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Going out alone or not, that is the question

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The community of seduction develops in France, like almost everywhere in the world where people have nothing else in mind than dressing well and having sex. If you can make the difference between people who preach lousy advice and those who have a real knowledge to communicate: you can take advantage of it. Indeed, you can easily find wingmen who are going to help you to improve your Game : obviously, prefer motivated seducers instead of your buddies who would quit Call Of for the first time of the year. But it does not have to be the only factor… Even if they can teach you things, selfish wingmen tempt me to piss in their drinks.

There is however an alternative to wingmen: going out alone.

Going out alone is a major stage of your apprenticeship. Finally, it is an indicator of your true level. If you are not able to approach without your buddies : It’s a sign of lack of self-confidence. And it is not a good thing, of course !

Freedom of movement: alone, you are more opened, more reactive, more movable. It is also necessary to learn how to evaluate your own energy level and to boost it if necessary. The good side of the medal is you stop procrastinating … no choice, you’ve to go there. It also avoids you missing women because your friends are not for the taste of the friends of your target. One can actually be better alone than in bad company.

When you will cross the door of the bar, you will have to quickly socialize otherwise you will be thought of as an autistic. And yeah, pouting at the bar like James or Chuck will not help you to get laid : in real life, people go out to have a good time (and do some coke) not to exchange confidential data.

When you go out alone, it is sign of an independent and nonconformist character. It impresses, rightly, moreover. Do you imagine James going to the casino to kiss Eva Green « A  vodkatini, shaken not stirred… and two pastis for my not classy buddies but I had to go out with them ».

When you go out alone, it’s better to go to a nice place where the music is good and loud… and especially where people drink, dance and move : so, it will less be obvious that you are alone. Be in movement (you will seem less needy) otherwise your level of energy risks to decrease… and approach several groups without waiting even if the approach is fast (if you have an Eye Contact or if it seems to you that they are talking about you to her friends… then go without even thinking). If a girl touches you and that the movement seems to you lasting a little longer than necessary, let’s go there too. Last advice, if you want to make her forget her cockblock friend, approach her a little by the side so as to oblige her to turn to you.

Hot girls want cool guys, thus guys comfortable in any circumstances. Up to here, you maybe closed physically to protect yourself emotionally. But this closed posture prevents you in a sense from meeting new people. Stay open. And before analyzing the body language of other people, work on yours. The more you will wait before interacting with people, the more you will close yourself. It is a vicious circle and it will be harder and harder to go out of it as the night moves forward. Morality: if you are not capable of approaching, at least, open yourself.

When you’re going out alone, you’re often asked the fateful question at one time or another « where are your friends? » Then, is this case, it is necessary to answer something that puts forward your independent character « I too much love going out to lose my Friday evening in front of Loft Story with them ». Girls don’t want a lonely wolf nor one of these lost people who will be glued on them all night long. Be funny, quick, energetic: surf from group to group and gather nectar. That will make your value rise. Go back then to the groups you had the best interactions with.

A group that has adopted you :
– Offers you a drink ;
– Puts you in the confidences (why they laugh) ;
– Invites you to come with them when they go out to smoke (waaahh you’re lucky) ;
– Dance with you ;
– Suggests you taking pictures ;
– Invites you to come with them when they change bar…

Morality: going out alone is not a problem in itself and is often better than going out with suckers but less cool than going out with some GOOD company. However, it increases your chances to live unforeseen adventures. What do you think?

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