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The personal development manual that is going to kick your ass (+unpublished contents)

Warning !

I am not going to tell you “do that because this is the way it is” : we are going to study and to understand the in-depth seduction : “why” and “how” the techniques work. You will become much more powerful. I thus count on you to make an honest use of your new success and not make people suffer.

I am going to spare you all the American-style abbreviations. Even if the purpose of this “coded” language is to not be understood by the girls, it risks especially to make you be thought of as a big geek or worse, as a member of a strange sect. I am in France, we shall thus use an intelligent adaptation of their concepts.

On the other hand, the girls undergo in France an increasing Americanization through the music, the television series, the movies and the books … It is thus really the state of mind which it is necessary to understand… and not apply silly bad translations of open to criticism techniques! So, by adopting definitively a good attitude, you will know how to react in every situation : Whether it is in front of the girl, on the phone, by SMS, by e-mail …

Studying the underlying state of mind of the success is an investment infinitely more profitable than learning what to do or say in such or such situation because you will so know how to react in any circumstances (and by remaining natural).

Well. Without trying to screw everybody that move, an honorable purpose (mine when I began) can simply be to stop missing opportunities (avoid having regrets) but do not forget that it is also necessary to know how to “provoke” your luck and savor it (why not staying with a girl if you find one that you really like, and not just to play with her tits).

Bravo, you are about to become a “better yourself” !


What is seduction?

The seduction is a process to arouse deliberately the admiration, the attraction, even the love of one or several individuals. The word is diverted from the Latin seducere, meaning literally “pulling aside” (this information will be useful later).

Sometimes called “flirtation”, the seduction often appears as a kind of game or challenge between two or more individuals, in which one of them (or both) tries hard to arouse attraction and/or the feelings of the other one by diverse means (pickup, etc.). We note here the difference between “to pick up” and “to seduce”: two notions that you should not confuse even if they can be complementary.

The simplest purpose of the seduction consists in obtaining an advantage on behalf of the seduced person, often a sexual intercourse. But its purpose can be more complex and oblique : gratitude, self-respect, narcissism or simple satisfaction of the desire of winning. Or of material nature: presents or money (when it is done in bad faith and to make an excessive use of somebody, it is about physical or psychological manipulation).

From the point of view of the religion, the seduction is often considered as a kind of temptation, an invitation to commit a sin or an act of carnal weakness (etymologically “to stray away from the straight and narrow”). It was probably in order, at the time of these warnings, to limit the sexual intercourse between people essentially for sanitary reasons. Anyway, the seduction constitutes a preliminary stage (and often essential) to any love relation.

Concretely, the seduction is a fascinating discipline which is situated on the border of many others (through the personal fulfillment that is required for a maximum success) : the psychology, the humor, the biology, the sport, the dietetics, the communication… and the list is still long…

Furthermore, doing some personal fulfillment will not only be useful for you on the field of the trying to pick up but much more often than that! You will feel better in your body, at every level, you will more easily find a job, you will become more confident, etc. Even there, the list is very long…

If you have a problem with that, you should maybe stop reading me right now because the continuation risks to piss you off.


Why this book?

Here are ten good reasons for learning the seduction with “the personal development manual that is going to kick your ass”:

Reason n°1 : It is a very complete book which will allow you to better understand the basics of the seduction and which also proposes advanced techniques of manipulation.

Reason n°2 : The apprenticeship will be gradual, sections are organized to lead you as fast as possible towards the excellence, without forgetting anything.

Reason n°3 : You are going to discover methods and tools that you do not probably know and you will feel free to choose the one that best suits you.

Reason n°4 : This book will not use American-style jargon. The Americans are authors, certainly, very interesting… But their main theories, although very instructive, are old now : They thus seriously need all at once to be updated and an adaptation to our culture.

Reason n°5 : After having sorted out among the mass of available information and by keeping only the best, I propose you a coherent book which will allow you to improve strikingly in a record time. Not bad for a “little” book, right?

Reason n°6 : This book aims at making you happier. We have the impression that 20 % of the guys (always the same) date 80 % of the women (hot). Yet, in an ideal world, it would be 50-50 and nobody would be jealous nor frustrated … But we live in a cruel world. We will thus work on your physical appearance and will make a thorough work to make you healthier and more spread … in every areas (even sex).

Reason n°7 : After having read this book, you will not need anybody else than yourself anymore to have a good time! You will even be able to go out alone and come back with a girl (yes, it is possible) : Your happiness will not depend any more on the others …

Reason n°8 : You will take advantage of my researches and my experience in the domains of the pickup, the seduction and the personal fulfillment. I see myself as a kind of crazy professor (teaching and research) of the seduction and suggest you to discover the main part of what was said these last years by selecting for you only the best as well as what I believe wholeheartedly because I experimented it and because that worked for me.

Reason n°9 : If it worked for me, why would not it work for you?

Reason n°10 : In brief, if you want to try to have a girlfriend, to multiply the conquests or “simply” to better understand the women: you have the good support in your hands!

In a friendly way,
Fabrice Julien (writer and expert in gender relations)

The ebook (free) : here !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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