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Conversation-short ?

Conversation-short I have now here in Lyon several Padawans whose biggest problem is the fear of being conversation-short after two or three minutes of conversation.

Their problem is not even to really be short of it, but they always feel like they will not know what to say after the opener. Nor how to get her attention.

Their interactions that sometimes start at the speed of Usain Bolt often wind like an asthmatic in the Olympic games.

And you ? Have you ever felt frustration when an interaction ends because you do not know what to say? Do you find it embarrassing ?

Below, my advice to fix it. And no I do not limit myself to “if there’s a silence try to kiss her.” Lol.

1 / The Tortoise and the Hare

Most guys take as much pleasure to approach a girl as when they arrive late in the morning to work and are lectured in the office of their boss : they are eager to have done with that disturbing moment.

A natural reaction so : they vomit an opener learned by heart with a rate that could trigger an epilepsy crisis.

Although at first she answers with a smile, if they continue like that they’ll quickly be out of fuel. So: rather let the words come to you rather than talking at the speed of a Kalashnikov, which actually emphasizes your nervousness… certainly normal but communicative.

For example : The singers in the concert talk to the crowd as follows: SLOWLY!

When you kick a girl out of her occupations or her reveries, be intelligible, and do not talk too fast. Being comfortable is contagious too. Your bullets will so do a bigger impact.

2 / Make short

In reality, when we remember our past, we have no sense of time. Your last vacation at the beach might as well have lasted one, two or three weeks : you would absolutely keep the same impression about it.

You will have more benefits and be less likely to be eliminated by making things short and simple. By going straight to the point. Of course : if that is congruent with your body language.

3 / Keep it simple

I always liked simplicity. It has many advantages. In particular: you’re less likely to look like a weird guy like that (a weirdo). But also less likely to make a misstep.

A study conducted by researchers from the Harvard Business School shows that we tend to look for dissimilarities among our interlocutors after only a few minutes of interaction. And since we like what we are, it’s better to do not leave her much time to count our “dissimilarities”. Also, the brains of most people have a certain bad habit to remember more the negative than the positive.


Women too

Sometimes I approached the girls and I left a silence. Often, those who are interested try to fill it and there you see all the faults of the AFC. Women are often shy and not used to make efforts. So even if it’s an IOI and we appreciate the effort, it is sometimes a little ridiculous when they do that.

Sometimes they criticize our stuff (to do not have sex with us) but they would do worst if they had to pick up men. What an injustice!

Sometimes after they feel too stupid and send a text message with a little better quality (a little more daring). AFC !!!


Damn, it’s almost snowing outside here, windy dehorners a cuckold and the night now falls before the time of going out of work. So you better get right to it than staying in the cold chatting in the street.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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