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Cruising Places: 10 places to flirt and meet people

10 places to flirt and meet peopleIn this article, I explain where you can flirt with women and what I think of the different places of pick-up (especially if your goal is to make beautiful meetings).

Some men develop elaborate strategies to seduce women while others seem to make romantic encounters “naturally”.

There is probably a difference of conception of life between these types of men but also of opportunities (they do not go to the appropriate places of pick-up)…

So we will see now where to find girls so that it is easier for you to seduce.

Indeed, the more you meet different women, the more you will have some hooked atoms, the less you will be needy, the more you will gain confidence and the more naturally you will acquire the attitude of a seducer. It’s a virtuous circle!

The different places of pick-up possible for a normal guy: where to flirt with women?

Pick-up area 1 : Dating sites and apps

Dating sites are probably the easiest place to meet available women .

And I insist on the words “available women “: those who register on these platforms are normally hunting. That makes of this, in my opinion, one of the best places to pick-up!

But be careful not to do anything: without a good profile and nice pictures, it will be difficult for you to be the king of oil.

That’s why I wrote the ebook Secrets for seducing on the Internet: I advise you to read it if you do not have the success you want on the sites and dating apps, it should help you .

online dating french

Pick-up area 2: Social networks

Internet is really a revolution that facilitates meetings. If you do not want to register on dating sites, you can still flirt with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However, you will not know at first on this site if the girls you are trying to seduce are single or even if they are straight.

It will be a little more difficult for you to flirt there than on the dating sites, but at least it will be free and you will be able to meet girls who are not registered on the sites and dating apps but who have nothing against the idea of meeting men.

Personally, thanks to the Facebook’s poke, I already have many beautiful encounters

Pick-up area 3: The job

The workplace has always been a place for romantic dating, it is one of the hotspots that probably gives rise to the most “serious relationship”.

Many weddings and children result from meetings in the workplace because the work makes it possible to identify quite easily the real personality of people and to be in a dynamic of mutual aid and cooperation, conducive to seduction.

Nevertheless, I don’t want you to be labeled as a big pick-up artist on your workplace or worse, being accused of harassment at work, is the last thing I wish you. So you must choose your targets, be discreet and not insistant at all.

10 places to flirt and meet people

Pick-up area 4: In high school and college

School, high school and college are the equivalent of the workplace for “young people”.

It is possible to meet and seduce many beautiful girls there, provided you know how to do it properly.

That’s why I have already dedicated an entire article to the dredge in high school and college, whose principles also apply to school, college and office.

Pick-up area 5: In the parties with friends

The fact is that we are often friends with people who look a little like us. In addition, it is important to know that “who looks alike is coming together”. It is easy to seduce in the evening with friends : that’s a given !

From a very young age, I noticed that friends’ parties were one of the best places to go.

I always found it a lot easier to seduce in the evening with my friends or when I organized parties at home than in clubs.

I think it’s because girls are less suspicious and are “preselected” by our friends.

For example, you can read this adventure in which I tell how I slept with two girls during a party at a friend’s house!

Never refuse an invitation if you are single and do not hesitate to organize your own parties!

There are also different festivals…

10 places to flirt and meet people

Pick-up area 7 : The street

The street is, in my opinion, the best place for training… but not necessarily the easiest to seduce!

Unless you are very  very very lucky, you will have to approach many women whether to take numbers and see the girls again or to make instant fuckclose.

Nevertheless, whatever some say, the street is a public place and we can therefore approach women, who do not necessarily only walk from point A to point B.

Indeed, there are many who loiter and are open to a good meeting. Why deprive them?

But to succeed, it is still necessary to know how to correctly approach a girl in the street

10 places to flirt and meet people

Pick-up area 8: The metro

The metro is a place of pick-up quite similar to the street except that you have to go straight to the point because people are in a hurry.

This is even one of the places of pick-up where I advise you to be the most direct.

It is possible to take numbers in a hurry… that can lead tosomething or not.

It’s a bit of a lottery: you have to play on numbers in this environment to be sure to get out of the game!

Pick-up area 9: The shopping centers

Still a place of pick-up similar to the street but the advantage is that it is heated in winter!

It is easy to meet people in shopping centers but you have to choose your day because there are many couples and families who go there on weekends.

Pick-up area 10: At the beach or at winter sports

During the holidays, many meetings are done on the beach or in the snow.

I myself have already had a great adventure on the beach.

In resorts, especially those of the “Club Méditerranée” type, many women come to satisfy their hunger for sex.

It is therefore a good place to drag and meet, but you have to choose the time of year to go “in season”.

picking-up at the beach
Image : Going to California

Should you flirt online, in your social circle, at night or during the day?

You can flirt everywhere …

You understand it! But you will surely have noticed that the places of dredge that I have stated fall into four categories: online drag, drag in its social circle, night drag, drag day.

Is there a better place than another to flirt?

It all depends on the circumstances, the people and the moments.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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