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What’s going on in Yukon ?

On July 11th 2015,

I spent 4 interviews for a job, one in Paris and 3 in Lyon. I was accepted in two companies and I chose the one I liked most a priori.

Since my last post, I moved in the center of Lyon. Although my shrink said that anxious people have problems to dare to move, I think I’m stronger than that. Welcome to the state 69, it’s a figure that promises … It’s a beautiful city. The girls here all do bike so they have a nice ass. Seriously, I see a lot with beautiful legs. It’s exciting (however there are not only sex bombs there are also H-bombs). In the subway, there is affluence of pheromones. With this proximity between people, in my opinion, we should all have fire in the ass. We should be anesthetized, it drives crazy otherwise.

People here are much calmer, more sociable, more friendly, more open than in the South. There’s no comparison! How rude & excited & not punctual people in the south by comparison! And I also talk about traders and all … It’s another world! Compared to Paris, I do not even want to compare here it’s cool I feel way better than with this band of completely pretentious morons who believe they are the center of the world. I’m not anti-Parigots but the company where I spent my interview in Paris : they were fucking assholes. I left by slamming the door. And that fucker called me “Southern wanker”. All this because he saw on my resume that I worked on a beach near Saint Tropez.

In short, here in the 69, I started staying with my cousins from Lyon, a little outside the city. It was not very easy, I admit, but it was nice to welcome me. I had more than an hour of transport to go to work. I really had the shitty life “metro-work-sleep”. I pity the people who do that all their lives even if sometimes one does not have a choice.

To have fun a little bit, I used Tinder. I had a date the first week with a nurse. Not bad but a little chubby, the cutie … here they do not know olive oil, they put cream and butter everywhere. City of gastronomy foremost while I’m from the city of Kalashnikov! In addition they do not know the slang here “reum”, for example, my co-workers do not know.

In short, by text message, she told me she wanted to suck me but she was menstruating. So, we met in a bar. I thought it would be a long-term investment … but big mistake! I tried to kiss her neck, she stepped back. I did succeed finally but hey, it was weird. Hot in word, cold in face to face. She ended up confessing she had a boyfriend and that eventually she did not dare to cheat on him, blablabla.

So, I told her to contact me when they would have broken up (yeah because with such a mentality they will break up soon). I have attached a photo of me, topless. It’s a bit pretentious, but well. I do not like that they make me waste my time, I find it disrespectful, so I’m disrespectful in return. Especially that TIME is what I miss the most, after sex, at the moment. The thing is that I went back to my cousins at 22h after that date : I just had time to eat and go to sleep : rest … that’s what I miss the most right now.

Well, I’ve not lost everything eh since I still had a good time and found a nice bar on the banks of the Rhone. There’s lots of people out there doing aperitifs on the lawn beside the barges. It has a romantically sexual side. Seriously, population density is 10 times more than Aix. As soon as I regained full health (hopefully soon) I can make easy 4FC / month, I guess. For now, I’m not too much anxious here but I have already got fat of 2 kg. Must say that I eat anything I must change. Restaurant every day … I still have my post-traumatic stress too. Someone ran yesterday in the street behind me and my fist closed I turned back I almost slapped … when I saw it was a child I calmed down and I realized that I still had my trauma.

No more digressions. I seduced two other chicks on Tinder and I received pictures of their breasts and legs. Not yet their asses. But hey, it’s something. One is on holiday in Avignon. The other is gone spending time with her parents in Normandy. This is a big gap between the two! I hope they also do it in bed !!!

Last week (I had no time to write before for sorry), I went to a girl who is saleswoman at H & M. We discussed almost since I arrived in Lyon on Tinder. Then a blessed day, she sent offhand her number: I replied “do we speak in numbers now?
– It will be more convenient”. So by texts every day, I asked her what color were her underwear, and she answered, it was fun and sometimes she told me she was sleeping naked … it turned me on. Do not blame me, I’m a just a straight man! I sent her a photo of me topless to spend time and she said “yummy.” OMG! My love juice detector s’ panicked!

By texts, I sent her “it’s hard today at work and I’m not talking about my penis“; “I would have had a great desire to make love to you this morning before going to work“; “I am hard are you all wet?” ; “I have a pretty incredible erection at the moment it’s a shame to spoil it“; “If you laugh at my joke you’re half in bed
-haha haha ​​then I laugh twice so I’m fully in it.

One day she told me she would get tested every six months because she loves sucking and swallowing. I replied that I love licking. She invited me to her house the following weekend. So she was not a small pussy cat who talk to guys to spend time then flakes because she is too scared to get a hit! The same evening the agreed day, I sent “I am here in 14 minutes to the address you gave me
– Very precise
“Actually I arrived 45 minutes later… The route looked smaller on the plane..

It was a chance that I’m late, her gay roommate just left working in his haunted hotel. It seems he tells her things he sometimes sees at night and she is REALLY scared. I just had to comfort her after. Gays are our friends!

A beautiful blonde opened the door. Seriously, really not bad, the girl! She wanted to kiss me on the landing but I avoided her to increase the sexual tension. I gave her a kiss on the neck. We went to her room. There was a mouse. Seriously. What a crazy girl. It’s been already the second crazy girl in Lyon. Anyway, I was too hungry for sex. And she was hot then for what I had to do …

We kissed and everything : I started fingering her, she was too hot so she removed her top. I understand, you must know that it’s the dog days here, it is almost 40 ° C … in addition with pollution, we suffocate, it’s not easy … South for warmth that’s better, there’s a little bit of air at least!

I did the same with my shirt and then took off her panties (she opened the door in shirt/shorty to be sure I fuck her the naughty chick). I licked her a long time and she orgasmed. Then she said “me when I come it puts me KO“. She then sucked me (it was so good we can see that she has experience) and has lied down on the bed, turned back and fell asleep. I took a photo of her ass then I left. I’m not a bitch usually I don’t do stuff like that but then I found that it was rude to treat me this way. And I’d be happy to fuck her but well after all I prefer blowjobs so it’s OK … I’m satisfied. Then I too much needed to unload, it feels really good! It is frightening how I have no time between trips, job, fatigue, I keep swimming with great difficulty to squeeze it into my schedule, etc. It became urgent to organize otherwise there would be one less PUA on this planet!

On my way back, I really freaked out: I went through a neighborhood where there was only Arab outside and only guys. It was the evening of a day of Ramadan so they had to leave it go and get drunk. But they were not really aggressive, not like home. So it’s OK. Some were whistling chicks but because I have no pussy, I’m quiet on that side. I went home not too late so I could sleep to catch my sleep late.

Yesterday I sent her a text message asking if she had the result of her testing, but she did not answer the bitch. I have a right to know yet, right?

Otherwise, I found an apartment at 10 minutes from my office. I just moved there Thursday evening and I just received my box, that’s why I write you today. With my cousins, we were 5 on the same connection so it was a mess. I was doing the bare minimum. I did not even watch porn … 🙂

So I might be able to have a life outside work even if it will not be easy because I do almost 45h at work (not the numbers – it changes me who got up rarely before noon but well it’s how we will save the country, how we contribute, in short how we become a spread man who deserves his social rights) … I might be able to play sports and to pick up chicks the WE! I am anxious that my body gets used to this lifestyle. Here I’m still dealing with a lot of stuff like the bank and many other formalities!
I will also continue to pick up on the Internet because it works well. Anyway, it is statistical, Lyon is far bigger than Aix therefore there are a lot more of targets. In addition it is a different state of mind here, I’m not saying that there is no pain in the ass, but well. It is something else and as I reached saturation that makes me feel good to change my air. It makes me feel good to see other human beings like me, going out of my countryside is reassuring and make me face reality.

At work it’s going well. My colleagues are cool. Finally, most of them because there’s still two that my colleagues call “big bitches”. Me they have not done anything bad to me so I am waiting to see. A Viper (to whom I put my anaconda or my boa constrictor) and a “Fat”ma in tornado mode. The viper is quite sexy with her naughty glasses but according to the other members of the office she is a slut who refers everything to the boss. Anyway, it is Ramadan so I cannot even fuck her.

Anyway, I had said I would not do it at work. I do not mix cloths, underwear and strings. Meanwhile, I have fun with my colleagues (with some customers too : one called me and said “what’s going on in Yukon with my VAT?“) and I especially don’t want to mix the game in all that. This will be my secret garden. Shaved.

We can say that my seduction skills helped me to integrate myself at work and to have the apartment I wanted despite competition, etc. Communication / psychology helps for everything.

Here, what I like is that nobody knows my blog so I made a new FB account I’m trying to keep clean. And especially, the 3 assholes who spend their lives on my blog and harass me cannot find me like that. By the way, I put them a big fat finger in the ass. Or two fingers. They are bastards who enjoy signaling my FB account, sending me letters of threats (well, at Aix) demanding that I close my blog, etc. They send me texts like what I’m a goblin with a double chin etc. It runs in a loop, makes no sense, it is pure frustration. One of them is a fucking liar who tells me that he works in a group of traders that he has the best lawyers with him so I can not intent anything against him and he fucks Greek and earns € 15,000 per month … BUT OF COURSE! Such a bullshit … it’s a shame! When you really are a guy like that you not break the balls to the entiere world.

Finally here, I don’t know not many people on Lyon even though I made out with 5 or 6 chicks that moved here (before I install) and I have a good friend. I will try to meet guys who are in the game too, but I intend to avoid the needy or immature or people like that. Here I want to be more normal.

This week, Virginie will come. In fact, her parents are moving to Grenoble except they have not yet found a place. She therefore does not really know where to sleep during the end of July so I will be enjoy with my honey. In August, I will have three weeks of vacation so I plan to go back in Aix at least two weeks to see my cat and my dog ​​that I miss too (and go to the sea so that a girl in submarine mode sucks my salty cock by swallowing some iodine). For me, the game in Lyon will seriously begin in September. Meanwhile I will do it without excess.

Despite my depression, I still fucked thirty chicks this season. So, if you want to become a PUA in my style (everybody has his own style) here are all the products I have written to date:
The (Inconvenient) Truth about gender relations
Secrets for seducing on the Internet
How to sublimate your body language
More than 1 000 alpha sexy lines
Diary of a French PUA
The personnal development manual that will kick your ass
– My translations of Ross Jeffries and Cajun and Sinn
– For fun : Do not read me
– Erotic Novel: A story of cyprine
– Projects: Diary of a French PUA 2, a collection of my articles-advices 2015, a manual to make her orgasm like a god, an extension of seduction according to evolutionary psychology, a manual for inter-personal communication of sexuality, an ebook for women so that they can understand and differentiate an alpha guy from an asshole to seize or create good opportunities…

May the God of the Game and of the Labour be with us!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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