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I have slept with a PUA by Lili ptichou

May 2nd 2014 (not censored original text)

On April 18th I connect on Adopt, a little disappointed at the moment because I have to deal with men who do not go up to the end of their initiatives, cancel or forget dates, talks without purposes… finally in brief, flakes, Fabrice will teach the word me later.

I have to tell you two three little gifts on me all the same so that you know who you are dealing with.

I am 47 years old I am separated from the father of my 3 teenagers for approximately 8 years. I registered on Adopt at the beginning of February to take up essentially with a sexuality limited to my hands since my separation ! Thus on April 19th I was looking without too much conviction for a man with whom sharing some pleasure and because I am fed up with too undecided young fellows I change the range rover and choose 50-80 years old, and there I see a profile of a 74 years old dude with fresh skin, curious I decide to eye up this profile: a not bad physical appearance a little bit Parisian but which seems to me very young and a rather brief description, in return I receive a charm that I have accepted without too many convictions.

We start a discussion, I am not very enthusiastic and he gives me the link of his ebook…. And there obviously it changes the situation!

Date decided on next Friday, I have one week to nose about on his site and discover with whom I now hope to have a good time, I laughed a lot with ” do not read me ” I skimmed through the diary of his exploits, and read the extract from his ebook. He is awesome : 24 years and yet such a knowledge of the women and of the cogs of the seduction : good work!

The D-day my period : the disaster! Because I had a date the next day with a strong silent type, I chase him for weeks! Two of the most important date since my registration on Adopt must be postponed. I knew that for Fabrice there would be no problem of adjournment but for my strong silent type…. Actually he almost made the dead man, and crashed me in the middle of an exchange, jerk fuck! Boo boo… what ? I liked him …

I still had Fabrice to console myself, and oh my good the business is more than tempting. Thus adjournment in next Friday, another one week with my hand between my thighs, it’s enough at the end!

The D-day we agreed on a date at a friend’s who lends me her apartment in the city center, she is in Anjou.

Fabrice arrives and I welcome him with a little apprehension but also amused, not very tall but a nice little face, and then a disarming confidence I have to l admit it, but I try to make good impression and try to keep my self-control Oh! I am a woman no one of these small hens that he crunches in two seconds

I show him the rather big apartment but I feel such a sexual tension so finally I limit myself to common parts and I face him in the office, he is terribly disturbing. I take off his jacket and remove my coat he already has his hand or hands in my lace shorty I do not remember any more very well because a wave of pleasure invaded me, I lose control and my good manners I remember that a chair is near my left leg so I put it on it to offer myself more, my hands remove his pullover I lift my t shirt and stick my skin on his. I come very quickly so much his fingers in my intimacies are prying and skillful !

To recover my feelings I propose him a glass of white wine, I quickly drink it and want to lick his trunk while sliding in his feet, performing blowjob to him he express his pleasure that also makes mine! Then he takes me doggy style against the table of the kitchen, I try to get up I want to feel his trunk against my back but he pushes me away with a firm hand, I caress myself at the same time and again I enjoy!

I want to climb him so we go to the lounge where the sofa is arranged by a meridian line (very good idea), and I jump on him in rider his hands travel my body I am full of desire, his and mine… He takes me in missionary we maintain our eye contact during a long moment then I close eyes and totally let myself go, my hands seize his hips that I block against mine during the time of a new orgasm. He will make me the reflection later that when I enjoy I don’t want him to move anymore, I explain to him that it is to better feel the contractions in my low stomach and am amazed that the other women do not live it nor ask in the same way?

In his turn he comes in me by making sounds “arch arch” that make us laugh.

We get dressed again and we settle comfortably the one against the other one, we talk about us, tell our stories, the discussion is fluid I feel good, I hesitate to suggest him to stay the night . it would have been possible but I wanted to wake up in my bed.

When we decide to leave places we realize that it is 2 am and that we have spent 5 hours together although it does not seem like it! We didn’t realize it !

I drive him back in front of at his home, a quick smack and bye bye.

The next day I send to him via adopt a thank-you letter (of sex) I thank him for this very good moment and for his look on me, I am lucky to have met him and to have enjoyed with him.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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