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Can two people who like each other get naked without having sex ?

10th April 2013,

It is the first time which I write from the office. Paid to speak about ass, I believe that I finally found my vocation.

My internship supervisor took the bad habit to give me work. Then, when he hangs out in the area, I arrange so that he thinks that I am occupied. I am the kind of guy who runs from time to time through the agency by taking a worried air, just to avoid any suspicion. You would see the face I make at the moment, you would doubtless think that I am working to solve the problem of the world hunger (I deserve an Oscar). In brief, telling my WE on a forum of pick up/seduction is the best idea I had to continue to be quiet. Barefoot, of course.

I am thus going to tell you how I flirted with two red-haired persons and a platinum blonde (but not a Latin bomb).

I – On Friday: the American who discovers the frenchkiss

On Friday at 5 pm, by going out of the work, I had no fresh plan. I would have been able to go screwing Precious Stone (a sex friend who harasses me), but that would have been too easy, that does not interest me. I think that what I like very much, it is not so much to have sex but rather to discover new lands. Even if I fuck 10 girls in a month, if there is no 2 or 3 “new”, I do not feel satisfied.

I would have been also able to go to Picard to look for some deep-frozen cods but I preferred to go out in a bar (because after 10pm, in any case, Picard is closed). I made two-three approaches and one was rather nice: had a small fair-haired girl back to me there then I tapped on her shoulder and when she returned, I said “it was to see if you your face was attractive too”. We a little discussed but nothing crazy. Bad pickaxe.

Later, in a club, I spotted a short redhead very skin. I like when there is no fat on a body and this long curly hair tempted me to play with her tongue. She danced, then I went to sit down not far from her. She briefly looked at me of the corner of the eye, briefly smiled then looked away.

Zebbi, if that was not a passive IDI, I don’t know what it was. I was rather cash “Hello, I would like to see again you, give me your FB
– Oh yes” with a delicious American accent. This year, I don’t have a real success with our neighbors across the Atlantic. Am I going to succeed in breaking this curse which I drag since September?

We a little spoke and everything then I took her hand and squeezed her. Test of compliance = OK. I thus kissed her without other shape of trial. She was not reassured at the beginning when she caressed my tongue with her, this shyness affected me. I believe that she was discovering the frenchkiss. Later, her friends left and she wanted to stay with me. I said to myself that it was going to be easy, making her a frenchkiss on the pussy.

Except that not, at around 3 o’clock, she wanted to leave. I didn’t insist because in this kind of situation if you insist: you are thought of as a dead man of hunger and you can thus not see her again. If the opposite occurs, you lose value because too needy. A girl who wants a one night stand makes you understand it, if you tell her “are sure you want to leave? ” and she answers “yes I am sure”. I think that it’s dead for tonight. On the other hand, if she says anything like “what would you like to do ?”, you can probably corrupt her.

Once at her place, she spontaneously added me on FB and sent me a text: this is a motivated chick.

II – The German who wants to know if the French sperm is as good as beer

The next day, I a little chatted with girls on FB, just to test the ground. There was a German whom I had approached by telling her “I love you”: then I sent her a “<3” and she answered “<3 too”. Then, we a little spoke and everything, I asked her why she had not given me news (she thought I was in couple) and I suggested her seeing my cock that evening. Fixed fuzzy appointment, so I thought that it would be wise to contact again also the American. Just to be sure to have one at least one girl.

I thus invited my foxy to have a drink at my home with my buddies. I thought sincerely that she would come with friends but she jumped into the lion’s den alone. That went well and everything, I even showed her my room so that she can return there at the end of evening without being put under stress.

We then went out in a bar and I saw the German of the last month there. Zebbi, that was stronger than me, I went to try to pick her up. I knew that I made a big mistake by wanting to have them both but I did it all the same. I negotiated that she comes sleeping at my home at the end of the night, and she told me “OK I will call you”. Except that the American of whom I thought busy with conversing in French with Padawan saw everything, especially when I had my hand under the shirt of the German : I believe that these animals have a kind of peripheral vision.

She set face, pissed between two cars and cleared off without saying goodbye. She was really deceived. Needs to say that I fiddled well all the same with the German, I was not really discreet nor anything. As a result, I approached Poles who wanted that I join them in a club but I didn’t want to move my ass (will need that I poke them). They said something like “Join us over there…
– OK.
– Well, er, it was not hard to convince you …
– I am an easy boy.
– Ah, it is good that. ” OK, I’m hard.

At around 5 o’clock of the matt ‘ I received a message of the German “Can I come over?” I answered “Yes” in all the languages but apparently I received the message 20 minutes later, in brief a bug of shit, and she was already at her place. So much the better, I was tired. Screwing her would have needed a superhuman effort.

On Sunday: I masturbated by thinking to the Boche, I made a cake and I slept all day long.

III – The girl who mews and who creates a mess but it doesn’t matter

Needs that I start again from the beginning so that you understood all the factors which came into play in this story. I voluntarily separated it from the weekend because it is a little bit independent.

Last week, when I almost made a threesome with two girls who slept at my place (instead I made two twosomes because one fell asleep): I went to a party where I kissed three other girls in a raw in a bathroom. A crazy one (but very funny), a couchsurfer (who had to come to my place but did not do it because the girls do not often keep their promises – their word has no value) and a red-haired person (a real one).

All week long, the redhead spoke to me on FB by being rather explicit. Finally, I a little pushed her, you know me, but let’s say that she played my game…

Except that she also sent two-three messages to Arnaud and except that he thought he was a PUA because of it. That makes a few weeks that he annoys me because he was too proud because he had four dates via adopt (not decisive) and because he kissed the Red-haired (after me, while she was totally high). The guy read a book on the prizing, he considers arrived. Except that here we are, it is very beautiful all this, but if you don’t fuck, everything is useless.

I knew that she wanted me but the thing is that he thought that she wanted him, HIM… How to tell him without making him feel sad ? Seriously, it seems that she told him that he kisses badly and that she saw him just as a buddy but he continued to try…

On Friday evening, before going out, he insisted so that we go to give a kiss to Firefox. I was formally against but I went there all the same, because I am stupid sometimes. He stole her a kiss in front of me. It was poignant… Like the filled girl that you throw yourself on her and who is passive. Would need that he learns to distinguish a shared kiss and a kiss-from-a-girl-too-nice-to-say-no. We feel a little my nervousness in my words, the thing is, he really pissed me off.

In brief, I left them and went in a bar, by seeing that. I was a little bit jealous, but I did not show it because I was ashamed especially a little for him to be also poignant. She sent me a message on FB asking me why I had left and everything then I explained to her. She answered me that she would also have kissed me if I had made the first step. I friendly explained her that it was not the string party.

Later, when Arnaud joined us, I told him that it was obvious that he was in the FZ and that he had forced her to kiss him. He didn’t want to believe me this asshole. I told him that I was going to screw her, he didn’t want to believe me neither.

At the end of the night, we sent messages to girls. We all sent a word and it made a sentence. “You … want … to make … a bukkake … with  six bludgeons … from Aix? “. And things like that. The girl has to reconstitute the puzzle and everything. Arnaud did not want to give us the number of the redhead to play, that smelt like an OI … I should have been wary.

On Saturday, during the apéritif at my place, the captain found that it was a good idea to speak to the red-haired (THE FRENCH) on FB with my session, in front of Arnaud. He went there hardly needs to say. I remember this cult sentence “You flirt with me while are you on the phone with your boyfriend? Bitch.
– Yes it is true I am a little bit a bitch.” In brief, Arnaud pretended to laugh and everything but in reality, he saw red. But he told nothing to me over the moment. Me, I was in the bedroom fiddling with Miss America.

On Sundays, he invited the Mylène Farmer from Aix to come to see him dancing the salsa because he takes lessons since one year. He tried to kiss her and she answered “but what are you doing?”. In brief : she would not kiss him without being drunk. It is further to this slap that he sent to me “You have already begun to burn wings by betraying my trust. Continue and I am going to break them myself.
– whathappendtoyou
– I thus deduct that it is natural for you to try to steal the targets of the friends.
– I just avoid you a disappointment.
– OK goodbye I am going to send some SMS.
– Go for it, do your life. And if it is a threat, does not forget that every action will have a repercussion.
– You attacked the first one and you created a disappointment. It is thus a retort.
– Keep silent nasty kid. If you look for me you find me. Then think, please, about what you are going to do. You fall in OI too easily by fantasizing too much especially if there is a little something with a girl. You would do better to wonder why you screwed up. Needs that you understand that there is no theft : a girl who wants to have fun will go towards the one she likes the most … It can be a competition there but it is necessary to be good player, and it’s nonsense to self-appropriate girls.” Of fury, he deleted me of his FB, like if that could make me feel something … Seriously, in the limit, you can be irritated against the girl to have let you expecting or other but not to your buddy just because he has a good game (this reveals only frustration and jealousy). There, it is something like “if I can’t have her, so nobody has the right to fuck her. Na. Finally nobody whom I know because a big idiot can screw her if I do not know him it doesn’t matter. Na. I am a nasty kid. Na.” That rhymes in nothing, seriously. It is like these idiots who want to kill the guy who fucked their girlfriend while it is natural, if it is necessary to be irritated against somebody it is against their girlfriend for having cheated on them.

I then received the text message of a buddy of Arnaud who is absolutely not in the story. “Not very cool guy to gun down Arnaud.
– He is in the friendzone thus technically he has nothing.
– He has kc her thus no, he is not really in the fz. (The guy thinks he is a PUA who understood everything)
– Hello, he forced a  drunkgirl to kiss him and he self-appropriates her. And do not speak about things for which you have only one version sucker.
– I have only the version which we tell me. The rest it’s between you. (Even by rereading what he has just written has no sense)
– Bah then get involved in your life.
– You fall with a tone please;) thank you (the guy who believes that he has to play the Alpha in any circumstances… he didn’t really understand the concept)
– Get involved in your bottom. Thank you” Seriously, I had no desire for a sterile debate while I was in lack of sleep. When they will notice the blunder of their stupidity, they will come back to me. It is true that it is probably not easy for them … But I have nothing to blame me for. Arnaud imagined a lot of things. He is as we say “come down with a bump”, I am not even irritated against him for that.

Concerning my Armenian redhead: I had to see her on Friday so as a consequence I have little patterned her by text to turn her on and I received  “can we see each other on Monday evening for a kiss in 3D?” To be a great boaster, that pays. Thank you Ross Jeffries.

On Monday, 6:30 pm: date with the red-haired, the French, I specify (the other one will probably never give me some news because I believe that Padawan will act like a romantic to screw her). She had warned me by SMS “I cannot stay for a long time, I have to revise my exams”. Seriously, she is in Plastic arts, I don’t see what she has to revise when your exam consists in painting objects. Well. We a little spoke, and she did not want to return after the first drink.

We thus went to another bar, she paid (finally she almost forgot so much I flirted with her). It is cool. I repeated that I shall not kiss her this evening (while touching her leg), but that we could play to approach one of the other one without contacting. Then here we were, a bubble built up itself around us, we touched our mouths, I kissed her in the neck and she gave me kisses. She told me that her boyfriend sent her strange messages “he has to feel that there is something wrong…
– But no, we are just friends, right?
– Yeah…” It was a really exciting game “I have never played for such a long time, it is frustrating” she said. “I go back home, you come? Don’t worry, I know that I shall not make love to you this evening “. We went to my place, I continued to warm her, I even touched her clit. She wanted that I stop. I told her “we are in a dream, it is your dream, you can do everything you want”. I believe that I created a kind of parallel reality. “And in your dream, you want to undress me?
– Of course, but I can’t, you know why ” (her guy)

I leaded her in my bedroom, she followed me. “Are you sure?
– Yes…” I stuck her to the wall while repeating that nothing will happen “we can very well just undress that means nothing”. She opened my pants and shook me. It was very good then I threw her on the bed … I undressed her and came down to lick her. That drove her crazy in her turn. I ordered her “undress me” she turned me, kneeled down at the edge of the bed and took me in her mouth. It was so good. It was warm, and wet, and I felt her comings and goings correlated in the sensation of delivery and well-being … She said that she liked licking my cat : I did not know this expression. Otherwise, it is true what we say about the red-haired persons.

I put her on the bed, told her “say that want you me.
– I want you”. And so I penetrated into her. We fucked, twice. She ejaculated, once, during doggy-style. She mewed, also. Then, we slept and we did it again the following morning before going to work, then we took a shower together.

It is interesting to see how the roles are reversed when we fucked a girl. Before it is me who run after them and everything … And after the doggy style, it is them who do harass me by text messages and everything. It is not the first time I notice this phenomenon, and I find it interesting. Like if they were in control before sex and we take it when we come into their pussies. Or then it is just when we are a good fuck.

I still like making love to tall girls (more than 5’7), especially when they have beautiful hair, an attractive face, piercing green eyes, big tits and depilated pussy. I also like being sucked on the knees (feeling of ultimate submission). Having said that, at a given moment, she tried to catch my throat: I quickly reframed her.

She told me that she did not regret, because her friend deserved it (he lives in the North and did not come to see her for two months and then he beats her or I do not know what). I kept silent, I am only the instrument of her delivery. When I say delivery it is because her guy is too jealous to be honest. He probably sleeps with other girls but does not tolerate that she does the same. For example, he doesn’t want to show on FB that he is in a relationship nor anything … Seriously, it’s just fair. And I laughed well when I knew that Arnaud, once he knew that she definitely wasn’t interested, wrote to her “I am not a breaker of couple, I did not want you in reality” while he told me in private “needs that I fuck her to make her understand that her couple is dead.” Last point, the condoms “ultra fine”, it is not bad.

Miawww. May the God of the Game be with you !

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