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Paris, capital of pick-up ?

Paris, capital of pick-up It seems that Paris is the capital of fashion, but is Paris the capital of pickup too?

First, at the international scale, it is obvious that no. Sorry but the capital of pick-up would clearly be in the United States. Besides, the best resources to improve are generally in English.

At the French scale now, it is true that all the famous “coaches in seduction” are based in Paris. From this perspective, yes, Paris is the capital of the pick-up in France. Why ? Surely because there is easy access to the media. Moreover, it is good for the pickup because it is huge, there are many people (statistically easier to fuck), and there are many foreign (the population is renewed). It’s also good because it is deemed to be the “city of love”… so the travelers come with the ulterior motive of getting banged.

However, there are many very good players and PUAs who do not live in Paris. We must not believe that there is only in Paris that we can make interesting things (don’t be snob). There is a huge potential in Lyon, for example!

I think it is a pity that the other cities are abandoned like that. There are good things to do there! Why do French people who want a coaching or personal advice would be forced to go to Paris?

The problem is that elsewhere, eg in Aix-en-Provence and Lyon (I speak of what I know), there is no real solidary community. There are groups of guys who meet on forums to go picking up together and who sometimes become friends. In Paris, there is the CCP, the closed circle of Parisian players, but that’s it! There is neither real assistance nor real feeling of belonging to an underground organization, as it may be the case in the United States. The game there is really a kind of fight club!

Moreover, the coaches talk about each other: they do not hesitate to advertise when a guy is good, allowing everyone to move on (the social mobility of fucking works). In France, the market is locked by some well-referenced sites which nevertheless offer no real quality (sorry but it’s true).

I have contacted all of them, and they clearly all refused to talk about me or my product as long I I would not affiliate myself in their distribution platform network. Basically, they want to play “who has the biggest (audience)” and keep the monopoly! For people supposedly trying to help their readers, keeping secret the best work, it is not glorious! My personal conclusion is that these people do that for the money and know very well that if the general public had access to real quality work (not grassroots articles), people would see a difference. Their solution is to silence us! Because, honestly, they would just talk about The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations in their newsletter by putting their affiliate link, and they would make hundreds or even thousands of euros for no work !

I am not lying, one of them answered me “I do not make any partnerships” and he made one month later a common video with a sportive Youtuber (no competition in this case). Worse, I had written an article to another site to propose a link exchange, but they just changed a few words and published my text keeping my punchlines… without my link, of course… I’m really fed up with these dishonest people! Is it obligatory to be a real asshole to succeed in life?

Frankly, I do not want. I won’t stoop to that. But I am sure that all together we can do something.

This is a call to all the seduction bloggers, and more broadly, to all those who have a blog or a vlog about personal development: unity is strength!

We would gain so much from creating a quality personal development network in France! Comedians on YouTube already do that, btw. They talk about each other, make videos where they invite each other to share their networks. So why not us? We have a common cause too: making French people fuck like gods!

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this project! The only conditions (guarantee of serious) are to have quality content updated regularly and a network of at least 15,000 monthly visitors!

Anyway, if you have a network, be aware that by registering on 1TPE (free) and using your affiliate link (easy), you can receive 50% on each of my products you will sell!

I kiss you.

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