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30 little lessons on the gender relations

lessons of seduction

This text is a bonus in my Diary of a French PUA 2


It’s been a while since I publish only adventures. It is time to take stock and draw some lessons. Here are thus 30 little lessons on the gender relations :

1) Think for yourself. This is the basis of the database but if you let yourself be influenced by Pierre, Paul and Jacques, you will gonowhere.

Then it goes through there to don’t be a sheep. Did you know ? Only 5% of people are innovators, 95% others are only vulgar followers devoid of reflection and critical thinking… Good pathetic sheep that graze on transgenic pasture that society orders them to swallow. What category of person do you think is more attractive? According to this logic, only 5% of players will become a good day.

2) In the same vein, we do not care about critics on our way of life.

Seriously, what acritical person says or does with more or less bad faithusually reveals more onthe fears of this person than on yours. Do not take at face value the crap one throws in your face, be strong, confident in your opinions and travel the world by realizing that most people are idiots and that their opinion does not even deserve to be considered by someone like you. Live for you and detach yourself from the eyes of those who are prisoners of their (wrong) limiting beliefs. Have fun, that’s all what is important, not the others! I would also like to tell to the hot girls to don’t get big-headed too much for that because with time faces wrinkle and breasts fall. And to the guys to score when they have the opportunity because the girls are a often weather vanes.

3) Seduction is everywhere.

It governs our lives, our wallets, our well-being … Its laws obeys to emotions and not to logic. They have hardly changed for centuries, they remained independent of race or culture of the country since the true “Game” speaks directly to the instinct of a girl, bypassing the “reason”(but this is to be qualified in the practice because that it is the official propaganda of Mystery). Remember: The seduction can make you become an accomplished man, a simple friend, a lover, a husband, a lover and even a god … But also, an enemy, a prey and a corpse. As with any weapon, be careful when you use it! It can work against you. I’ve already paid the price.

4) Attraction isn’t a choice :

David DeAngelo speaks better than me about it but you might as well seduce Swedish chicks who largely deserves their rank 10/10 as well you can fall in love unfortunately with a50 yearsold women (I’m exaggerating). These are the vagaries of life… “The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.”As would say Roger Dodger ” sex is everywhere “. As would say my office co-worker: do not listen to these hypocrites because the whole world is governed by the 0 and the 1 with the 1 which makes comings and goings in the buckle of the 0.

5) Between doggystyle and fantasize, choose.

By definition, we cannot fantasize about the girl with whom we sleep. At best, we can rethink about chicks we had sex with by jerking off.

6) We only have one life.

Any good psychiatrist will tell you CARPE DIEM must be/become your philosophy to be happy and enjoy your time on Earth.But not just any old way,all the same. Always weigh the pros and cons and assume that there will be a tomorrow.Living the present moment: yes. Committing suicide in the everyday life: no.

7) Errors are sometimes good.

Of course we can learn from it (it is well known) but what you are probably less aware is that they can prevent us from big stupid mistakes. Of course, we did not manage to sleep with this girl, but maybe she had AIDS or something. Maybe our lucky stars in fact have saved us from something much worse than missing a pussy that seemed open to our cock.

8) A relationship is built in stages:

If your Game foundations are fragile, the building formed by this girl climbing on your cock can collapse at any time (hello, it’s a metaphor – think about it).

9) The adventure is around the corner:

leave home and be sociable. The life of a man flourished through human interaction. I know that it can make you be thought of as a strange guy but at least you will be yourself not like those who wear masks hoping to look “normal”. I am proud to be different.

10) The peacocking theory claims that, as this bird spreads its colorful tail to attract females, the man who wants to attract girls should stand out from the competition.

There is however a gap that can form between cultures: Sex before marriage, arranged marriages, etc … However, the science of pickup is universal and peacocking (standing out rather than blending in, being enough confident to assume wearing accessories, embodying a more exciting lifestyle than the one girls are used) seems to operate in all cultures. But not necessarily with the most tight-ass peoplenor with the most manipulated by society, and it’s not a problem, they are not the target.THE KEYWORD OF AN UNINHIBITED AND EFFECTIVE GAME IS: ASSUME! It is not because most of people assume(accept) nothing and invent excuses that we have to do the same thing! Assume yourself for God’s sake! Let’s show the example together if we want that things change and that the world becomes less hypocritical!

11) Girls love it is said that it is not in their habits to give up to the sex appeal.

But in fact, they just want us to imagine that it is not in their habits. Question of reputation and everything… They are not programmed like us in terms of responses to temptation. Again, culture, education received, and her models can influence her behavior (it’s like kissing a girl: for some it means something important, for others it’s like if they were buying their bread, it’s just casual like that).

12) The unknown is more attractive than boredom.

The main border that separates us from the adventure is anxiety (approachanxiety as well as sexualanxiety).Beating it releases a sometimes unsuspected potential. It always comes back there, talking to people and being sexual must become your second nature…

13) The obstacles tenfold desire:

provided that there is hope and that the attraction is already felt. Indeed, persisting when it’s over equals losingyour time and self-esteem.

14) True strength is emotional trickery, because the brain dominates the body.

15) You are what you perceive.

At least in the eyes of people who do not really know you. And how many people can you say that you really know? In my opinion, it can be counted on the fingers of one hand. So I am a genius for some, a dangerous monster for others! Also, certain days, I am really a God on the field, others I’m not that awesome. That is why it is necessary to see on the length-term.

16) We do not sell off our respect.

Including by giving money or by making too many efforts for a girl to get sexual favors (which are not even guaranteed).

17) The feminine sexual appetite, when one manages to unleash it, is much more voracious than that the appetite of man.

18) The character of a woman (and yours too btw) is certainly influenced by her intellectual level and plastic but also by past events in her life including her childhood.

So if you look like her father she loved, she will instantly have a crush on you. Similarly, if her father beat her, you can be as handsome as Ryan Gosling, she will hate you if you look like him. It’s just an example.

19) Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

You never know what a girl can book us but we always remain optimistic without being blinded. Stepping back on situations and on yourself avoids a lot of disappointments.

20) An obstacle is not really important when you’re motivated to overcome it.

They make me laugh the girls who say “yeah I like you but we cannot meet for X or Y reasons” because in fact they want to keep us below the elbow. When you really want someone, you can. Beware of bitches who most of the time just seek to be desired by many.They probably will never do anything more than what it takes to maintain your flame. Your “Game” if he gets this result, probably wasn’t good enough … Again, the problem may also come from the chick and her broom in the ass, from her lack of internal strength (will to overcome social pressure) or from her deep fears. If it does not cost you much to maintain contact with such a chick you can, when in doubt, but do not invest much. And those who got cold feet once will probably get cold feet all the time thus do not take them too seriously after the first flake. The thing is girls often secretly want but do not manage to dare thus they blame you because it is easier to youmake feel guilty: but it is not always your fault when it doesn’t work… you will notice it when you will be sure that you have good Game. The not confident girls want guarantees before having sex or whatever because they know that it would be better for you with another girl but they don’t want you to know it.

21) It is better to avoid drugs and alcohol abuse to have a clear mind to better “Game”.

Most people who use these substances are unhappy people who fill a void. But the seducer is supposed to be comfortable. Another thing: if you do not know why you drink, or if you get drunk because “it feels good” or “to do like the others’, then refer to 1), stupid asshole ;).

22) Emotions = reason. In seduction, we must reach to offside logic of the girl.

She must live a moment out of time with you. And as far as possible, do not regret it after.

23) The sex spectrum can fit men and women in stereotypical roles.

Man seeking pleasure, woman fleeing pain. The fear experienced by men when they approach a girl, women feel it when they give in to the penis of n asshole. To be invented : the condoms that would protect from STDs, babies, and feelings. Indeed, the “fair sex” can say what it wants,they suffer more after orgasm before depending on who she falls on. If we can speak of suffering. It is also the role of the PUA to be nice with the babes oncefucked. Love women do not hate them, PLZ !I know that the border is fine.

24) Love without trust does not lead anywhere.

Can it even exist? Jealousy shattering confidence and lack of trust breaking love. If you are too jealous and you care too much about the girl, do not show it, grit your teeth and hold on. There is much more to lose than to win.

25) Wait at least three months before saying “I love you” even if you instantly feel you would like to grow old with this girl.

The opposite would be tantamount to a “Ted Mosby,” as Barney would say. Look on the internet if you’re not a fan of the show !;) The girls can also reveal big defects on the length-term they succeed in hiding at the beginning with the aim of catching you in their cobweb.

26) Couple Relationships: when it’s not working it’s not.

No need to try one thousand times with the same person. I do not want to communicate fatalism or other bad stuff, just realism. It broke, it will break. 99% of the time.

27) The desire causes suffering.

Because if we do not care about a princess, we will not suffer because of her. But if the desire, the attraction, is sincere then it is over. You will be eaten, whatever the sauce. It’s better to know it and enjoy the present moment.

28) You never win alone.

The thread that connects us to reality is not thick… who will take care of us if it broke? This is the question I ask myself when I fuck without a condom. Damn, if I get AIDS or whatever, I’ll never game again in my life. Renouncingall the wonders offered by the “Game” for ten minutes of pleasure? Ridiculous, really need to protect us. Without condoms, it is certainly best. But without STDs it is even better.

29) If there is no love, there will be hope.

If you want a girl to forget about you, give her no hope. Otherwise, she will hang on for a long time by believing that you play to a silly game and it will be boring. Conversely, learn how to recognize when a girl gives you hope for not bothering to break your heart and when you really have a chance with her. Again this is not an exact science. Refer to 20)Think in terms of investment at time and energy for a result in term of pleasure and satisfaction.

30) A relationship without cooperation is doomed to failure.

If on the other hand, you want your relationship to work with this girl, be ready to make concessions (even if you do not drink alcohol).

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