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Seducing through communication

Seducing through communicationToday we will enter the heart of the matter (not your girl’s pussy): how to seduce through communication! Basically, what follows is the basic foundation of the game… it really underlies all the methods of the seduction community.



First, I must explain a very important communication concept: the frame.

It’s hard to find one single word that translates the concept of frame so you’ll have to read this long explanation : in every social interaction between two people, there are two perspectives, two different frames, two visions of things that clash.

This reality of frames colliding during each interaction is true not only in seduction but in all the interactions. For example, with your boss at work too, frames fight. “If you want a pay increase you will have to work more
– If you do not give me a pay increase, I’m going to work elsewhere and you will lose a collaborator familiar of your working folders”
. What you will learn in this video will so be useful to you throughout your whole life! IT’S AWESOME !!!

Frames collisions are usually unconscious but now that you have discovered the concept, you will be aware of this and will therefore act on it and turn it to your advantage.


2 / Frame vs  Frame

When a guy and a girl meet, it is unfortunately often the frame of the girl that wins. Why unfortunately? Because the classical frame of a chick is “Me, I’m a pretty girl, I have lots of proposals all day, you’re a man among many so I don’t not care. I will not pay much attention to you unless you buy me some drinks…”

If the woman keeps this perspective, this view of things, it’s almost sure it will not work with her. The basics of your communication are unhealthy and unbalanced. The goal is to reverse her perspective, and to impose your alpha male frame.

“What I propose is unique. You will not have much other opportunity like this in your life… I like you, but I can easily find plenty of other consenting chicks. So if you are tired of all the sex-starved and zero in bed guys, let me give you lots of orgasms. ”

If we can impose this frame subtly (not explicitly like I just did): we will then reverse the process and there will be many more opportunities. Thus, if one is in the mindset that this is a chance for her to spend time with him because he has so much to offer : it’s much more likely to work! This is a mindset of a confident guy.

On the other hand, if we directly say to a girl “you’re so beautiful and nice, I really want to make out with you…” there’s very little chance that it works. It is too plaintiff and desperate. Moreover, in the community, we have a term for it, it’s “needy”.


3/ How to impose your frame?

It may seem intuitive-cons but please do not start with rational arguments. Instead, start by changing their emotional perspective.

When you interact with someone, it is primarily the reptilian brain (the ancestral brain that regulates basic behaviors – this is the primitive part of our brain) that must be addressed. Because one must first draw the person’s attention. The best thing for this is to emphasize an emotional approach, and (I’ve said that already) it’s not only valid in seduction.

The reptilian brain primarily react with risk. So, add a little danger in the interaction like you would add a little Espelette pepper in your pot. That’s why a somewhat bad boy attitude works well. But we must not do too much because otherwise it is really too scaring (we just want to make a little emotional shock). What works well is to behave in a somewhat provocative, irreverent way, to be a little mockingly.

To hold the attention of a girl:
– Having a high social status, being rich, being famous, being someone who has a form of popularity in a certain environment, etc.
– Creating a high situational status by acting in a confident way but with some nuances of humor, originality, etc.

Above all, never let yourself be dominated by the reality of the person in front of you. If she says “I am willing to have a drink with you but I will just stay an hour” answer her “this is not a problem because me I can only stay 45 minutes.” She will understand that you are more the price than her and she will see you differently, in a sexier perspective …

Here is how to handle the various obstacles:
– With women who feel superior: be irreverent and cavalier;
– With busy women: use a time constraint (you are more busy than them);
– With not very interested women: use the prizing (make them understand that this is a chance for them to talk to you) but in a rather subtle way (you should not look like a braggart);
– With analytical women who do not hear the emotional speech : play on the mystery, the suspense, tease them… sell her your kidney shot or your magical tongue (but again not directly, rather leave clues that let her think about it).


The idea is not to manipulate women. The long-term goal is to make this inner strength that you need to learn to communicate genuine. This is the most honest and the most effective way to seduce. Btw, if all you provide is true, you communicate it more easily! Your inner game (your true inner strength) always influence your outer game (your behavior with people). But your outer game can influence your inner game too so I advise you to start thinking right now about what you’ve just read and to try it on the field!

You may be really detached initially with women to have the strongest perspective and conviction. But for this, multiply your opportunities.

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How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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