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The German touch

February 21st, 2014

Back from taekwondo around 11:30 pm. I cooked small fried potatoes by watching a bullshit with cats on YouTube, just to recover. I moved finally towards my bedroom when, SUDDENLY, while I washed my teeth (maybe only two minutes before going to bed)… My mobile vibrated!!!

“Still awake ?” Number that started by +336, I said to myself it was certainly the girl I fucked earlier. What does she want from me at this late hour, this bitch ? I clicked the message and noticed that no, it was another girl who wanted my cock. I never register the numbers then it’s a mess. Being more organized would have been one of my resolutions of 2014 if I had been more serious. So I need to speak to you about this girl.

I had hastily approached her on Adopt, something like two or three weeks ago. She agreed to have sex, in theory, but wanted at first to go having a drink in a bar. As a result, I sent her to hell because I felt laziness. But I received a message a few days later from 6ft (the tall 30 years old woman I adore who is beautiful and with whom I have made a threesome last November):
– And now I have to reassure my friends you contact on Adopt!!! :p
– What ? Did I shock one ?
– Not really, but she was not very secure by the fact of not passing by the compartment “let’s have a drink in a bar”. She saw that we were friends on FB, she called me and I told her all the good I think of you!
– Well. Who is it ?
– Eva
– Ah yeah, but having a drink in town pisses me off, I’m not sure I will go. But thanks darling
– 😉
– Yeah I know I’m weird . Who is she for you ?
– A friend
– Well how can I say that … Except the fact she is one of your friend , does she deserve that I move my fucking ass?
– She is a great girl (smart, fun, nice…) but I don’t know her in the biblical sense!

Well, all this motivated me a little (I had to defend my reputation established by means of this awesome letter of recommendation written by 6ft) : I thus visited her FB profile. Fuckable according to her two profile pictures… but I wasn’t that excited. As a result, when she suggested me screwing her last Tuesday, I was at my parent’s and I didn’t make the trip. Laziness again. I don’t care, that’s what I said to myself. However, yesterday evening, I had nothing better to do except sleeping and she offered herself to me free of charge. Then, I said yes.

When she arrived, I wasn’t disappointed: finally better than on her pictures. Her German accent gave her a sexy side, her very blue eyes, her hair and her red coat too. Her face reminds me Misha Cross’ face, but less thin. Actually, she has got charm. I am always wary when an enticing up to the end of nipples girl wants to sell her friends, this is why I didn’t got a swollen head.

She came back from a party around 3 am o’clock and apparently wanted to have more fun. “Can we sit down ? she asked.
– Yeah, on my bed.” There, we lengthened (do not look for the logic), and she started talking. The German touch : even barefoot, she avoided putting them on my bed. Bed on which took place surprising Southern orgies that even DSK caught envying (without the prostitutes rented on Amazon). She asked me what I studied, what I wanted to do later, etc. Fuck we don’t care. But it was nervous: she felt the tension and did not know how to manage it. The best thing to do, in that case, it is to be quiet and comfortable so that she becomes in her turn quiet and comfortable (conditions convenient to a sexual intercourse).

It is also necessary to watch our own physical language, it is one of the only things that can fuck up the thing (because our appearance was validated on the photos on the Internet but not our attitude – more information in Secrets for seducing on the Internet). Another thing that can make you fail, are the tricky questions. For example, she asked me “would you like studying German?
– I don’t know, certainly, I like the languages.” If I had answered “no I don’t like the Boches” or if I had put my finger on my mustache to imitate Adolf, that would have spoil everything. Well, you understood the principle. We do not attack tender spots in these moments (except the G-spot).

When I felt she was cooked to perfection, I moved my hand lighlty on her leg and she kissed me directly. She was in a hurry to succumb to my Gallic charm. I undressed her and made her a little cunnilingus. She enjoyed. Then she undressed me and sucked me. Nice blowjob. She came on me “You know I am allergic to latex…
– No prob, I also have condoms without latex, I am equipped like a professionel”. I was fucked rather pleasantly, then I overturned her and gave her an orgasm WITH ONE SINGLE FINGER on her clitoris, like E.T. could have done it (except that my finger is not red nor bright in the stick). She told me “waiteuh a minuteuh, I am very sensitiveuh afteuh the orgasmeuh”. Well OK, that’s good, I was dead. I sincerely turned her around to admire her tattoo that represents autumn sheets and because I liked her ass, I took her doggy-style. I was welcomed by a “oh yaaaaaaaaaaaa”. I came in my turn and fell asleep. I dreamed that I shot a poor quality porn movie with an old mobile phone in a cellar of Stalingrad.

This morning, we a little talked before she leaves to go to work. She went on two online dates. The first one “he kissed me like a dog without lips” (it’s a quote). The second one, “he made me pass something like a job interview to see if we would be compatible on the long-term”. Seriously. “By the way, it’s what most of the guys do on the dating site, they ask you what you are studying, what you want to do later, etc. Always the same thing.
– A little bit like what you asked me at the beginning, right?
– It’s true.” Well, lightness, casualness. Damned, be more simple. Even if they are not often able to do the same thing.

We will remember as a main rule that it is better to move our ass than to sleep.

May the God of the Game be with you.

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