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Two hours of street pick-up to get one girl

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March 20th 2016,

What’s new lately? Many things.

First of all, I resigned from my shitty job because I found better paid one… and the coolest thing about it is that my boss became crazy when I told him (he probably thought that I was going to be his slave for 3 years). Then, I reframed my fucking brother. Finally, I did an SPU session with buddies during which I took a number. Did I sleep with the girl afterwards, like a boss? The answer in this post.

1/ My resignation in the face

At first I had formally written my letter of resignation and prepared the letter I had given the secretary for her to post from the office. Except that because my former boss is a control maniac, he saw that I had written a letter to the attention of his office… so he decided to open it to see what it was.

BOUM, my letter of resignation in the face… Oh damn! He landed in my office like a fury. He accused me of trying to send a personal mail with his money. I simply answered “no it’s professional”. I also had made an appointment with him with the secretary to explain the reasons for my departure but he was in a hurry and red with anger so I went straight to his office.

I told him that I had heard him speaking in a bad way of me, which he denied formally… while I was not bluffing. I told him that I had found a job paid 700 € more per month, for a number of files divided by two and with a practice of auditing. All that in a class environment with even a window in my office, some toilet paper and light in the toilet.

All he found to answer me is that it is not polite to leave in full tax period. “No, end of April is the end of the tax period”. He had put an abusive clause in my contract of employment saying that one does not have the right to resign between December and April and he thought that he was going to fool me. Then, about the notification, he told me it was two months before quiting the job, but I looked at the collective agreement and it’s only one month because he never gave me the status of an executive. I put it in his ass! Finally, he tried to make me commit myself to finish all my files before leaving. “So you promise to finish all the files before you leave?
– No, I’ll do what I can.”
And that’s true, I have a certain professional conscience so I will do what I can but I do not want to be me like my colleague who came back to work for 0€ just because the asshole made him give his word to finish his balance sheets before leaving and getting paid.

In short, he also tried to make me feel guilty by saying I owed him a lot because I was not worth anything when I arrived in his office. Then he told me that I did not deserve such a salary and that they would never keep me. But the salary in question is just the average for an accountant. He wanted to know where I was going but I said no. He was fucking annoyed !!! Like a chick who’d just been dumped, he said “I will have no problem finding someone to replace you. Good luck !”

I felt a bit guilty after this event… and in the evening at home, I suffered from huge crisis of anxiety (I could not stand and even in my bed everything turned as if I was drunk). But I analyzed it as such and I fell asleep quite serenely. When I talked to my shrink, he told me that there was progress since I had not thought directly of death. He is quite pleased with the work and started the process to stop my SSRI medication (I’m happy because I think they probably are not for nothing in the fact that I am getting fat).

I was thinking a bit after that. Like if I was really an incompetent egoist. But a few days later, on my way to the pharmacy, I realized that I did not even have health coverage. While it is obligatorily paid 50% by the employer and 50% levied on the employee’s wage slip since January 1, 2016. I asked why and I was told “you did not request it”. I looked at the legislation and all employees must have it by default unless the employee signed an exemption. Really, some people think everybody is stupid! So I’m leaving without any regret at all.

2/ My brother is an asshole

Since my father keeps telling me about my brother, telling me that he is suffering because of my brother and that it makes him sick: I decided to send to my brother a letter to reframe this asshole. Why a mail? Because he no longer answered the phone and forbade any visit to his family. Well, the first version was really full of insults so I sent it to my parents for their opinion and they soften it. I only repeat in this letter the facts and put the guy face his contradictions. Then I tell him what I think of his fat wife and his shitty attitude towards those who have raised him. I did not even do it for him to read it, I did it for me, to relieve myself.

3/ Street Pick-Up

Last week, I was visited by my mom. Then, on Saturday afternoon, she left. So I went to SPU to change my mind. This is the first session I did in Lyon: I had never found the time/motivation since I arrived in September but one of my padawans has fucked a girl lately so it inspired me !!!

It was as if the God of the Game said to me “you have to go picking up in the street, to silence all the jealous asshole who say to reassure themselves that you are only able to do online dating. ” This is wrong, of course, since I have more than 50% of my FC coming from the Internet but I have also fucked a lot in NPU and Social Circle in Aix and I count a few FC from the street too .

We made groups of two with my friends and I was approaching with the Alsatian dude. After an hour, we saw a group of two cute girls. My opener “we crossed the street to come talking to you”. A fairly normal discussion ensued. Except that my target thought I was 32 years old but I am only 27. Otherwise, she works for getting an accountant diploma so she liked that I tell her that I am practicing public accounting. She gave me her number to “talk about it.”

All week we wrote between 1 and 3 text per day. Nothing extraordinary, just fairly basic discussion, without too much sexualization. And we agreed to meet again last night. She is in Saint-Etienne all week for her studies and does not come back to Lyon until the weekend, that’s why it was so long! We met on the metro downstairs but she wanted to have a drink in town to get to know each other. There is only one bar in the neighborhood and in addition, they closed at 8pm, these losers almost screwed me up. So we walked to Saxe-Gambetta to drink a glass of wine and piss it in the wake.

Then she told me she was hungry. She must have thought that I was going to pay her the restaurant, the naughty girl !!! So I suggested that I bring her to my place to cook some pasta. She was OK. It must be said that I made a lot of fun about it during the week because every time I asked her what she was eating she said “tomato pasta”. When we arrived at my house, we played cards, a lot of different games, and we ate these famous pasta (with vegetables anyway). So far nothing extraordinary.

Except that at around 11 pm she told me she wanted to leave soon. Sitting next to her, I started caressing her back, her thigh. Her reaction: I saw her turn her back, moving away, and so on. So I got up to stand behind her and kiss her neck. She dodged. I turned her in front of me (the chairs are swiveled ones in my living room) and we kissed timidly.

She made me a nasty Last Minute Resistance like “I do not want to deviate from my principles, stop touching me. “ I dug and she told me “I want but I’m not a girl like that so we’ll meet up again next week to go further”. I tried to show her the debility of her reasoning, but she was blocking. “Carpe Diem ! If you have two orgasms next week when we meet again, it’s cool. But tonight we are going to be two to be frustrated (win-win scenario) while you could have two orgasms tonight too! And the freedom of the woman in all that ?!” In fact, next week, I go down to the south to visit my parents so I could not fuck her.

As a result, I went on the offensive. I stroked her and everything and blocked her against me. I passed my hand on her breasts, on her pussy, and so on. It drove her crazy. At one point I wanted to go under her panties and she screamed. Even scolded. “Oulah,” I said to myself. Am I going too far? I do not want to be considered a rapist or anything like that. I then left her a little quiet while the time of the last metro approached. But that’s when she said “You really got it all right.” I asked her to develop her thoughts and she confessed to me that she was excited but that she would mind giving up. I interpreted it as her unconscious mind asking me to continue so that she could overcome her blockage. “I never did anything the first night and I can respect myself thanks to it so leave me alone… yes I want you but we will do it in one week”. For fun, I began to describe the orgasms I wanted to give her, the pussy-licking I wanted to make her, how her legs would be going to shake and everything.

I managed to make the discussion last and to captivate her until the time of the last metro passed (I said yes to everything, that she could leave when it wanted but in fact I was still holding her quite firmly). Then I pressed her against the bed without really holding her… so she could run away if she wanted to. I put again my hand in her thong (persistence) and caressed her clit. She came after a few minutes. She told me it had been a long time since she had done anything. So I put in my other hand and began to finger her. She wanted to smoke a post-orgasm cigarette and think.

Afterwards, she told me to be warm so I took her sweater off her. She less wanted to be prayed from there: I put off her jeans and she opened mine. I have not talked about it yet but she is really hot this girl (in two words she is like I like them that is to say thin with boobs). 1m63, 42kg, blonde with big tits and a nice face. Her ass is not bad too, not too wide. Dressed class, she is a bit haughty because her parents live in Massena, the most bourgeois district of Lyon. Her only real fault is that she smokes a lot !!! Well and her anecdote is that she has a sister and two brothers who were adopted because her parents could not have children. But one day, she was born anyway. She is a kind of miracle of nature!

Well, truce of romanticism, let’s get back to sex. I caught that she had not depilated her pussy (there was some slight regrowth). She said she had done it on purpose to be sure not to sleep with me the first night. I laughed !!! She wanted the light to be turned off. I said “OK”. And then, we discovered a common love for doggy style. She re-enjoyed in spoon. Then afterwards, I fingered her in four-legged position and she came again. “You are making me dream.”

I fucked her for my own pleasure after that and I had a powerful orgasm. She smoked (no joke) and we did it again. She climbed up on me and was about to make me penetrate her without a condom because she was caught up in her enthusiasm but I insisted on putting one and we switched into a hardcore missionary this time (4th orgasm). She has been ecstatic about the fact that I hold for a long time. Then she concluded “I do not regret at all, you took very good care of me”. After she complimented me “how can you be so perfect?
– oh I’m far from perfect. “

She told me what she had thought of me during my approach “you looked serious with your glasses and when you approached me, I did not think you could be such a good lover.
– Well then, why did you agree to see me again?
– To meet new people. »
Women’s logic. The only one who believed that we were going to sleep together finally, it was me… and that was enough.

I took her back to her taxi: she had no money but I was lazy to walk her back to Massena, especially since I would have to go home alone so I gave her 10€ for her troubleshoot. Anyway, it was her birthday this weekend so it will be my gift for her (plus the orgasms).

When she got home, she sent me a little text to thank me for insisting and telling me she’d be thinking about it all week. In short, she did something crazy for her birthday. She asked me to keep for myself that she had deviated from her principles “but we have no friends in common …
– yes, but in 4 years we may find ourselves in the world of work because I want to be a chartered-accountant too.
– Bah, I will place you ;)”

I was excited at about 3am because I succeeded (two hours of SPU in Lyon and 1 FC… who says better? Actually I think the different fields come together once we have taken the number so the experience in one pays in the other because the beginner’s luck has its limits anyway). To calm myself down, I watched Le cercle des poètes disparus. I fell asleep after 45 minutes (although it was interesting). That night, I dreamed that the Lair of Lyon played football with a potato and that I scored a goal. Metaphor ?

May the God of the Game be with us for the continuation of this adventure that is called life!

PS: The day before yesterday I went with the Prof to her graduation ceremony to get her own class. And I fucked her in room 215 of the university. To the students who will be there in the future, you will think of me.

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