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Stop idealizing the girls, eh, they want sex even if they play the saintly hypocrites…

18th April 2013,

Last Friday, I spent the night with the red-haired girl. I am going to be quick because I don’t want to be long : she had her periods and everything but wanted my cock then she told me “somebody has to take advantage of it” then sucked me and swallowed. A naughty girl (in a relationship) like we like them. She sucks very well, because she greases my cock effectively, I have the impression to be in a vagina.Nice !

Since Monday, it is the holidays for all the teenagers but I work. I do my internship and everything, I am disgusted. Well, not grave, I went out all the same because there was a special event. It was the republication of the Champagne Showers in Aix and I had won again two places by making invits on FB for the organizers (it is the party where I kissed 12 girls in a raw in February). That was worth it a priori, then I have lied to my boss by telling him that I was at a customer’s the following morning to be able to snooze quiet with Cat. With that said I didn’t want to come back with a chick because kicking her out and going to work would have been a bad adventure. And yeah, I am a responsible boy. 😉

Well, this time it was a little bit different from last time … First of all, because I was with my buddy Padawan while the last time I was the Coach. Then also, there was less people (but had a lot all the same). Finally, the atmosphere seemed to me a little less hot. In brief, the morality is: it’s a bad idea to make a party on Monday evening because the problem when there are no many hot pussies is that we quickly approached them all.

At the beginning, we wanted to play it soft, except that I do not know how to play soft for a long time. I thus quickly made a crash&burn, but unfortunately not on the scale of the last time with Coach. At the beginning I was a little blocked, but Padawan made the first approach (thank you bro) and then I set the animal which slumbers in me free. I tested a variant in the catch phrase (opener): the last time we said “would you like to kiss me?” And this time I shortened “we kiss?”. Simply.

The first girl who heard a “we kiss?” was the kind of girl very full of herself. She was rather attractive then arranged in the last fashion this is why she played the prize, waiting for her friends who put their jackets in the changing room. Kind of girl the guys approach in an indirect way to keep their cards hidden because they are intimidated or I do not know what. I arrived in front of her, whispered her both magic words then waited for her reaction. She opened big eyes like if it was really surprising. She seemed to hallucinate when she couldn’t believe her ears and asked me “I didn’t understand can you repeat please? ” I laugh so much : her face was funny then I repeated the question. She had probably said to herself “ah yes I had well heard the first time, he is crazy”. She answered no and everything then had a good laugh. There is a lot who make funny faces in front of this at-least-disconcerting-of-simplicity approach, it was really funny. It is this game that I like very much: simple, playful and full of adrenalin.

In fact, a lot of girls had a good laugh, it was the most wide-spread case. Otherwise a lot of silly bitches there, even one who told me very proud of her something shitty like “ah I don’t think so nooooooooooooooo”. Another one stuck out the tongue to me, true story. One said “I am too old for you” then talked with me 5 minutes over my shoulder. Some girls I had already kissed during previous Shower then I went to see them but most did not remember me. Stop drinking seriously, even if that arranges me when you are disinhibited: I feel hurt in my ego when you have the insult to do not remember my holy tongue. One explained me that it is not like that that I have to do, I think she took me sincerely for a half-witted virgin who does not know how to do with women. One claimed me being a dyke, I told her that I did not believe it and she made a sign like to say you are “knock knock” my poor man. Another one told me “ah but I recognize you, I read your text on FB (I  have just published the FR of February on the page of the event and obtained 10 likes) …
– Ah OK. In brief, we kiss each other?
– No sorry”. Consecration all the same.

Ten approaches for no result and on the point to give up when I was finally able to enjoy the lips of a not bad blonde. I had already spotted her on the dancefloor moreover, good satisfaction. From there I had the second: I asked her, she turned to me and I read in her eyes “What The Fuck” (time that goes up to the brain) I maintained her eye contact and BAM. Second kiss close. Not too bad either, without being orgasmic.

A few minutes later, Padawan made a sign like to tell me “fuck guy she is on adopt this one” by indicating me a chick. Padawan enjoys a capacity to recognize people who are on Adopt by having simply overflying their profile once. This peculiarity applies nevertheless only to Adopte because we made a party with the red-haired once whose photos I had shown him on FB and he had not got that she was her. LOL. In brief, the girl in question: I went to see her by telling her “you are on Adopt you”. She laughed and we spoke a little about that and everything then I told her “we kiss each other ?” and she told me “yes”, “it was not a question”. Later in the evening, we met again and kissed again three or four times, but not enough so that I become hard unfortunately. I took a contact (her FB).

Then, that did not too much work anymore (the technique is awful all the same needs to say it, finally being so direct can work only on girls basically interested then needs to say also that I changed the approach because I did not remember who I had already approached, then I tried “wesh that gass my old woman?” And other shit which I do not absolutely remember. I made quite a lot of bullshit, took advantage of the crowd to give some hands in the butt and finally penetrated into the VIP area. I spoke from above to the girls who were on the dancefloor. I asked some if they wanted to kiss me and everything and those venal whores answered “OK if you invite us at your table.
– OK come”. The thing is I had no table, I was a parasite, then they were all stopped by the bouncer. Punishment mention “not hot enough for the VIP area” for your superficiality. Hurt as lice from whom the owner would use Head&Shoulders, they left dancing at the other end of the club. A girl of the VIP area gave a kiss to me and with the smile besides. Really has there a lot of different kind of girls, nice and silly bitches (but only few understand the second degree). Well, I was kicked out by the big black bouncer mention “nasty squatter stop approaching our girls it is reserved for the rich daddy’s boys”.

I met my buddy, the waiter, who gave me the tickets. I told him “the girl of ice cubes she wants your cock I guess” (she was not here because of exams but she is a buddy whom we have in common who kisses me by putting me ice cubes in the mouth every time). He answered “and she had it moreover since we do not talk to each other anymore too much.” You know, she was supposed to be his BFF. Except that I had got well that she ate his cock by the look. I asked him if that bothered him that I fuck her after and he told me “but she doesn’t want you, she just plays, she told it to me”. To tell the truth I don’t care even if she is hot but I don’t like that one takes me for an idiot because now she is on FB telling me “yeah after my exams we will fuck in the sea and everything” but concretely nothing. As for myself, I trust only acts. The pompon was when he taught me that she acts like that but she doesn’t know anything to sex : she was virgin and he has just recently taken her virginity.

Around 4 o’clock, last minutes in the club, I saw again the girl who is on Adopts and I kissed her decently. I tried to make her come to my place but no way then I contented with kissing her, and with touching up her ass while kissing her. Padawan took a picture, I guess that it is going to become our new game that, to photograph when one kiss girls in a club. Bravo bro, you have just launched a fashion <3! Otherwise one acted a little too much like if she was an inaccessible model then I went to see her and I bothered her “well, you  come over and we make love?” While I did not know her either of Eve or Adam. She was so fed up and told me “no thank you” with a stunned face. My buddy the waiter, sensibly in a relationship, kissed a hottie who waited for him at the exit of the club. I saw her moreover, she was not ugly.

By going out at about 5 am, weather was hot, then we settled on a bench with Padawan, in front of La Rotonde, just to review. He told me that it had motivated him taking so many rakes (rakes : we don’t give a damn because as say the wisdom “if everybody is your customer then nobody is your customer”) and that we were going to practise crash&burn in SPU. He also promised to film me when I shall try a “we kiss each other?” in daytime in the street. In brief, this game is addicting. The seduction is an addicting hobbie in any case. Otherwise, has quite a lot of things there which made me cogitate, and on whom I cogitate another two days later. Five points, mainly.

1/ Why do the girls fantasize over the waiters of this club? Seriously, it is not the summit of the pyramid of the bourgeoisie, it is just waiters, hello. In brief, it is too easy for them and even if crash&burn can be similar to the collection, it is nothing compared to barman’s role or waiter in a club. OK, I am strained on the waitresses also, but it is their subdued side which excites me exactly. The more I think of it and the more it is not logical this thing. A guy even fat and not specially handsome, takes so much value that pure hotties fight for him and wait for him at the exit of the club. Just because he is the focal point in the club? Or it is to brag with their friends? In brief, is this position nevertheless enviable? Because the girls that he bangs are probably not smart, drug-addicts and alcoholics but hot … We always return there… They can even act H2G! The same girls who patronize you we don’t know why, who sometimes are not even cute nor rich want to brag by kissing the waiter… Silly bitches, you deserve sodomy, it would be fun.

2/ The SPU it is the future. It is playful, it is the ultimate weapon of the seducer. Whoever, whenever, wherever, such is my new creed. Look, on Saturday I have a disguised evening, I am going to disguise as vampire, Cyprineman the vampire PUA who bites girls in the neck. We shall see very soon if it works.

3/ A lot of girls put me on waiting list… I have this fucking impression. Among whom in particular the girl of ice cubes, the one who has to come over to suck me express and Pauline. Pauline is the girl I had decided to make wait 10 dates before screwing her… Except that she ignores me since the 8th. Seriously guys, do not play that game and fuck them when the opportunity appears. Stop idealizing the girls, eh, they want sex even if they play the saintly hypocrites… In brief, I think that I will friendzone everyone, tell them “I like you I appreciate our complicity we can kiss from time to time but I think that it is better if we do not go farther” just to see how they will react. But that will work only if I am really desirable: thus I stop alcohol, I do not eat any more in the evening (or only vegetables) and I continue the body-building (3/4 time week). Objective flat stomach and six pack to fuck in the sea at the end of June.

You know, three girls in a night it is not bad. But I am not satisfied by my performance, I wanted to beat my record of 12 of last time… next RDV in June. Having said that, what is the purpose, if I don’t take any contact after having kiss? So, I give myself one month to kiss a girl stemming from the SPU. The thing is I have not a lot of time to dedicate to it, then I am going to try only direct game. Then fuck, needs that I go to Paris to be validated by the CPP to have access to the resources of Snipe (best famous french PUA in my opinion). Concerning intellectual masturbation, I’m reading Game Accelerator 2.0 (I am going to translate it soon) and I learned that the best American PUA who only do it on their life and who have good fields fuck only 9 girls a month the best months.

4/ The following morning, my boss called me at 9 am, nothing crazy, he wanted a code for a computer. I freaked out, I went out on the balcony to pretend I was in the street and took my most woken voice. Otherwise, the blonde of Adopte (yeah I kissed only blondes that night) came talking to me on FB “we spoke to each other yesterday evening, right? I have only vague memories.
– Yes we spoke to each other” then I sent her the photo where we kiss “ah all right”. I gave her my number but I have no desire to get tired to contact her again then I shall see if she calls me this WE. I am the prize, fuck.

After noon my boss waited for me firmly. To congratulate me on the file which I had given him the previous evening to occupy him. So much that the next day we ate together and that I enjoyed what I learned: he is mentalist, who would have suspected it ? We spent two hours doing magic. There are probably three-four women of thirty years that I would fuck gladly at work but here is the problem : my technique is very sexualized, if I cross the white line that can be similar to sexual harassment. I thus prefer to stick to the rules of the office.

5/ Otherwise Arnaud and my married wife always grumble like bastards. And I have a new Spanish neighbor very hot. Will need that I fetch some sugar. Well, also needs that I connect on Adopt, not that I like very much losing my time online instead of going in the street but when I meet them IRL in a bar (the city where I live is not big at all) it is easy to seduce them. Well, I shall re-post another time if I have new things that need to be said.

OKAY KISS YA. May the God of the Game be with you !

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