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How to seduce in high school and college?

How to seduce in high school and college

How to seduce in high school and collegeA lot of the rules of seduction are identical in closed environments (high school/university) and in open environments (street/clubs). However, there are big differences, such as the fact that in a closed environment, the emphasis is on personal development and a magnetic attitude, whereas in an open environment, the emphasis is on pure and hard pickup!

The state of mind

The first thing to know is that in high school and college, there are already sluts: I have already slept with high school girls and these were not the most difficult of my life.

However, these babes probably will not fuck the first night with a guy in their school… because they will be afraid for their reputation if it happens to be known (everything tends to be known in a closed environment because people love gossip). They may also be afraid of their first time, or have “principles” that they have seen on TV or in women’s magazines…

In addition, these girls are generally less experienced than older women and therefore are less confident. The less sexually confident women are, the less likely they are to let go in bed.

Then, it should be borne in mind that girls who sleep do not necessarily want to bang half-virgin guys who idealize too much women and won’t make them orgasm : exit the myth of the woman who likes to educate ! So forget the cowardly techniques like asking the friend of the girl you like to help you seduce her. All shy guys do that but it only works very rarely. In the trash also the technique of becoming her buddy to try to seduce her (friendzooooooone).

Do not go see a girl who does not know you at all by saying « I’m in love with you ». For a loser for whom it works, there are a thousand who are violently rejected. Why ? Because it’s scary, unrealistic and fucking needy.

In any case, stay somebody positive and do not forget that even if you are rejected, it does not matter. That’s how we learn!

Above all, do not let your friends fall for a chick because if ever one day she suddenly dumbs you, it is they who will be there for you… (friend before girls!)

Finally, understand that young girls, in closed environments such as college or high school, seek above all serious relationships to make their first experiments.

The look and attitude

In high school more than elsewhere, a good look can make the difference because teenagers are often superficial and hate marginals. But above all, do not become a detestable boaster.

Do not over-play the “dominant male who has been doing prizing since he discovered the community of seduction”, that would be ridiculous. Play it on the contrary humble and accessible, especially at first. The same rules that make the alpha sexy male in an open environment work in a closed environment. Make it simple with sexual humor as with clothes: do not use too elaborate stuff otherwise you risk receiving for only answers puzzled glances. Especially do not take the risk of being thought of as a weirdo.

The reputation

Much of the seduction in high school and college is done in a passive way: you need a reputation that seduces for you. You do not have to be “the sex-starved dude who picks up everyone but does not fuck anyone.”

I advise against picking up like a nuisance in closed environment: no crash & burn, no direct game… except perhaps in the parties at the end of the year or in very special festive contexts.

Indeed, when it does not work in this type of environment, it is a disaster. Now, you take a lot of rejections when you start: you do not need a reputation of loser with people you see every day.

And even when it works, it often turns badly a posteriori. That is why it is often said “no zob in job”.

In high school or college, the guys who get laid the most are generally not the most beautiful but rather those who have the best “social proof”. In my time, it was those who went already out in clubs, those who were part of the association of the students, and so on. It is a story of social dynamics.

How to proceed ?

To meet chicks, work on your social circle. In concrete terms, if you have friends in common with girls you like, make sure to be with them when they see one of these girls (for example during the recess) and they introduce her to you.

You can test the terrain with the girls you see regularly… but be subtle and let them get involved before you take initiatives! If they show interest in return, if they send you indicators of interest, go ahead, of course!

Do not start telling yourself “I will change after school holidays” or this kind of crap… because this is the best way to procrastinate and never get started. In any case, continue to cultivate yourself in seduction until you can apply more your seduction skills.

All tips that are personal development will help you be a cool guy: body language, how to communicate better, how to make girls laugh, and so on. On the other hand, forget the advice of pure pick up that is only adapted in open environment: for example, do not apply the rule of 3 seconds by approaching all the girls you meet.

However, in high school or college, you can of course dance several babes at the same time, but go soft and make sure that this is not obvious.

Where to find girls when you’re young?

If you are young and you cannot go out to meet the girls, you can always approach, on Facebook or Instagram, babes your age (not necessarily to fuck but only to kiss). Do not harass on social networks, do not publish stuff that could make you ashamed all your life and do not harbor negative gossip about people.

If there are parties with people from high school or college, try also to go there. Let yourself go on vacation in the summer camps or stuff like that.

To approach in a closed environment, it is better with a contextual approach. Do not wait for the perfect situation to get started and be as interesting as possible.

Once a girl seems receptive, you can take her number (or her Facebook) and propose her to go to the public garden, go swimming at the pool together or go for a drink on a terrace…

Above all, do not wait too long before trying your luck with a chick you like because the worst risk in closed environment is to waste your time and fall into the friendzone.

How to seduce during the back-to-school season ?

For the back-to-school season, the most important is to make a good impression. Let the most timid reassure: there are tricks, techniques that have proved themselves. For this purpose, I recommend a book, a soft one (for once), but relevant on the subject: Comment plaire en 3 minutes by Patricia Delahaie. And no, it’s not a product placement!

Some advice from this book to finish: you have to well choose your first words, ensure your voice, have a firm handshake, no inability to maintain eye contact, and have your back in a straight position.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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