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Translation of Cajun’s blog

I am a fan of Cajun PUA since I saw him in Keys to the VIP on YouTube, something like two years ago. I think that the way he picked up chicks was at the same time cocky and classy… and it is according to me exactly what a PUA should be! Because in the word Pick-up Artist, there is the sound “art” (or at least a sense of the show) : the sex-starved people who only try to have sex at all costs forget it too often.

I thus decided to translate Cajun’s legendary blog in order to share, with the French community of the seduction, the enormous work that he has done about the body language and how to use it to attract women. Furthermore, in a concern of exhaustiveness, I like acquainting with other experienced players’ vision of the Game, especially that Cajun was one of the best (or one of the most famous) in the world in his time (because now he has a cute wife and a baby).

On his blog, that he unfortunately doesn’t update anymore for quite a long time, we also find:
– some of his openers, some of his routines ;
– some of his adventures on the field ;
– his advice for the short guys who want to date taller women;
– a course on the inner game ;
– his advice to don’t be a sheep anymore, to think by yourself and make a success of your life.

I don’t want to show ungratefulness because, as I said : I adore Cajun. However, to avoid some disappointments to the readers, I warn you that there are all the same some details with him that disturb me. In brief, after all, it’s up to you to judge:
– he is little into the cliché of the macho man with a mustache, a kind of old Polish plumber;
– he sometimes plays too much with this character by punctuating all his sentences with FUCK or SHIT, and by specifying all the time that he is drunk (while he is more or less about my size but easily 22lbs bigger)… Like if the alcohol could make someone sexy somewhere else than in a movie and especially like if being a drunkard was a good example to give to the beginners who look for their own style;
– he claims he is a jerk (while he is not that much in fact) like if being an asshole was necessary to seduce girls. We already enough undergo this shitty stereotype according to which “PUA = irritating Jerk” thus I do not see the interest to claim it;
– he always write “Me and XXX”, while the suitability would want whether it is “XXX and me”;
– he promises articles but does not publish them, then forgets and does not speak about it anymore;
– he has, I think, strange tastes for women (but well this is subjective), very very rock-oriented in any case;
– his experience with his cat contradicts a little bit mine in the sense that no girl showed herself allergic to my cat and in the sense that they come to my place rather more easily to see it;
– he sells a kind of a nth miracle method (his body language stuff), while, elsewhere on his blog, he tells that he regularly fails like everybody;
– he is sometimes a little bit weird, and we have the impression that sometimes he takes his dreams for realities for example in his adventure with the vet: he is persuaded that she was attracted just because she laughed and answered his jokes while she examined his cat.

I leave you with him now. Good reading.
NB : there are many anglicisms in this ebook, it is to respect as faithfully as possible the borderline style of Cajun. But feel reassured, it is easily understandable in French.

The ebook : here.


Fabrice (Cyprineman)

PS : For the English people who would like to read him, you can go on his blog, of course !

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