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How chicks reveal their slutty side once you had sex

How chicks reveal their slutty side once you had sexMarch 22th 2016,


Last week, I shut down 1 girl on Tinder and 2 on Adopte! I am quite proud of myself. These three chicks wanted to come to my house and fuck me (not all at the same time)… I was kinda interested, but at the last moment I want to sleep, play sports or stay quiet. I behave a little like a little girl now.

I want something else now… First of all, I have less desire to fuck chicks just for fucking chicks. So my contenders must be hot but also motivate me by their discussion and all this crap (I do not want to make more effort than they do). Then, I want to devote more time to my darling, The Teacher. She fills me and takes a lot of sexual energy, and she deserves me to be more serious because she truly believes in me. Finally, I want to take more care of me (rest, sport, food). It is therefore with great pride that I announce that I have canceled my subscription on Adopte! And I’m going to make a symbolic gesture before being faithful (I can’t stop everything all at once).

Job :

Yesterday, I ate with my future employers. They came to my neighborhood so I did not lose too much time at noon and invited me to a great restaurant. They told me about the insurance they had, what I was going to do exactly as work (there will be displacements) and the modalities of the beginning of my DEC/CAC contract.

They look funny but a bit special though, both of them. One told me how he had counted a libertine club and the other told me when a client made a claustrophobic attack because he was working in an office without a window before (like me, currently). They concluded by saying that as one spends a lot of time in the office, it is important to have a pleasant living environment. I 100% agree what they told me especially after I spent a frozen morning because the boiler is down in my current office. The less fun thing is that one of them mimed an intellectual masturbation as if he had a huge cock right in front of the waitress: I laughed out of politeness but it made him very ridiculous the space of an instant! In short, it cannot be worse and I cannot wait to stop hearing the voice of my shitty boss asking all day and to everyone “what issue are you working on ?!”

Test of Happn:

The other day, when we went to SPU, I was swept away by the whirlwind of my desire for novelties and I installed Happn “find who you meet” in the stride. The idea of ​​this app is to put the users in relation as soon as they intersect within a radius of 250 meters. It is a free French application that tells you when, where and how often you have met a chick. Then you can choose the little heart to try to get in touch or ignore it if she is ugly. If the chick also clicks on the little heart, there is “crush” and you can talk to each other.

For ten days, I pressed all hearts but I was put in contact with only 5 or 6 chicks. And among them, only two really caught my attention: the others were either not very hot, either their conversation was boring, or they wanted a couple at all costs (three things that were unacceptable to me).

My first choice was a little doctor of 26 years. We talked a lot and it was nice… until she asked me “What are you looking for as a relationship?”. I told the truth and it did not please her too much but we agreed to go and have a drink in town and then go home if we liked each other. But, on D-Day, she canceled by saying “I’m not looking for the same thing as you, eventually.” I tried to argue and she replied “I already have enough to satisfy myself in bed, I look for serious, me now.” So I asked her why I would agree to make several dates with her and to wait wisely for her because she wants something serious with me, while another is fucking her (but has the right because she does not want something serious with him). She did not know how to answer me and blocked me.

My other correct crush was a little English girl of 21 years, cute, emigrated to France for a few years and lives on a ranch where there are 11 horses. I also got the fucking question “What are you looking for here?
– I seek nothing and I will see what I find and you?
– if you want nothing you can find nothing ^ ^ I want to meet, have fun and see what to do after ;)”

I was pleasantly surprised by her honesty. From there, I offered to meet up with her. She asked me where. I replied “home” and she came (she said she was lazy to go drinking in town before). It went very quickly and mostly all alone between us. Yesterday evening, just arrived, she said “I put my alarm clock for tomorrow morning” (fuck, it was only 8:45pm and she was already thinking the next day). That’s when I understood that she was going to get in for the night. I did not really like the idea because we did not talk too much about it. But never mind ! Then we compared our apps: she was told that we crossed over to Jean Macé and I was told over Part-Dieu. Find the mistake ! It is not very reliable, this thing, I guess…

Well, if not, we fucked after a few minutes. I was trying to do some discussion but she really ONLY wanted that I fuck her. She kissed me and threw me on the bed and then ordered me “take everything away.” She rushed on me like a crazy in violent mode and then wanted to sit on a chair, that I stand in front of her and that I nicely fuck her in this position. It was pretty exciting! It must be said that she is very muscular: she has the salient abs (due to the horse apparently). She only came once, but I did not want to start over or take anymore care of her. Then she went to bed and fell asleep. It was only 10:30 pm. This morning, when she went to her internship, she woke me up at 6:50am !!! Fucking free whore bitch! In short, I will not see her again because:
– there was quite a lot of grass all the same, but I’m not a goat;
– I do not like that one stays with me when she totally could return at her place at 10 pm;
– She did not suck my dick.

The girl from the street:

News of my little bomb picked up in SPU: since I fucked her, she writes me a lot of texts. And when I do not answer fast enough, I receive “…” She told me that she really wants me to fuck her again and wonders what I would like her to do to me. Or “how chicks reveal their slutty side once you had sex”. Well, next WE it’s Easter, so I go back down to Aix but the next week I would gladly fuck her again. Her ass gave me a very good memory.

To finish: still no news of my fucking brother. Fuck off!

See you, friends!

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