perceptible to them.

Sometimes we don’t care about the value of a girl but it is society that puts on us a pressuring judgment. For example: a lot of guys would be ready to fuck a 5 on the condition that no one ever knows. But if the whole office could be aware, then there, they would not. Without perceptible value, sexual tension needs discretion. According to this logic, the more your value you show, the more a woman will allow herself to be excited in your presence.

The sexual tension, you know it, varies over time and according to your actions. But sometimes a value is enough to create sexual tension. If you offer a night with Ian Somerhalder, many women may get wet just thinking about it. So you have to play with the attraction, the value and the sexual tension.

The value of a person also depends on the quality of interactions that we can have with. So in case of bad vibe, you will have a low value in the eyes of the girl, even if you have a great value. But often, she will make efforts to feed the conversation if she is interested (unless you make her feel too shy).

I suggest you to investigate yourself, identify your own criteria, in order to do not miss the women who could make you really happy. Especially the one that could give you what your biology and your values ​​are looking for…


4 – How to demonstrate value

The principle of “Fake it up to you make it” is to behave as if we had a value until we really get it. Demonstrating more value will logically increase your success rate.

Assuming at the outer game and inner game level (by pretending this is a part of you it will become more real), you will create in other people the impression that you have this value (which is just a perceived value but can become real).

But in addition, you will receive in return verbal and non-verbal responses to this characteristic that will change little by little your own beliefs about yourself. Which will really help you to really get it.

Therefore, behave like a womanizer (or just like an alpha male for those who are soft) !!!

All our actions communicate characteristics and therefore value. Try to communicate DHV and avoid DLV – demonstration of low(er) value – to an audience you want to seduce. For example, in seduction, being too nice especially if the girl is abhorrent, it is a DLV. It says about you that you are a weak…

Thus, to communicate that you are a seducer, you will not tell it. You will make this clear by suggesting through what you say or do. You can tell, without bragging, stories that have happened to you. Or if pretty girls come and say hello, you can suggest that you have fucked them all. Or if you receive a naughty text, pretend to be discreet when in fact you make sure that other people see it. So you will subcommunicate what? That you bang a hottie, that she is so turned on by you that she sends naughty messages, that you have a beautiful phone so that you are rich, etc.

These are not things I usually do, because I prefer the more natural things, but these techniques can work. Personally, I behave like an alpha, and I let people wonder “but what is this secret that gives him such a confidence?”

Here’s how to easily communicate value:
– Be confident and ambitious, you will succeed;
– The social proof (ie with good wingmen and wingwomen (preselection) or practice butterfly on groups so you look like someone knowing a lot of different people);
– Don’t look bored, have composure;
– Stay alpha even in front of tests (targets, cockblocks, amogs);
– Do not drool when you see a beautiful girl, if you communicate it is normal for you, you will look like a guy who has great value because used to fuck hotties ;
– Show that you have the choice, you are demanding;
– Show that you have a higher value than the average guy, and a strength of character, you are a prize ;
– Show that you’re not a lambda sucker, you know women;
– Convince yourself that you have a high value, especially as regards survival and replication.


I hope you enjoyed this article.

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