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How to become a chicks selector ?

How to become a chicks selector ?
NatiSythen — Travail personnel

“Would Leonardo Di Caprio chase a girl in the street to pick her up?”

The way the question is formulated is revealing: why comparing our situation to the situation of a movie star? Why thinking like a preselected selector ? Why, if we are in this case, making the effort to chace a girl?

What is a selector?

I’m taking about a confident guy who has the luxury of the choice in his love life. His sex life is rich, varied and fulfilling because women he likes like him in return. Women are seeking for his company in their life and in their bed.

How did he become a selector?

Perhaps thanks to his profession involving intense media coverage and a cult of personality like Di Caprio. In this case, many women would love to sleep with him even without having ever met up before. They want to know vicariously the thrill of a big bank account and celebrity. It’s not about feeling love.

Or he is a waiter in a famous club. These guys are not even necessarily handsome. But women may want to sleep with them to prove that they are beautiful (they chose them while they had a choice) rather than because he is really attractive. That said, by dint of being successful, these guys necessarily develop an alpha behavior that makes them a little sexy. But their success is often due to their work or art, so if they were deprived of it one day, I do not know if they would fuck a lot. Probably not, without this network…

For the others, I mean those who do not get wet underwear in their letter-box in the morning, we meet the women in our lives through our friends, during our trips or at work. Or on the Internet.

The important thing is to seize and create meeting opportunities. We must be active. Thus, this way we have the choice and the control. Moreover, picking up many girls, it eliminates the factor “personal taste” and we make out necessarily. This is one of the marketing concepts. We never sell to everyone, but the point is just to sell enough to be satisfied.

If you want to be the king of oil, I will not lie to your : it is necessary to provide the means. If you stay at home hoping that a pretty brunette with blue eyes will come in by your window and join you in your bed waking up with a magic pipe: it is not beforehand won! Do it as your want but initiate conversations with friendly people, especially pretty girls and make them want to see you again!

You will become selector as well as you improve your social and sexual abilities, you will one day or another be unable to find time for all the people who want to see you. You will then better choose the quality women for quality relationships. Your criteria will be according to your tastes: physical, intellectual, kindness, culture of the chick etc …

If you decide to remain single (or in an open relationship) to don’t lose your game, you will spend warm nights with beautiful girls BUT sexy women in the street still arouse your interest. Or in a bar with your fuckfriends: you will be preselected. With a huge modjo, it will be easier for you than for another to approach these girls before they disappear forever in a metro station. Hoping that the girl have more conversation than a handlebar.

Who are the bad selectors?

Those who are afraid of being thought of as “womanizers” (limiting beliefs) and deny their desire to approach beautiful women (avoidance strategy avoiding them to confront their fears).

Oh yes it is so important to don’t make a bed impression on girls that they do not know and will probably never see again : they want to give the impression of a guy who is not dog. But they are even more in heat now!

They thank heaven that no one had seen them taking a rake (nobody cares but well). Then they feel sad as they realize that every time they want to approach they invent crappy excuses. Because of stress, of course.

They reassure themselves by saying that the shortlisted men do not chase women. THEY ARE THE PRICE! They are therefore right to adopt strategies of denial and withdrawal. Not going for it! It is a bit shit and a full box of condoms reminds them every evening they have fucked only once this month. Take the critical distance of all that to overcome your bad habits (if you still have some : I’m talking about inventing shitty excuses).

What I find tasty it’s when politically corrects AFC believe harm me by saying that I sleep with lots of chicks while they actually make me a huge publicity. It’s a big problem to don’t understand women like that!


Confront your fears to reality

There’s really no contradiction between having women in your life and picking up chicks. Chicks often test me “why did you need to pick up if you’re really such a good lover? “Shut up, bitch. I love it, that’s it!

So, would Leo go out in a club with his wingmen to pick up chicks? I’ll ask him when I see him.

Approach chicks: If you always expect them to do the first step, the woman of your life may never be on your side. Give yourself the opportunity to have a choice between interested women!

One should always congratulate a guy who had the balls to approach correctly (I’m not talking about riffraff). He dared to confront his fears to reality.


Fake it up to you make it?

If you’ve got no chick and want to play the preselected alpha who don’t give a shit : you put the cart before the horse except they walk backwards.

Change your behavior by being more alpha but do not make your game rest on this device.
There’s super handsome guys and alpha who do not fuck much. They don’t create the opportunities. Between work, sleep, metro, sports, movies on their computer, etc. There’s also those that could be hot, like Ian Somerhalder, but do not have the appropriate coaches that push in their ass. They have the gene but we can see nothing. There’s a lot of guys like that with great potential who are doubled by opportunists like me. Not that it bothers me but I want to help! So: MOTIVATION! Work on your personal development to be more alpha and be active: go out, go for it!


If you start from scratch …?

Try to know yourself, to understand yourself. Change what needs to be changed to adopt ways of thinking and behavior that will make you live positive experiences.

Do not compare yourself to others. Envy is useless. Change your perspective on jealousy, don’t be jealous of your friends, you’ll love yourself. Personal development will help you fill your shortcomings, correct your flaws, and enhance your skills to become THE BEST YOURSELF POSSIBLE EVER. You will feel good and you’ll open to others. From there: alea jacta est.

Take pleasure in your life activities and share it with the people you meet.

Be interested sometimes in some chicks for anything other than their pussy or for the validation of your game. You will understand things that will make you more natural next time you will pick up.

Stay away from miracle cures and ready-made replicas create for magically fucking chicks. You need first a certain capacity for socialization and a proper look. Then we will talk of spontaneity and self-confidence!

You must reveal your personality! Consolidate it! Making out on dancefloor will not give you the keys of the female psychology nor of happiness. The day you’d be in a couple, you would pay dearly to have faked everything.


My conclusion : The economy of a personal development work is not desirable!

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