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A firepussy for a pretty elf

A firepussy for a pretty elfJuly 16th 2015,

The 14th was the day of the fireworks. Last night, it was rather a firepussy for a pretty girl. She has seen all the colors (red, green, blue)! BIM! BAM! BOOM!

It all started on the Internet, in this blessed holiday of July 14th that did me some good. This absolutely not deserved rest allowed me to swim in order to cool off and to pickup a naughty girl at nap time, my hair flying to the rhythm of the ventilator.


1/ The innocuous dialogue and my comments

Below, a lot of virgin excuses (I say it affectionately) and of defused shit-tests (because I’m worth it).

ME: Hi darling
(Comment: I tested her directly to see her reaction)

SHE: You’re fast!

ME: I will probably beat you when it comes to the length of some stuff
(Comment: first sexualization to see her reaction)

SHE: I easily believe you when you say you’ll beat me when it comes to the length of a lot of stuff, but I beat you when it comes to the size of my tits (at least I hope for you huh)…

ME: Lol. Haha! How to know ?! If you want we can compare! And because I’m fast I’ll try to take my clothes off to see if you’re doing the same

SHE: It’s hot outside, take your clothes off, and you can be sure I am in… If it was winter on the other hand… Not sure ^^

ME: That’s it I removed my clothes. I am now in a black boxer. And you ? Enjoy being in summer

SHE: Lol
(Comment: this fucking one word answer (can block the conversation) shows that she is uncomfortable but the above answers show that she is interested so I decided to put my foot in it)

ME: Are you shy?

SHE: I will not make you dream I’m warning you… With this heat I’m very intolerant to my bra so I’m in white sports bra and black shorts full of cat hairs. Sexy right?
I’m not shy in normal times, let’s say that I had not much experience I am rather shy/not yet fully comfortable in the intimacy, but hey, I learn fast 😉

ME: The hairs are on your breasts or your bra? 😉 not really sexy, I hope that when’ll you come to see me you will wear paired underclothes !!!
You’d learn faster if you do it with a good and understanding guy 🙂
(Comment: I am a little bit selling myself here but I think it is true that I’m particularly cool with virgins)

SHE: Failed, the hair are on the shorts (she slept on me and was using my chest as a pillow) Besides, job tomorrow and sports night, my cat is gonna happily jump on me when I get back…

ME: I miss my cat now Ahahah… bravo! How are you going to catch up?
What will you do tomorrow night as sport?
Me too I will jump on you if you want;)
(Comment: I give her an opening)

SHE: I won’t give you Gaia, that’s for sure, it’s mine!
But I’ll give you one of my chocolates, you’re lucky because I normally do not share…
I’m in a gym club, Wednesday is cardio dance classes (better than the Zumba we practice a lot of styles) and Thursday is Pole Dance/sauna or hammam…

ME: Hahaha!
I will not touch your pussy then;)
OK for chocolate, you give me this when? I am very greedy.

SHE: I was wondering when would be the first link to my pussy XD too easy…

ME: It’s not because it’s easy that it’s not funny
Cool for the sauna. Another opportunity for me to see you naked!
Where do you live? Me 3rd district

SHE: Disappointment for you, the sauna/steam/jacuzzi are collective and not nudists XD
I’m at the limit of the third, but in the 7th subway D… if you see…

ME: Yes! me I’m street ** *** if you see … 🙂
I’m actually bored I’m all alone and I have no desire to watch a movie alone. Wanna come over and watch something in underwear (normal in this heat) ? Sorry if that’s too direct just ignore

SHE: I do not see where it’s but Google is my friend …
Too bad tonight I’m doing something with my roommate ^^

ME: lol ok no problem. Tomorrow?
At least you’ve got one friend;)
(Comment: there I punish her for her refusal)

SHE: Tomorrow I told you I go to gym ^^’ (Wednesday and Thursday until 22:30) and I already missed a pole dance session last week to obey my osteopath so I can not miss the next one or I will have muscles soreness next time ^^ ‘(it hurts…)

ME: Lol all that so I give you a massage 😉
Seriously well I will not insist I’d become weird! Make a counter-proposal when you want to invite me then;)

SHE: I never say no to massage but when I said it hurts I was mostly talking about the friction because of the bar (go for a joke there, I’m used to it XD)
But hey, I’m free Saturday…

ME: Saturday do you invite me to watch a movie in the same clothes as previously exposed?
Lol for the friction and the bar, I know something. (You forced me)

SHE: Well yes but no, not at my place, and I do not hang out around my roommate half-naked ^^ ‘
I have a perverse enough mind so the jokes with the bars have already been done…

ME: OK! But this weekend I have family at my place so it’s not possible!
You do not have a bedroom for each one of you?
So if you really don’t want to come over it does not matter we can continue to talk
(Comment: in fact a girlfriend is coming for 2 weeks, I have already talked about that)

SHE: Yes but I wear a shirt when I leave mine ^^ ‘
Otherwise we can go out and get a drink, or you are completely against this kind of practice? ^^

ME: I am not against but it can quickly be frustrating after!

SHE: As want, we can still wait…
Otherwise, seriously, do you often propose it to unknown?
(Comment: shit test again)

ME: Only with the approach of the full moon.

SHE: Oh … And a lot of girls are interested?
(Comment: same pattern)

ME: it’s okay I’m not complaining. Then I need to see what’s behind. Probably a lot will get cold feet or piss me off soon
(Comment: here I want to push her to think where her interest is and to act differently from the crowd)

SHE: Ok ^^ ‘

ME: If you want tomorrow I finish work at 6 6.30 so we can have a drink…

SHE: I do not want to be a pain in the ass but tomorrow night I have to go to sport and before I have an appointment I cannot miss ^^ ‘

ME: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you collect the dates! well because I proposed too much it is now your turn to do so I won’t propose anymore
(Comment: she pissed me off)

SHE: Well let’s say it is an appointment that I cannot and do not want to miss ^^ ‘
Eh! I proposed too! 😉

ME: well I hope you will be in the same state of mind with our rendez-vous
yeah but it’s your turn now, each in turn

SHE: Not the same kind of appointment but yeah 😉
So, as it seems to be a problem this week… Next week ;-)?

ME: Lol
Yes why not ! Let’s keep in touch!
Can you hear the fireworks?
(Comment: at this moment I was disappointed because I knew very well that I was not sexually available to other girls than my open relationship who will visit me the next 2 weeks)

SHE: Yes I can hear and happily Gaia isn’t afraid… And you? Near Part-Dieu the sound must be loud…

ME: And you are you afraid?
Lol that’s it you geolocated me!!!
You are close to what?

SHE: Afraid of fireworks? No^^ ‘
I’m not far from Garibaldi

ME: Yeah we’re really not far from each other

SHE: Yes, but Lyon is not so big in fact…

ME: do you know what is big too?
you might even visit me after sport in fact
(Comment: I like this kind of joke)

SHE: Coming after sport? You really want to see me for the first time when I just left sport? This is not the best impression to give ^^ ‘

ME: lol you’ll take a shower if you sweat too much

SHE: You’re weird ^^ ‘
(Comment: she is trying to destabilize me)

ME: No, I think not. Why would it be weird to shower when you sweat?
(Comment: I reframe)

SHE: I usually I take my shower with application, but I said it in relation to sport. The first vision “just after sports” is not the best…

ME: Better to see after sport than not at all

SHE: You can also wait a bit it’s not urgent huh ^^ ‘

ME: Yes, but procrastination is not great lol

SHE: Oh but I do not procrastinate ^^ sport will fuck me up enough…
(Comment: of course she procrastinates because she is stressed)

ME: I can boost you after

SHE: I will ignore the last remark ^^
Is it a joke or are you really a “sexpert”?

ME: I don’t lie or I’d be ridiculous once naked
why do you ignore it? You’re so shy !!

SHE: Shy for this kind of comment, yes I admit …

ME: luckily I’m not shy me lol
otherwise we’d not go very far lol

SHE: I admit you have courage (or you’re bold and something makes you so confident) but when I do not know the guy I have difficulties to be myself…


ME: so come over tonight and we will try to make you be yourself
10:30 p.m. if I follow?
(Comment: I’m putting her under pressure but she will thank me later)

SHE: Tonight I will come back from sport… Looks like you do not want to understand ^^ ‘

ME: well yes, come just after precisely or we will postpone (I don’t know when) ! We need to enjoy life a little when we have an occasion !!!

SHE: But I do not know you and have never seen you. We’re only talking since yesterday… It’s quick anyway…
(Comment: what a lot of limiting beliefs, but hey, she cannot know that she will fall on a nice good lover)

ME: So what? I thought you liked spontaneity! and too fast is better than too slow

SHE: But I have to be back not too late I also work tomorrow and wake up early – ”
(Comment: a lot of fucking stupid excuses)

ME: I also work at 8:30am ^^

SHE: I need to wake up so I can take the train at 6:30…

ME: Yes!
But we do not live far away from each other!
You know that little stress you feel will not disappear even if we meet up in 15 days!
So why not overcoming it now ?
Then let’s have fun a little when we have a chance because too many work and not enough fun that’s not a good thing.
Don’t worry, you can take a shower here and I’m not an asshole I will be understanding towards your shyness huh
(Comment: nice speech)

SHE: Listen I’m going into a no phone room so I’ll tell you just after…
(Comment: at this moment she is uncertain)

ME: lol that means no… know that if you take the easy way you’re just going to miss a good opportunity to have a good time. With that, if you come you’ll score points in my eyes if you can get out of your comfort zone. See you later… or not. Kiss kiss
(Comment: still the same speech)

SHE: I have no address to join 😉

ME: cool you’re coming? ** Street ** ***

SHE: The waiting time is over, unfortunately, I am now in the subway… It’s too hot outside. I’m tired by my sport. And I am hungry.
(Comment: she was freaking out when the time of action was coming but wanted to feel good so invented excuses like what it was not possible to come over but she was trying to do that in a way I cannot blame her)

ME: the waiting time for what? I’m eating
I am waiting for you
come to Garibaldi you will be next to me
(Comment: I do not buy her bullshit)

SHE: Next to you is less close to Garibaldi than my place ^^ ‘

ME: I do not understand ! when will you be here ? do not procrastinate during a long time please because then we would have few time and it would be boring ^^ if you want it in fact do it, because we have only one life
(Comment: speech part 3)

SHE: only if you will walk me back to Garibaldi after?

ME: okay let’s be crazy

SHE: I guess I’m here

ME: cool
wait a minute I’m taking my jeans on
*th floor

Note: I use * instead of stuff I want to keep confidential.


2/ Once home

Around 10:30pm, on the screen of my high-tech intercom I saw a nice figure. Very feminine. In a sexy dress. Or a tunic, I always confuse. In fact, I do not even know the difference. In short, it was bound to be exciting.

I hesitated to open the door topless but I finally preferred to casually wear a polo in front of her to turn her on.

She put her gym bag in the hallway and sat on a stool. She asked for a glass of water and told me she had eaten a cereal bar on the road. OK, so if it’s good for her it’s good for me. We talked a bit about everything and nothing, her studies (work-linked training), my job, heat. This is a girl who describes herself as a geek. She creates websites, logos, videos, etc. It is not very well paid apparently.

I listened a lot. Anyway I could not get a word in edgewise then became resigned. She was probably very stressed for talking that much. Anyway, at some point, I positioned myself behind her and started to caress her shoulders, her face, etc. Then I slid my hands on her stomach, her legs, etc.

Then I kissed her in the neck and shoulders and then started to rub her crotch over her thin dress (or tunic, fuck). She suddenly said nothing more. It had a powerful impact on her. And I talked to her like if nothing was happening at the same time (I touched her everywhere), it was funny because it was hard for her to be consistent when she answered. So I went under the dress, started to rub over her string. Then I paused when I felt she was really wet, to caress her boobies. Finally, I went under her panties and I caressed her clit. She enjoyed, she was shaking and everything and almost fell off her stool. Fortunately, I was careful, I caught her.

Then we stood up. I looked into her eyes. She has very pretty green almond-shaped eyes well highlighted by beautiful black eyebrows. Her reddish hair is nice too. She has sharp and a little pointy ears like elves. Maybe she is an elf. Thinking about it, I took off her dress. She found herself in underwear. A nice white underwear was hidding fairly big and firm breasts. She has got pretty little pink nipples. It’s cool. Her string was black. I’ve also taken it down by leading her on my bed.

She told me that it was not fair so I put myself in boxer. I rubbed my cock against her pussy and my boxer became wet. I went down and I licked/fingered her. It drove her crazy. She contracted from everywhere, her belly and everything. Her legs were shaking, she gasped. She was close to orgasm but said “stop, stop”: she was very afraid of losing control. Typical and usual reaction when a girl do not yet know her body. Solution : either you go and force it in one time (she must be easy to release) or you go there gradually to tame this feeling (like the fox of the Little Prince).

She told me she had not fucked for several long months. Her last guy could not get hard. Damn, he does not know what he missed by not fucking her hard, this asshole. Her ass was really not bad. She said, “but where did you learn how to do that (speaking of cunnilingus)? You’re the first man I’ve met who also thinks of his partner!
– In the south !”

After she came on me, we put on a condom and she fucked me like crazy. Her libido was kindled. Then I fucked her doggy style, just like she deserved it. It really cleaned her up! I removed the cobwebs with my broom and my hiss!

After the intercourse, she confessed that she did not even know how to kiss with tongue and asked me to teach her. I did. She was glad, and happy. Good!

Then she told me about her problems. Her stress that spoils her life (she too appaently). By the way, I made an anxiety attack this afternoon at the office, it sucks, I did not feel my hands anymore, I felt strange like if I had no body anymore and I was sweating and everything, my legs were shaking I had the impression of being in a parallel world. Anyway, it happened and I’m not dead (my colleagues have noticed nothing). The problem with this girl is that she talks a lot about herself but does not seem to be interested at all when you talk about you. I guess, it’s human. I don’t care! Her problem it’s rather OCD (storage, the stuff by color, etc.) So this is my third crazy girl in Lyon !!! Finally about stress, it seems that keeping a journal helps f you want to tame emotions, accept, understand, etc. So I’m glad I started a third Diary !

Finally, she said she did not regret at all for taking on herself to come to me. She was happy and I have a little reconciled her with men. It should be a lesson for the others frightened virgins! After that, she was hungry. So I gave her a yoghurt then I took my shower. She ate and went under the shower too (with this heat you sweat like a Sumo).

I walked her back to her place. It was not a short distance. But a promise made is a debt unpaid. She thanked me “for everything, really everything.” On my way back I had the nose on my phone by walking and I ate a floor lamp. Just like in a comic.


3/ Lyon’s LAIR

Last digression, about the players of Lyon. There’s no LAIR here, actually. There’s vaguely an inactive FB page. So, I have posted a message to signal that I was creating an active FB page “LAIR privé sur Lyon.”

There’s a guy who answered me to explain how their LAIR works. He said “yeah it is is no longer an active LAIR just some old buddies who still go out together sometimes.” He added his phone number and asked me to call him.

Another LAIR organized like the SNCF, it’s promising! I said I did not like the phone (I did not want to spend an hour on the phone) and he started to give me some lessons like “yeah but you know, the game is something that makes you get out your comfort zone and everything.” I was almost ready to kill him “shut up your mouth my poor I surely fucked more chicks than you and all your buddies together” but I used self-control. I am making progress in self control! Anyway, violence, especially verbal, solves nothing.

I suggested a compromise with Skype and he did not answer. I send him another “? “But he has not answered two days later, and he saw the message. Maybe this guy is very friendly but has an awkward communication, that’s all. In short, I give this LAIR my benefit of the doubt. And it must be said that I do not “need” them even if I’m curious and I would like to meet them. But beware, I do not want any kill-joys nor negative people in my social circle, I have given enough!

Fucking sleepers you are in Lyon! May the God of the Game be with you anyway!

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