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Seduction explained by The Mentalist in 10 steps

Image : The Mentalist

Who is Patrick Jane ?

Patrick Jane is fucking good at observation and deduction, where from his nickname “the mentalist” (his help allows the CBI to find and stop killers). Very clever, he also practises hypnosis, NLP, suggestion, manipulation and cold reading (among others). He has an incredible memory too.

He has a cheerful, provocative nature, and has certain contempt for regulations. He has for habit to always do it his way. He always seems to find the answers before everybody, and finds some sort of sick pleasure in doubling people while repeating that mediums do not exist. Therefore, people consider him as a boaster… He likes lying but his frankness often attracts him the anger of his hierarchy during investigations involving important people. He sometimes shows a certain detachment and kept his childish side: for example, when he builds a sand castle on a crime scene.

He always wears an impeccable suit. On one hand because being trim is a trump card in communication and persuasion… and on the other hand because as a “magician”, he needs many pockets to hide things.


What can he teach us in seduction ?

In the episode 14 of the season 1, Patrick Jane comments on the game. I advise you of course to watch the episode (so you can also see his excellent body language although a bit phonehead – but he is charming and alpha thanks to his mastery of human interactions).

Here are the 10 teachings of the mentalist about seduction. To seduce…

#1 : it is enough to understand the evolutionary psychology of women and to apply its principles step by step. By knowing what buttons to press.

It is what we do on this blog, by being interested in the evolutionary psychology.

#2 : there are several methods of seduction that are equal, several ways to succeed.

We also speak about it on this blog : Mystery method, fast seduction, speed seduction, etc. Have a look at my translation of Game Acceleration for more information. However, we cannot really say that all the methods are equal.

#3 : women want independent guys who can live without them, they need to feel dominated and they dream about action, adventure and surprises.

It is more or less the principle of the alpha male.

#4 : the purpose is to make women have a good time. And if we leave them, to leave on good terms.

Actually, it is a good state of mind. We are not there to hurt women, neither to break their heart, nor to be misogynous. However, we have to have fun too.

#5 : even for the professionals of the techniques of seduction, it is far from working every time… but the secret is that you should never admit defeat. When you are good, an idea of order of magnitude is 1/10.

When I write that there is no magic formula, some people are sceptical. Like “he says so because he did not find it, this idiot “. Now that Mentalist told it to you, maybe will you believe it ?

#6 : why a guy sound in mind wouldn’t try to pick up an attractive girl?

It is a question I often ask myself. And it is a helpful mindset.

#7 : never depend on the goodwill of a single woman because you would be too often disappointed.

Not only the women can be broken-hearted or have their ego that suffers. Besides, with the social pressure and everything, we note an outbreak of the number of flakes. Thus, it is the principle of diversification that allows to don’t attach too much importance to the result. It is not here a question of tyrannizing her nor of letting her fall in love without feeling something for her… But rather to don’t have too much feelings for her before being sure that she is really interested and that the relationship can work.

#8 : the women who want that a guy comes talking to them look furtively but rarely assume.

It’s true ! With experiment, we can easily learn how to recognize a eye contact that means “I want to see you naked”.

#9 : the keys = alpha, strong, relaxed, confident face, the opener is finally not that important.

It is what I explain in my ebook about body language. But it was the very short version!

#10 : The principle: make them talk about themselves.

I speak about this technique in my other ebook. Indeed, people generally like talking about themselves. To seduce, speak to people about what they are interested in and be genuinely interested in them. Everybody has something to offer. It was the politically correct and optimistic minute!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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