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Playing doctor with her

May 10th 2014,

Well, after the adventure with the MILF, I had decided to take into account what she had taught me: I saw Virginie and I made her enjoy but I have stopped just when she came. It was awesome to do nothing and to see her struggling in the space, being stricken by cramps and convulsions. She told me that for her it was way better, more sensations. Well, then I did it again. 4 times.

This week I also saw again Marie of Médecine by chance in a Zara store. We exchanged banalities but fuck we were both disturbed. This girl and I we do not see each other anymore biblically but there is still a fucking sexual connection there, it is crazy. And it’s not just because she is hot eh (it is Wendy from the movie Les Poupées Russes but in blonde) it is… I don’t know… I can’t explain. There are girls like that with whom it passes, but it is rare that that is so powerful! Ouhhh, I feel out of sorts there.

Needs to say that summer is coming then it helps to be in a good mood. I am going to be able to get my dick tanned on my balcony by watching flip-flops and small asses as far as the eye can see in this ocean from Aix. Under a sun so radiant that it allows all the pigs (yes, I eat pork) to expose their knuckles of ham at the terraces of the coffees of the Cours Mirabeau. In clubs on the other hand, it is an orgy of night-sweat: miniskirt and maxi thighs, Lady Gaga of 120kg who go back to sport only 2 weeks before wearing a bikini, no pity for my hypersensitive eyes. All this fat makes me want to fuck, my testicles swollen and blue like a bull under Redbull. Just kidding : like a well formated moron, I prefer the photoshopped anorexics who pose in magazines.

Otherwise I had a date tonight. A naughty girl of Adopt who approached me thanks to my naughty profile. Old school pick up : I didn’t talk about my blog nor anything (that would probably have been counter-productive because it blocks a lot of girls – needs to say that it is a true battlefield against politically correct and tight-ass in general). I tried to make her come to my place directly but she insisted on going have a drink before… Just to see if she liked me and everything. Well, because the weather was beautiful, because she asked honestly and because I liked her (and additionally because her request is a little bit justifiable all the same)… I decided to make concessions. Or rather some wine in my glass. In the bar, I more wanted to crunch in the thigh of the foreign waitresses than in the apéritif they gave to us.

Her, it is doctor Zazou. A short sexy brunette, full of charm and sparkling… and sportswoman. She makes some running but for good : she is not one of those who run weakly 30 minutes a week and have the impression to go in for sport. She finished 7th in Aix en Foulées, I guess. 25-year-old, internal general practitioner at the hospital of Aix. When I learnt that, as a hypochondriac, that turned me on. I wanted a free consultation in the course of which she would order me to put myself stark naked.

She has just arrived in town, before she is was in Toulouse and is native of Montpellier (I made fun of her accent). Well, in the bar, we talked about this and that, I mean that we did not speak only about sex. Even very few in fact. But everything happened at the nonverbal level. In brief, I applied all the principles of sexual tension by the body language what makes that that it quite turned her on. She felt attracted and put it into words by “you know that you are better looking IRL than on your pictures” (at this moment I knew that I was going to fuck her)… Then after 1 hour of chatting, she said “well, I go for a pee and we go there?”

Because an alpha is not needy I simply answered “OK if you want” and I sat down again comfortably on my chair. When she came back, she stayed up in front of me and asked again “let’s go I follow you”. I got up casually and led her to my place. We beat all around all in all five minutes… then I kissed her in the neck.

From there, it went very fast. Fingering + caresses on the clit while we were up, her clothes went down like ninepins, she shook me. She managed I don’t really know how to suck me in an acrobatic position then slid and kneeled down. Then, I put her on the ground by strength and licked her there (don’t worry I did the cleaning 15 days ago). Finally, I led her on the bed, her on me (I admired her firm and well-sized breasts), me on her (I looked at her in eyes), from behind (not bad her ass). I have to admit that she fucks very very well. I don’t know, there was a great sexual connection in fact. Needs to say that I found a way to hold for a very long time (like 1 hour): when I feel that I am coming, I catch myself the foot or the ear according to the position… That hurts just a little but that allows to enjoy more on the long term. I had not desire that it stops seriously, it is rare that it makes me feel this way, there was a very good energy between us. Because she had not come yet nevertheless I had banged her hard, I licked her. She got wet as an the sea and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “you are the fourth guy who manages to make me come in my entire life”. She almost apologized for having dipped my sheets.

We a little discussed on the balcony. We laughed well both (it is funny how the current passes better with me when there is a brain behind the prefrontal cortex). It was too hot yesterday evening even at night eh: we would have imagined in summer. She told me some of her setbacks of Adopte.

There was a guy there who invited her to the restaurant as 1st date (bad start). He paid and everything then tried to fuck her but she did not want (I’m not surprised because it seems he has quite a lot of anti-attractive characteristics). Then, he demanded that she pays off him the restaurant by check. She sent him a 23€ check to the order of MR BIG CHEAPSKATE. Besides, apparently, he is 30, with a good financial situation, a landlord of his apartment, etc. Unbelievable, what it is necessary to hear, right? I mean or you pay or you share (or you are invited): but in any case you assume. For my part, I paid the first drinks €7 and I told her that she will pay the next ones. It is the best compromise in my opinion: neither I am a skinflint nor I am a pigeon. Otherwise another guy fucked her then told her during doggy-style “ah but are you a big slut you
– Ah no because I’m not asking you to pay! I am just a girl who has fun.
– You’re right, you are a big whore”. Ush. It pissed her off and I can understand… but some of girls like it 😉 In brief : the key word for her it was the respect. If you are not in a good state of mind towards sex and women, I recommend you to read the book the MILF liked very much.

Then, we did it again. She sucked me with appetite. “You are a very naughty girl you!
– Yes but it is because I like you.” Then, I took her doggy-style in front of the mirror: it was rather awesome. When I took her up against the wall, I was not able to refrain my cum. Finally, she enjoyed a second time with a cunni again “ahhhhhhhhhh I don’t know how you do that!!!
– You know, I am a polite boy, thus I simply return the favors you made for me.
– Han… It is not everybody’s case.
– I know. And then, we also get along well that comes into account…” I didn’t want to let her leave after having risen so much but without having released the pressure. These healthcare professionals work a lot and hard (72 hours this week she told me) and nevertheless they are very important for us all thus needs to take care of them 😀 (the nurses too don’t worry). Then, we made a huge cuddle.

In brief, she is really very nice. She is my type, she has no fat, brunette with brown eyes but an intense look. It seems that I am her type too : which means that there are customers for dark-haired with brown eyes and rather thin with a little muscle but not too much. The only defect she has, it is that she smokes a little, but she knows it and is going to try to stop. I a little want to see her again : strange, that does not make me that every time far from that. Finally, I mean that I would see them again with pleasure… But I am not ready to move the ass. For Zazou, yes. I think that having a drink with her before let me time to want her rather than to make her come to my place directly like I did it lately. That has some charm.

She almost slept with me but she is on call tomorrow morning at 8:30 am thus well… She said that she was going to send me a photo with her coat and her stethoscope. Cool !

Well, in fact I say to myself that it is maybe better to keep a good memory there. In brief, I am going to let it slide, chances are the choice will be made by itself.

It is 2:47 am, I am going to hit the hay. May the God of the Game stay with me !

PS : for the curious, here are the advice that the MILF who had forgotten her glasses when we saw each other (then I did not make her any facial) gave to me to improve myself.

“I am not going to speak in the name of all the women but you can maybe give and take some more pleasure with your girls thanks to the following advice that work on me:
– Be very wrapping with your gestures, I give some explanation: caresses with your hands on all the body firmly but with a beautiful amplitude from thighs and go back up until breasts, same thing on the back the nape of the neck is very sensitive.
– The doggy style is exciting for the animal side but later, chose a position which will be accompanied with a great closeness of a contact skin against skin as much as possible your arms around the body your legs your bust and kisses her mouth her face a lot, when your face is very close to your partner you inform her involuntarily that you like her that you would eat her that you “loves her sexually” and to let yourself go it is quite good
– When you stimulate a woman the caressed part: back, breasts, mouth is charmingly pleasant for her and all this pleasure comes down in her vagina! You have firm gestures it is you who decide even when she takes initiatives keep this firmness in your hands that you have , your legs also do not release this firmness in the moments hand-to-hand think of keeping as much as possible of physical contact also between every “half-time” do not leave a space of distance between you so that her pleasure does not go away from her thoughts, a simple caress has to make her restart!
– Thus the most attractive girls of the world have a problem with their physical appearance (we have one less gene of self-satisfaction) so destroy this obstacle to their orgasms by saying to them that their body drives you crazy! They are going to relax and you are going to enjoy!!!
– I am not sure that all the women like what I like and the context the place can make vary the pleasure but for a “classic” fuck it is paying.
– I had forgotten : change nothing to your preliminary: your fingers are divine…..”

NB : In addition to the three ebook I’ve linked above (secrets for seducing on the internet, how to sublimate your body language & the inconvenient truth about gender relations) if you really want to examine the question from all sides I recommend you to read also my first Diary of a French PUA and my Personal development manual that is going to kick your ass. The other books I’ve writen IE Do not read me and A story of cyprine : It was just for fun but that will not improve strikingly your Game. As I publish, with my translations of Ross Jeffries and Cajun and Sinn, it is my complete work (I plan to integrate the other articles and the other stories into new books at the end of the year).

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