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Fast Seduction practice

April 6th 2014,

I was chatting with a buddy, yesterday evening, on Facebook. He started to tell me that he approached a girl on Adopt and that he was maybe going to have date. That suddenly reminded me something “Ah but YES, it is true that I have date I tonight… and in less than one hour in addition”. Well, all this to say that I was totally relaxed. Almost convinced that I was going to screw a girl, I a little tidied up the lounge then I took a shower. I put on the same pullover than yesterday: no prob, I did not plan to keep it for a long time. I had to move my ass to pick up this girl at the bus stop in front of the Séphora at 9:15 pm.

Problem: I did not even remember any more what she looks like. Finally I mean when I spoke to her on Adopt, I selected her for the photos, thus she was cute but I didn’t remember anymore her face. Neither of her size nor anything. Not even what we had talked about. I vaguely remembered that I had warmed her on Adopt by promising her doggy style and orgasms as usual, that we had chatted a lot and that we had agreed on a RDV but that she had wanted to take my number because she would not connect anymore because of her internship. The next days, I answered hastily: a text message every 2 days, often one-word-answers, during 6 days… Needs to say that it royally pisses off me to write texts with my HTC quite broken everywhere. It is true that for that I miss my Blackberry (but I broke it too during a too rough sexual intercourse). In brief, we had not spelt during the D-day either… Thus here I was : I did not know if she was really going to come, but well she had not cancelled either. In the doubt, no regret is my policy. I thus went to a date taken hastily 6 days earlier, without any guarantee. Fuxelife.

In brief, I was thus there looking for a girl who would look like waiting for somebody. Bingo, there were only five. I looked around the bus stops and… one smiled to me. “Well, it must be her”. I came to her, gave a kiss to her and everything then we went to my place (that would have been funny that it is not her). Hello the girl, fuck, 6ft, classy, plunging neckline. As she saw that I was not very tall, she commented ” ah I had a good idea not wearing high heels…
– No but girl I don’t care if a girl is taller than me eh, I would even say that I like very much tall girls… It is the complexed, frustrated guys, etc. who do not like them. A guy at ease with himself : he appreciates the perfect figure!”

By walking to my place, I didn’t make any effort of conversation on the way. I didn’t want to put her ill-at-ease, but I didn’t want to kill the sexual tension either… I had especially nothing to say. She started talking to me about her internship with homeless people. We went up, I sat her on a sofa and made her talk. All the people are egocentric persons in fact, what interests them it is only:
– them and their lives ;
– what happens in your life that can help them in their life. And that’s it. I speak about it in my first book moreover: if you want to seduce girls, make some active listening, that makes them feel comfortable. Then try a kinaesthetic escalation. Practical exercise: at the end of 10 minutes next to her on the sofa, I started caressing her thigh. The idea: if she doesn’t like me now, she won’t like me more within 2 hours. Thus it’s better to quickly know. Thus I put the pressure on her : if she doesn’t want me to caress her, she leaves and I do something else tonight like for example traumatizing teenagers on FB by telling them bullshit and by sending them photos of burning kitten or beheaded horse. We continued to talk during 1 hour like that in the most natural way in the world without putting into words my caresses which took more and more initiatives. At the moment I downright took her hand, she caressed mine, perfect. She commented “I feel totally at ease with you.”

Well then. After a while, I believe that she could not handle the tension anymore, because she asked me if we could go in my bedroom to rest a little. We went there, I lit candles then I understood nothing to what happened: she turned me, jumped on me and undressed me in two seconds (in a dominant way). I thus did the same on her, then I a little fingered and licked her. Certainly not the best cunnilingus of my life because I didn’t managed to put the hand (nor the tongue) on her damned clitoris. At the end of a few minutes, I told her all the same that it disturbed me “oh yes oh yes don’t worry even if you don’t feel it you are on it!” Ah well all right, hmm, let’s say that I see more or less where that must be thus so… After in-depth study, it appears that in fact it was really tiny and covered like very covered but nevertheless extremely sensitive. Well then I guess that she appreciated all the same the session because she started sucking me by specifying “usually I don’t do that on the first date”. What an honor!

Then, without lying I think of having destroyed her during 1.5 hour. I mean… we went in my room at about 11 pm, and we stopped fucking at 2 am. I dunno where did the time disappear, I understood nothing. There were preliminary and everything but well… I doubtless acquired superpowers, I dunno how, it must be the moon: I took her in about ten positions. I got a “you are sturdy dude”… I think that the word she looked for is “tough”. She moves great well in the bed, that it is necessary to recognize it, at the same time she lived for a long time in Guadeloupe thus I imagine that they are hot over there. I had the heart that beat very quickly after having fucked so much and so hardly, fortunately I applied the breath that we learnt in the internship with the great master Kim Yong Ho then that made my exciting get down rather quickly. I asked her if she felt hers: by paying attention to it yes it beat fast also but otherwise no. Strange, me, the slightest tea makes me feel it. She added, “the only thing I really felt it is your dick”. No, just kidding. But it is true that it is boring to always feel my heart especially that the rare moments when I am quiet and I don’t feel it, well, I worry about it as a consequence.

Then, we a little chatted. We even chatted a lot… and it was very interesting! Fuck, I love getting acquainted on the pillow after our satisfied sex drives broke the ice. I am now going to speak to you about human psychology (like often) but also about sex perverts (I think I have not done it yet on this blog). Then first of all, it is a girl who is in Master of psychology (I really wonder why I waste my time trying to pick up any sorts of girls while I have the impression that all those I have sex with are either in psychology or in art school). Then, it is a girl who lost her mother rather young: thus it makes her laugh when the big drama of the life of her friends it is to have no boyfriend or that their ex kissed another girl (or that Chuck did not say “I love you” to Blair). She agrees with me that people are formatted to forget to live, to forget to take advantage on behalf of shitty ideals. Then even, they stay in their zone of comfort by fear of the comparison or I dunno what. These girls who absolutely want to be in couple at all costs with the first to come, it is for what in your opinion? It is to keep the guy on a lead, that’s it… And they are afraid that if he tests another one, he realizes that she is knackered and leaves with the other one. Or other variants of the lack of self-confidence. Or then if they do not want to fuck, it is because most of the guys are hopeless in the bed. Thus for them, having sex, it doesn’t mean taking some pleasure but rather being penetrated 5 minutes by a guy who is going to ejaculate just egoistically as a sea lion. For a lot of people, that’s it, the sex… Then don’t be surprised when you hear “sexfriends, it is some shit, without feelings sex is pointless…” If all the guys were a good fuck, the girls would fuck more easily also because they would find an interest there (let’s not forget that it is the girls who have the sexual control, who choose us, in our society). Well I’m going away from the subject but let’s say that the girls who are pains in the ass, who act tight-ass, who play hard to get or others: it is often that they understand nothing to life. But well, we can do nothing about it… We will not change the mass of sheeps, we can just content with avoiding them, with avoiding especially wasting time with lost causes convinced to be right (only idiots never doubt, moreover some very stupid with a big mouth would sometimes almost persuade me that I understood nothing about gender relations) or to put them in front of their contradictions so that the least stupid can think and possibly go out of this plan. The conclusion: when we lived a little, got slapped or other, I have the impression that we know better how to live. And thus, that we live good moments when we have the opportunity of it because we do not know if we will not have an accident tomorrow. To finish on a more joyful note, I am anxious to share with you what she told me which made me laugh a lot.

She was approached by a guy on Adopt last week. Another one, not me : one who clearly did not read Secrets for seducing on the Internet. Nevertheless, she will meet him on Tuesday evening, but let’s say that he is a little bit special. What he likes, it is to be submitted. He addresses as “vous” her and calls her “your Highness” or “Powerful mistress”, it depends on days. So, he asked her if she could spit at her shoes so that he then licks them and to spit in his mouth as a reward. If she could crush a banana so that he can eat it on her bare feet. If she could walk on his mouth and crush him. I kept the best for the end: he wants that she makes a ball with his socks and that she throws it so that he can go get it like a big doggie. It is not bullshit, I’ve read the messages! He looks very happy, very enthusiastic and everything. She asked him “but otherwise, do you also like vaginal penetration?
– yeah it’s ok”. I asked her if that would make her enjoy to humble a guy like that, she said “I dunno I have never done that, thus I will see I am going to experience even if I won’t be hardcore with him.” When I said that she was open-minded! It’s nice that girls report facts like that : I guess it is good for us to become aware of everything that exists. The competition, all this, all this. LAUGHING OUT LOUD. With this, she slept with me and I guess that I snored like a pig. It was the romantic minute.

By returning from tae kwon do this evening, I found this message of her on Adopt ” You honored your word successfully ! I really spent a very good moment and I like your mentality.
Then see you soon for new adventures I hope. Kisses everywhere.”. The nurse of last week sent to me “That disrupts me that you did not finish in my pussy, wanna fuck tomorrow night?” and also Marie-Antoinette who reopened me for the nth time even if I do not answer “You excites me, make me panting, wet and you do not even want to relieve me…” At the same time, if they insist on fucking and that the guy doesn’t want : they jolly question themselves seen that they are used to the deaths of hunger ready for anything to ejaculate in any pussy with their cock of bastards. Then they insist and find themselves in the needy position usually occupied by the average guy. No prob, it’s good for them from time to time… I am the avenger of the orgasm. Hmm, what else ? In bulk, I have fucked Clémentine again without condom, it sucks, I had held about 9 months without messing around. I learnt that the Teenager of Toulon had told all her school that she was pregnant of me but that she miscarried. I spent my first whole night with Virginie <3 And I finally exported my first ebook in English, the one about body language, to an Australian (the GDP of France thus owes me €21.5: I boost the economy while making a reputation of great leg to French guys so I ask to be knighted chevalier of the Legion of Honor).

It’s a lot of good news ! Now, lights off. May the God of the Game be with us !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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