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How to seduce a girl? (The full course)

On this page, we will see how to seduce a girl. But it is possible to seduce girls in different ways: for a relationship, to make a sexfriend, for a one night stand, etc. So, we will deal with the different possibilities. We will also see here how to seduce a girl who is in a relationship.

Feel free to read this article to discover how to pick up a girl.

How to seduce a girl (The full course)


How to seduce a girl according to the type of relationship you want

Regarding the question “how to seduce a girl” in the sense of the qualities that a woman is looking for in a man, I differentiate several axes: what are the qualities that a woman seeks to couple, for a project sexfriends, to get married or for a one night stand.


How to seduce a girl to make a sexfriend

She can be content with a guy with whom she has a good time, cocky & funny as we like to say, a guy who will give her pleasure in bed and who will be discreet.


How to seduce a girl for a one night stand

For a one night stand, a man who knew how to make her wet by skillfully destroying hihers apprehensions, sorry, reassuring her, may suffice.


How to seduce a girl for a relationship

For a couple, she will probably look for a laid-back man, with some stability in his life, etc.


Become the Perfect Man to seduce women?

“How to seduce a woman?” Is not a question that has a universal answer. According to their experience of life, what is a quality for one is not one for the other. Some prefer a docile man, and others who sometimes do not admit it, a man more or less indomitable. Some will prefer a tall man, others will not care if he is small.

Most of the qualities that the Perfect Man would have are universal but not all. This is why your vision of the Perfect Man will never be quite the same as the one of the chick you want to seduce, or your neighbor, colleague, friend, sushi delivery… So why aiming for a vain ideal? The only thing you can do: constantly seek improvement, never stay on top of your achievements, always try to be better and above all happy.

What are the almost universal qualities that women value in men? I will answer you and that is probably what you will find most sincere and effective to understand how to seduce a girl.

Maggie from Palm Springs, United States — Brad

How to seduce a girl: the ideas about physics and culture

Well. From what I observe in everyday life.


Be beautiful to seduce

Being hot was good when you were a college student and had a Skyblog. The minettes commented “hot” and we had a ticket. Honestly, as an adult, I do not think that being plastically handsome is heavier in the scales than elegant. As long as you do not miss 5 teeth or anything, we do not care.



To read books, to know oneself in literature, in painting… Yes, perhaps, finally surely. But in a student context and even in most other environments, nobody wants to listen to stories of shades of blue on canvases of the nineteenth century.

It’s not to be mean or anything, it’s just that the girl wants to laugh and have fun first, and if she’s listening to you spew out a bunch of things about Plato, it’s probably she’s want to fuck with you anyway, not necessarily interested. Think about it.



I do not say that you have to be grown like a turnip, but this vision of seduction seems to me to be that of the American series: the guy who has wheat, super cultivated, super active, super beautiful, super everything, and that soon as he enters a room, the girls turn around and touch each other’s panties, chuckling… these are misconceptions that will not help you to really understand how to seduce a girl.


Keep these qualities for later

For my part, I would not start spreading my culture with a girl I met in a bar. Because I do not need that to fuck her. All this stuff, I would put them in the box “interesting and flourishing man”, and not necessarily attractive, because even if it can be, the girl does not need to know all that to be seduced.

If I come to address the topics inherent in my passions with a girl, it would probably be part of a mutual qualification for a relationship or, at least after having fucked, not before.

How to seduce a girl


How to seduce a girl: passive seduction

The dress code

Without necessarily having a killer look, simply be elegant. It may not be enough for the chicks, but at least it will avoid being disqualified because we are dressed like a nerdy. That’s how to seduce a girl!


Body language

What could be summed up in some basics like not being slouched, being open, smiling… The body language of a confident guy, basta. This is another key to understanding how to seduce a girl.



Talk a little with everyone, be cool, make the joke “If I drink alcohol I am an alcoholic and if I drink Fanta, I’m fantastic?” Speak philosophy if it sings to you as long as you stay in the spirit of the conversation.


To do the first step

Nice example of how to seduce a girl I heardfrom a friend who wanted to approach a girl at his college. He had been at the bus stop with her and another girl of her class. Instead of talking to the girl that he wanted to take the number, he spoke to the one of his class “Yeah, the courses right now it’s hard, besides coming every morning to revise with this cold, blah blah”, this kind of banalities said on the tone of fun with some amusing anecdotes.

His target was listening in spite of herself, and something that my friend said made her laugh, so he grabbed the opportunity to include her in the conversation. The end. But if my friend had not included the girl in the conversation, after asking her number and do what he had to do, he could have seduced hours and hours passively, there is a 99% chance that he would never have slept with her. She would have laughed, he would have continued to clown, then everyone would be home quietly.

Indeed, even if the girl is interested, we live in a civilization where the guys must take the lead. I always laugh when I hear guys say “it would be better if the girls approached and not the other way around”, because I am totally against: we approach so we choose. Those who go to coal give themselves the choice, it’s awesome. How many chicks are frustrated by the fact that the guy they liked did not come talking to them? I do not know, but a lot in my opinion. Even among the girls I know, there are lots of them.



It’s better to have money for the obvious social bonus it brings, or even for the quality of life. Must be politically correct not to recognize that “money = girls”, but not having money does not prevent to bang high-school girls. I think that if a girl wants to fuck with a guy, her financial and social situation does not matter anymore. So a 29 year old lawyer in a room with a single bed? Why not.


The reputation

Let’s ask the following situation, and God knows that it happened to me often: you are at a party, asked to be there at 9pm. You arrive around 11 pm so people have had the opportunity to talk about you. When you introduce yourself to the blonde with big breasts, she whispers with a smile “Ah, it’s you Fabrice? Is it true that…” It’s Machin-Truc who told me that. Indeed, your friends who were on time, have built a reputation for fun guy and good fucker.

You already have enough value in her eyes for her to consider rubbing your body. It is true that at this point, part of the job is already done. So yeah, we can decide to do a lot of really complicated stuff, and after balancing the cum on the peroxide, consider that it was thanks to our Jedi skills that the mission was a great success. The truth is that in some cases, the girl had already practically decided to fuck with you before you even arrived. The important thing is this “practically”. She was already interested but interest is not enough.

How to seduce a girl


How to seduce a girl: interest is not enough

There are a lot of reasons why a girl who is interested will not sleep with you, and that’s what I’m going to deal with now. How to seduce a girl, how to interest a girl and how to sleep with a girl are three very different questions that have different answers.


You have to assume that you are a man

First, and this seems to me the most common situation: this is the case of the guy who has no balls.

I know a Brad Pitt-style guy, but in clubs I am always more effective than him. Why ? Because he does not assume, he does not go to contact. Yet the indicators of interest are raining, but he remains inactive.

Afraid of failure? I do not know. The Inactive is 99% of the male population.


You must be faster than others

Now, imagine that the girl is interested by a dozen guys, that guys who have the balls to assume the interest she has towards them, do you sincerely believe that she will fuck with the 10?

The answer is no. Maybe one in every 100 or a thousand girls does it, and this one will live with the heavy burden of a reputation as a hussy. It’s a shame, I’m not saying it’s good or it’s bad, I just find that a guy who succeeds in fucking 5 women in a week would be considered a God while a girl validating the same performance would go for a slut.


By the way, why?

For a normal guy, getting fucked is an obstacle course, while for a normal girl it’s just a matter of choice. To yield is therefore considered as a manifestation of weakness. This is how the world works, and that is why the seducer must break down the barriers raised by social pressure and the prohibitions of education and customary morality. You have to know how to play fine, think to isolate the girl at the right moment, to make her understand that you will not judge her, that she can trust you and co. It’s not jokes, must be a little sensible and psychologist.


You must not go back

As a third example, I discuss the fact that a girl interested in what she has heard positively from you (or even because you are beautiful, it remains a creator of interest) can quickly disillusion. Scenario: You disembark in the evening, and you make your observation tower.

The pretty brunette who stands in a corner of the terrace makes you glances very pronounced: she is interested. You approach her awkwardly, but it passes. Except that you are not really funny and a certain nervousness is felt, her interest suddenly decreases and you notice her disappointment at the same time as yours, you end up discouraging. Finally, the mayonnaise does not take, she shows signs of impatience and ends up planting you there with a phony excuse.

The interest that existed was gone, even your look and your good face were not enough to save the day. There is an attractive attitude to adopt to validate and develop this interest. You have to realize that to understand how to seduce a girl.


To be beautiful is not enough when you are a man

If the interest that a girl likes us was enough for sex, then the handsome guys would fuck 34 chicks a week. Although some try to make believe that they fuck 10 a week without effort, we know very well that there is 99.9% liers.

In addition to a few attitudes to logically not have (sticky guy, needy, weird, effeminate) and basic behavior to have (confident, virile) there is ONE thing to do. You probably meet 50 interesting women (physically or whatever) a day: do you want them all?

It’s the same for them, she may have noticed you among the mass, but it does not mean that she wants you absolutely. This is where seduction proves its existence, why YOU and not another? She was probably interested in 2 or 3 guys that night, but it is on your cock that she is jumping. Yours… when she had the choice.

How to seduce a girl? It is therefore necessary to turn female interest into sexual attraction, no more but no less. And to do so, there is a pack of tools to use without misusing congruently with the character you play: touch, sexual humor, you know them…

How to seduce a girl


Make people talk about them and what they like to seduce them

Most of the time, the average person (male or female) prefers to tell his or her life rather than listen to another telling his own. We must therefore take advantage of this ugly defect that people have. How to seduce a girl? Make her talk about her and what she likes.


Do not idealize the girl you want to seduce

Your target also probably has this defect because, no, she is not perfect:
*Speaking of her, the hottie delivers personal information, she does not necessarily filter everything she says, being carried away by the flow of words.

*Just turn the conversation to the subject that teaches you the most, framing her with questions. It’s not a question here of knowing that his dog’s name is Patrick and that he is drooling everywhere like a rage, the purpose of the conversation is to introduce a form of conclusion. If the girl leaves in her delirium, do not hesitate to interrupt her and reframe her. “Today was horrible, I was in the library with Julie and a guy came to see us to flirt with us…
– Oh? Do not you like spontaneous guys?
– Yes, but blah … »

*Do not give much information about you (this post is for beginners who do not yet know how to place the demonstrations of high value.) And keep a bit of mystery.



In general, after talking for 4 hours of her, the Very Hot Girl becomes aware of having said too much “Oh my god, but since just now we talk about me, we should talk about you”. No need to take into account, in general, they do not even pay attention to your answer and start again their blah. “Oh yes, you were in the library? Here it reminds me last time when I was there with a friend…”

The information gathered during this “almost monologue” on her last vacation must obviously serve. Do not hesitate, in your questions, to make her talk about her “sensations” or her “emotions”. That the girl is cackling is necessary for calibration (is she kinesthetic or visual? Player or not player?)


Avoid falling into the friendzone

One must know a minimum holding the conversation, I should perhaps have insisted more on framing the discussion in my explanation on how to seduce a girl. Making her talk should not put us in the “friendzone”. Fortunately, if you push on particular topics, it is easy to sexualize. People love talking about them, it’s a fact.

Some people do not like because they are of a discreet naturalness, that said the majority is not like that. There is nothing absolute about flirting, in the same way that you can not say “all people like to talk about them” we can not say “all girls react in this way”. We must always adapt.

If you do not agree with that, you’re going against the advice of specialists in behavioral psychology, I’m not trying to make an argument of authority, but it’s something that you can check statistically. We must stop saying “No it’s not true, it will not work, because it does not work with this type of person or that guy”. Apply this kind of remark to all the methods, because they are all open to criticism and none unfortunately works on 100% of the targets.



How to seduce a girl in a relationship?

I have long meditated on the fact of posting this article or not, it is somehow the evil incarnate. It is an overview of existing tools to conclude with a girl already in a couple, manipulating her to distract her from her boyfriend. How to seduce a girl in a relationship?


Manipulate to don’t be manipulated

I write this message so that you understand this technique, and for you to avoid that it happens to you: one must learn to manipulate to no longer be. This tactic is made for guys who do not want their chicks to be seduced by another, I wrote as if you were the one who wants to bang a girl already in a relationship, so that you put yourself in the skin of the character . This is a long-term strategy, if you want a quick result: turn to other methods.


The couple who beats the wing

A girl who has been in a relationship for 2 years, for example, has the feeling of having lost her time, of having missed something. And if by chance she does not have this impression, make her feel it. The fear of missing something is happily entrenched in all of us, and especially among girls aged 17 to 26, thank Mother Nature.

It must also be taken into account that guys who have been married for a long time do not care about their girlfriends, or at least they care less than before. They do not seduce her as before: sex has become a routine, kisses are not so languorous, general attention has diminished. But we all know that girls need attention, the guys meanwhile, think that after a few months everything is acquired, because the behavior of the bitch makes them believe: they no longer dodge kisses as at the seduction phase, etc. This error is exactly the one we needed! It is thanks to that that we will win.


See the girl face-to-face

Once you have had the opportunity to see the girl after a party or an evening, under any pretext, it is appropriate to carry out the study of his boyfriend. What is he doing in life ? How old is he ? How long have they been together? So many superficial questions in appearance but that will allow you to take stock of the situation.

The goal is to find his weaknesses. Is he creative? Does he have a lot of friends? etc. Do not do an interrogation, it must be natural. Ask the kind of question that will allow you to point out your weaknesses, so you’ll notice them at the same time as the girl, if she has not already done so. Demonstrate value while his weak points are underlined. His weaknesses have become your assets:
– He does not go out much ? You go out all the time, with your friends, besides you have lots of friends.
– He does not like his unrewarding work? You love yours, which offers great future prospects.


Break her routine

To seduce a girl as a couple, break the routine of her couple, instead of watching a movie with her on Friday night as he does, make him dream! Tell him you’re going to take him to your lakeside home, this peaceful place in the heart of nature where you feel relaxed and rested… in short, I stop my delirious blue flower. You do not have a house by the lake? Me neither, and we don’t care. Be careful though, check that he has never done this kind of thing before, otherwise you could remind her the good time she took with her Romeo…

How to seduce a girl in a relationship? Most couples live the routine: break hers, show her that with you, it does not exist. Surprise her! Make her laugh! Be romantic, be a gentleman, be the one her boyfriend just forgot to be. She will realize as well what she is going through. The girl must feel a sense of deprivation, frustration. She must feel like she’s wasting time when she’s not with you. Give her perches by making her understand that she must be spontaneous and interesting: Carpe Diem must become her philosophy.

Ignore the existence of his boyfriend

How to seduce a girl in a relationship? Never talk about his guy. After studying it in the first part, totally ignore its existence. You do not want her to think about him when she’s with you, you just want her to enjoy your time together. If she ever comes to talk about him, listen to her, but stop her from getting lost in a big discussion, listen to her and always agree with what she’s saying about her guy, that’s Very important. Swing this stuff from time to time “Oh, really? I understand you, I can not believe he did that … “or” Oh yes, it’s weird … “. Do not get too involved in the subject.


Crack her

How to seduce a girl in a relationship? Spend time with her. This is actually the most important and delicate part because she does not have to perceive the good time she takes with you like the one she spends with her best friend, then go home and fuck with her boyfriend.

The goal is to create comfort so that she falls in love with you. To make her fall in love or at least make her crack, it is essential to spend time with her. To avoid becoming “just friends” by spending time with her, sexualize your exchanges, touch her, put a lock of hair behind her ear and tell her that you find her hairstyle beautiful , tell her that her breasts smell good, that kind of thing.

When you take her to her stop or at home, when you are separated, tell her that you loved this moment with her, and that she can call you whenever she wants to have a good time. Some will find it a bit cutesy and even say that it amounts to stretching the stick to be beaten (it’s about who controls the game) but not me, because it is essential to occupy her thoughts and propose the forbidden fruit! This is how to seduce a girl, couple or not!


Enjoy an error from her boyfriend

Be careful, never act when everything goes well with him, wait for a misstep. The moment when she will call you to tell you that she is upset by this or that thing he has done. This will reduce your chances of getting rid of dramatically. She will not follow you anywhere if he has just given her 50 roses, you realize it (bad conscience, all that). That’s why the previous step is important, because if you did it right, she’ll contact you when her boyfriend makes a mistake. When you see her, kiss her, most of the work is already done. That’s how to sleep with a girl in a relationship.


Seducing a girl in a relationship is bad?

Keep in mind, however, that the “virtuosos of the pick-up” may be sublime when it comes to pick up a girl, but keeping a girl is another story.

Do not forget that if she cheats on him she wants it too. Stop taking girls for victims. If she agrees it’s her life and if she decides to deceive her man knowingly, then I do not see why we should deprive ourselves.

Knowing the risks: OK, but if she wants to and we are honest with her, the other things do not matter. Point bar.

The point of the article is to make you think that you have to show more value than her guy and that you have to play it a little bit finer than with a girl who is single. The debates it’s good/it’s not good to fuck a girlfriend of another one or “yeah but if the guy is a lierand he promised stuff but did not think it and the girl has destroyed her couple for nothing ????” Go open those shits elsewhere.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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