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The quality of German girls

“It’s a German one !” pub Opel Claudia Schiffer


Remember the German girl I had met in Aix, during an NPU session with Hafid.

He had opened in a downtown bar that smells like piss with “do you know Fabrice?
– No !
– It’s him…” and then I told her, directly,”I love you!
– I love you too.”

We stayed vaguely in touch after that night, meeting sometimes in the bars. But I never fucked her, because when I added her on FaceBook, she got frightened when read my adventures on my blog.

Then, at the end of the semester, she had returned to Germany and we lost contact.

December 19th 2015,

On Monday, I published an article saying that I was currently living in Lyon. So the pretty Aryan came talking to me on FaceBook to tell me she was there too for a few months! So I invited her to have a glass of wine at my house last night in memory of the good old days. I made it clear that the idea of ​​seeing her again made me happy… and it was true. She replied that they have a saying in Germany, which could be translated as “we always meet someone twice”.

Last night she came to my house. We drank a glass of rosé around my table then she said “I guess we would be more comfortable on your bed…” I nodded. She wanted to listen to French songs and that I explained the lyrics to her. Seriously, she knew neither Ferré, nor Gainsbourg nor Orelsan. Just a little bit Brel! On the other hand, she loves Soprano.

On the bed, I started caressing her, putting my hand under her clothes, but she always pushed me away. Fuck, I had not worked on the Last Minute Resistances for a while. When I confronted her, she said, “I did not come for that, you know.”

This little game lasted over an hour before she decided “I’ll leave now, it’s time for the last subway”. I kindly pointed out to her that it was she who wanted to meet up again and who wanted to go on my bed… and so I found her a little incoherent.

Then I kissed her. But she did not really open her mouth. I asked her to explain what the problem was. There were actually three problems :
– 1/ I have principles, I am not a girl like that, we do not know each other very well, it goes too fast, I did not come for that.
– 2/ I have a guy here, not a boyfriend, but he likes me and I do not want to hurt him, plus I slept with him yesterday.
– 3/ I read your blog, you surely have diseases seen all the girls with whom you have slept, I do not want to take the risk, besides you drink too much and go out all the time.

So I proposed to show her my last test of STD while explaining to her that I do not drink any more and only go out once a week now. At this moment, it was too late for the last subway. However, even after seeing the doctor’s signature, she objected “I do not believe it anyway, I cannot trust you.”

She pissed me off seriously. I was upset, really. I never lie on my blog, I never say bad things about the chicks with whom I sleep and I’m still thought of as an asshole. Just because I give love and pleasure to babes who deserve it, it’s unfair…

That said, after seeing the test, she opened her mouth a little more when I kissed her. Then our tongues played together as I touched her pussy over her jeans. I felt it was wet down there so I told her she wanted me. She began by denying. Then, in a burst of honesty, agreed “I’m tempted.”  Before asking, “Is it going to be good?
– I think so, I hope so… [the trap here would have been to play the too confident guy]
– I’m very demanding, you know.
– Me too [easy answer to this type of shit-test]
– One day in Aix, you told me you are the best French, is it true?”
– I said that ?! I don’t know but I’m probably not the worst…
– And was the captain really your cousin?
– No, I admit, but it was fun to make you believe it…
– We really cannot trust you. And Hafid?
– Hafid? He’s not my cousin, did I tell you that?
– No, it was he who told me that! But I did not believe him because he doesn’t look like you!”

In fact, she had a bad image of me: I do not respect girls, I have a new one in my bed every night, etc. What is wrong, of course, let’s be realistic.

Then Leo, the stuffed leopard (as naughty as Ted) who lives on my bed kissed her and it made her laugh. More relaxed, she asked “Can we close the blinds?” I did it. “Could you turn off the light?” Yes. “Turn down the music?” OK.

We kissed and she really transformed, she started to warm me and to shake my cock. After, I licked her and she orgasmed. Then she asked me “do you have a thing?
– a thing ?
– yes a…
– a condom ?
– Yes, I want to sleep with you now.
– OK.”
One does not argue in those moments.

We fucked in missionary position a long time, then she came on me, before finishing with a doggy style. Her little pussy was very tight and totally shaved. Two or three times, she came hard then asked for breaks to recover. It was touching. And also exciting: she shouted very loudly with her little cute accent.

Afterwards, she slept in my arms. But before going to bed, she cleaned my apartment and made the bed, it made me laugh! Ahlala, they are awesome these Germans… Me I had carelessly thrown the condom down but she erased all traces.

At one point, she said “I like you better now, I did not have that good image of you”. Must know that I do not have anything selfish as some think, I give a lot in bed, we really share something, and it creates a bond. What makes me say that among those who flaked me at the last moment, most would have been very happy to have made the effort to come and enjoy like crazy. I always look demanding, in this position of fucker, but in the end, I think I really offer something valuable.

In short, I took out the violins: I told her that I was glad to have slept with her too, that I wanted her for two and a half years and that it was a good Christmas gift she allowed me to unpack. She replied “then next year I will offer you another one!” She was funny. Until this morning, I was very attentive with her. She, she complimented me on my performance in bed and told me that it was nice, that I had done well to have insisted, that she was finally happy. She concluded, “Honestly it was not bad when you stroked my legs and breasts over my clothes even if I pushed you away, it’s always better to do more than less.” This will be the conclusion of this story.

Otherwise, good news, it pissed me off to look for a new job because there is always at least 30 minutes of subway for all those I found. So, I asked a wage increase to my boss… and he accepted! He respects me a minimum! Cool.

May the God of the Game be with you!

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