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The tone of voice

tone of voice
seduce with voice
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How to seduce with voice ?

In situations of stress, we usually feel our voice changing.

Compare your voice in situations of stress and your voice on waking in the morning. Your voice on waking is generally more serious, relaxed, rested… slower. It approaches what should be your natural voice!

The secret of a natural voice does not lie in the way you work your voice. We are not in a singing context where it is necessary to position your voice at a certain level. We are in a totally different context and all the advice that can be given to you will not replace the one I am going to give you: the secret of the tone of the natural voice is in your state of congruence and relaxation.

You know perfectly when you speak with your natural tone of voice, you feel this perfect harmony between what you are and what you are showing. The tone of your natural voice requires no effort to speak, it is a relaxing, clear, fluid tone of voice. In general, when you are comfortable, you speak even quite slowly.

A shy person, on the contrary, tends to contract. The result: a voice that releases a lot of restraint, a lack of projection, a lack of confidence. A person with something to hide, would tend to over-play, to listen to his voice, to over-articulate, to seek perfection in his voice… this is not at all what we want !

Here is a little exercise to get your natural tone of voice:

1) Take a sentence and say it in different ways.

2) Relax, breathe deeply and say 10 times more and more slowly: « The God of the Game is with me ». You find at the last rehearsal something that can approach your natural tone of voice.

3) Memorize this tone and speak this way whenever you can, especially in the usual situations of stress (such as when approaching a woman).

Extract from : The basics of seduction

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