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This interior designer was high

This interior designer was highDecember 12th 2015,

I am suffering from a a throat infection for a few days. It’s really a shit, I have a broken voice and mucus… it’s not very sexy !!! But that did not prevent me from fucking.

Yesterday night, I was exhausted. But a chick who had flaked me last week was available to see me. In fact, she had not really flaked me last week: she wanted us to meet up, yes, but in a bar on La place des Terreaux before going to my place. But, I was not in a mood for going out because it was cold outside so I stayed in my bed sleeping and told her we would see each other another day… without really believing it.

This time she came directly to my house. She is pretty, brunette with blue eyes, light skin, tall (170cm/55kg). It’s my type, at least, physically.

The discussion was not very fluid at the beginning of the date. First of all, because I was out of order after my day at work. And also because she’s quite disturbing: she talks very slowly like a hippie. She asks a lot of questions like a little girl. She is curious about everything and searches everywhere. She does not like to be contradicted, but I do not like to let people say bullshit, so sometimes, I gave my point of view and it did not please her. She was depressive when she was young, so she is now a follower of the present moment and all this philosophy (we read more or less the same books), and she watches a lot of TedX on Youtube. In short, she thinks in a different way from the crowd, and that, I appreciate. But she smokes and drinks alcohol too… so it’s not awesome. Anecdote: she told me she was so drunk once, that she kicked a guy out of her house to be able to vomit quietly.

We began by drinking a glass of rosé, everything was fine. Then two, OK, why not ? Then we played card and alcohol games like “Captain Blum drinks X times”. I was kinda drunk after, it had been a long time that I had not drunk a half bottle of wine on my own. I guess the fact that McBoules succeeded in being so drunk that he has fallen asleep while a beautiful Russian was giving a blowjob, has awakened in me old habits.

The conversation became much more fluid from then on. Must say that I made an effort to find a subject that she liked : drawing. She is an artist, which justifies the fact that she is high. She is 26, is an interior designer and draftsman. So I proposed to her to draw Leo (my stuffed leopard that hits all the girls who come to my house). After having had the portrait drawn, he threw himself on her and kissed her with his dirty muzzle. Still no reaction from the girl, neither good nor bad.

Then we put on music. I think she has not too bad taste: she likes old French songs, English romantic songs and rap. When we sat on the bed to make a playlist, I began to fiddle. She was stoic… or rather, she was passive. She behaved like if I did not have my hand in her bra, for example. It was funny but when I was taking too much initiatives, she grabbed my hand and put it back on her pretty flat stomach, over her top, casually.

At one point, she told me bluntly, “I do not know yet if I want to sleep with you.” I do not know if it was a test to disconcert me or what… but if that was it, it worked. But I did not let anything appear and continued my little game. I was hard.

She finally took off her shoes to sit cross-legged on my bed. I kissed her in the neck. She let me do. Then she said, “I need a little more wine.” She took one more drink. I kissed her again in the neck, then on the mouth. She finally gave me her lips, but nothing more… So I gave up and no longer took care of her for a few minutes (it’s a freeze-out, I put her in the fridge!)

It was at this moment that she proposed we lie down and hug. I checked the clock, it was 2am: she had no more subway to go back, so I said OK. We were both dressed at that moment. She put her hand under my sweater, on my pecs, and said “You smell good, you”. It was the first time she took an initiative!

Then, she fell asleep for a moment in this non-sexual position. True story. I was frustrated so I got up to strategically eat a banana. The movement awakened her. So I proposed her to sleep at my place: she said yes. Then, I went to piss and when I came back, she was in underwear (red). So I undressed too, I just kept my boxer on and lied down next to her. Or rather behind her because she turned back on me. After her breasts, I fiddled with her little pussy over her panties. Still no reaction, except that it smelled like cyprine, so… I came in with my fingers. There, she began to really get wet, I fingered her harder. She finally turned to me, kissed me open mouth with the tongue, took off my underwear and jerked me.

We stayed like that a long time, masturbating each other, then I went down between her thighs and licked her because I did not want to ejaculate too fast (the situation excited me a lot). She has liked that I take care of her pleasure, her legs trembled and everything. To thank me, she made me rock on my back and sucked for my pleasure.

It lasted maybe 5 or 10 minutes, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly. Frankly, I wanted to come on her tonsils, to repaint her… but fuck I really wanted to penetrate her too! She interrupted, “Do you have condoms?” I stretched on her to catch some behind my bed but the bed collapsed (it’s a sofa/bed not very stable that collapses from time to time). We fell brutally : emotional lift!

In short, I put on a condom, and fucked her on the rickety bed. Only once, in missionary position. The worst thing is that I did not last very long… but I enjoyed all the same. She too, I hope. Having raised the sexual tension before, doubting whether I was going to fuck her or not, alcohol also maybe played a role… in short, all that gave me a strong electric shock throughout the body at the moment of the ejaculation !

We fell asleep in a cuddly position. My warrior was finally resting, with the sensation of accomplished duty. This morning, she did not want to have sex (by opening the shutters she said “Hello world, you are pretty, I must take advantage of my life”… I swear, she is kinda crazy). But I was hard again, so while she was drinking her coffee, I jerked myself in front of her by fiddling with her breasts (after asking her for permission). First time I was doing this, it was funny.


Bad news, I learned that another of my friends was assaulted by 5 riff-raffs in Aix last night. He went to the hospital too, it reminds me of bad memories. He’s the one who came to Lyon one or two month ago… I swear, our country is going crazy!

Otherwise, know that yesterday, at work, I ended up angry. There’s the niece of the boss, the one who so much behaves like she was the boss that we wonder if they do not sleep together, who has pissed me off too much. In fact, she has worn out over the long term. She spies on everything that has been done, has succeeded in getting the secretary with whom I liked to flirt quit because she was always making derogatory remarks to her, gives orders and everything, like an hysterical girl. The other guys in the office are submissive, they let her do because they want to avoid the conflict with her. But not me, I never obey her injunctions. Then she harasses me more. She screams sharply, screams my name for me to answer the phone and speaks to me like a 6 year old moron while I am more graduate than her.

Frankly, she is behaving like this while she is nothing, it’s a shame! She thinks she uses her charm on the men of the office but, frankly, they all hate her. The others play the hypocrites in front of her and snicker from behind but I cannot. I’m too transparent.

So that you have an idea of the character: this is the kind that does not say hello normally in the morning (to anyone except the boss) and royally ignores the girls. She is also racist, she likes only the Algerian guys. In her eyes if you are not Algerian, you are a shit (so I am a shit). And she is very proud of pissing everybody off for a SMIC!

Finally, she is very intrusive, wants to control everything, makes inappropriate remarks like “Yet ?!” when someone leaves at 6:15pm while we are supposed to finish at 6:00 pm. She spies on me when she hears me typing on the keyboard, she asks me “Are you writing a book?”. Then, the next day, I found my things moved on my desk so she stayed later than me to spy on my Internet history and everything. When I look at my phone, right away I hear “Don’t you have work Fabrice?”

The thing is that she is not irreproachable, far from it: she always arrives at 9:30 in the morning (instead of 8:30) and 2:45 in the afternoon (instead of 2:00 pm): she told until recently to the boss that is was hard to park. So he rented a parking lot next to the office but since… she is still late. Her work is full of mistakes too, but hey, that’s not the real problem. If she was nice, we would not care correcting her!

Yesterday, to help them out in the absence of the secretary, I went to La Poste (with the mail). But when I came back, she found I had been away for too long (20 minutes) and found it wise to say “I almost called the police where were you?” There, I saw it red, she had already pissed me off all the afternoon by asking me to carry cartons for her as if I owed something to her (« I will not do the job of a man all the same ») and by asking me three times to close the door of the toilets after someone had shit while I was at the limit of the breakdown.

In short, I explained to her more or less courteously (rather less) that I am not secretary, that she can also go to La Poste if she is not happy, that her behavior is inappropriate and that she abuses. “I ABUSE ???” she replied. “YES SO CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW” and I slammed the door of my office quite violently, which made her startled. She continued to speak on her own, to rage in her corner… my colleague was laughing out loud.

Moreover, this morning after sex, I sent a text to my colleague to say “I tried to be a pig last night”. I must tell you this anecdote: in a club, when he was young, he picked a bimbo up. Or rather, he went to her house. But before deciding if she let him go in her bed or not, she asked him “Do you know how to try to be a pig?” He said yes while he did not know what she was referring to (he was sex-starved). And once at home, naked, she asked him to try to be a pig by making a sign to tell him to lick her pussy.

Between her past as a fucker and the fact that this guy shows me on his laptop videos that are funny like the one of a chick who trained her dog to licked her pussy : we have laugh all the time. It is his presence that helps me to hold in this shitty office, to tell you everything, there is always a good atmosphere in our office.

Finally, know that I always hang out with The Teacher. It is true that she is hot, that we get along well and that we have good sex together. But she happens to be REALLY bitchy sometimes, fuck… (especially by texts when she is on her period). So, it prevents me from crushing TOTALLY on her, although I feel that she has a crush too.

May the God of the Game show me the way.

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