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Open-minded and adventurer

November 21st 2013,

My room looks like a minefield. When I walk, I have to avoid the used condoms, the boxer shorts, the dirty socks, the melted candles and the glasses of wine : the risk is to remain stuck on the spot. Needs to say that the evening of yesterday was animated!

Because I was in lack of fresh plans lately, I used the most powerful routine I know on Adopt : I named “the routine of the questions”. I had connected this girl at the beginning of the month then had suggested a date but she told me that she had to leave 15 days on holidays in Canada… bad luck. I had all the same carefully avoided showing that I was “needy” and had answered her “well OK you will just have to make a counterproposal when you will come back, if you want, of course”.

On Monday, I received “this is a counterproposal”. Seriously, I had forgotten her or rather I had lost hope. Well, it was cool, since a moment I flunked all what I tried with the other sex (this is why I gave up going out last week)… and right now I had a golden plan offered on a silver platter. The modjo, essential energy in the success with the other sex, was maybe coming back ? To be sure, I invited her directly at my home without having seen her before or anything. Brave for me like for her. I like this state of mind : open-minded and adventurer.

One kind of hottie with a bottle of muscatel wine in the hand turned up at my place : good education, it is cool. Seriously : tall girl (at least 6ft without heels), around thirty, dressed classy, the fine face, the green eyes, the beautiful dark hair, fine-looking and with forms (thin and firm). Just my kind in addition : one of the prettiest girls I had this year. In brief, she came in, we went to my room, I lit about ten candles for the atmosphere. Maybe I did “too much” on second thought, but well… in seduction, we only judge the result.

We drank two or three glasses of her wine, sat on my bed, then I caught her in the throat and tipped over her. I had noticed by her body movements that she liked very much the dominants. I went under her T-shirt, put some wine in her navel and licked it. I wanted to make her a massage but I didn’t need it, she opened my pants and started sucking me. I hate giving them the control so easily then I have rejected her and kissed her in the neck with my hands under her top, I felt her breath which accelerated, her heart beat too… I went to kiss her and withdrew at the last moment. That drove her crazy. I undressed her slowly to leave her in underwear. She was fed up with my small game, and sucked me again. Deep throat and everything, it was really cool.

I did not want to finish so quickly for my first time with this hot girl because I want to keep her as regular friend then it was my turn to lick her! I led her close to the orgasm. She told me that I was very talented. “Thanks, you too”. Ah, thirty-year old women, they know how to go for it. I started penetrating into her then she jumped on me and enjoyed so hardly that she flooded my sheet “I am not THAT wet usually
– don’t worry, that evaporates”. The penetration lasted for a long time, it was really very pleasant to be in her. I eventually came. I did her a cunnilingus again, time to reload, then took her doggy-style: her butt and the tribal at the bottom of her back made me sooo hard. I put her head in the pillow… that was amazing… She then took me back me in her mouth so that I finish… Awesome ! I came in fact and waited 4 or 5 seconds before the ejaculation (gap). Crazy feelings !

We then spoke a lot, she is very nice, this girl. She is bisexual, lived two years with a girl and they had the right to bang guys (but not other girls). I am only the second guy of Adopte with whom she sleeps while she is registered for more than a year and has more than 200 000 points… She had approximately 30 partners in her life and has already fucked in a lot of improper situations. After this rich discussion, I wanted the fuck her again… so I did it, doggy style, of course. She wants that we see again each other (she has even already sent me a message this morning). She told me that the guys of her age and the smokers rarely fuck more than once in a row then they need the night to reload.

The morality is that all these criteria of size and everything : it is some shit. I am not tall and I can say : body language is key… seriously, she is way taller than me, talked to me about guys with whom she did nothing because they were short but eventually jumped on my cock AND ASKED FOR MORE OF IT.

Anecdote: I received another message this morning “here is my new number XXX jenn
– Jenn ?
– Yes a guy harasses me so keep my number for you
– still in love and in couple ?
– not it is him who harasses me this crazy asshole”. Seriously these girls who prefer to put themselves in couple for the principle with the first to come rather than continuing to quietly fuck with me often regret it. But I think that I am going to give her a second chance as sex friend, she sucked well, she put heart in it. Marie also sends me many messages, I fuck again with her too. That makes me almost a sex friend for every day of the week it is incredible : Virginie, the girl of the body painting, Marie, the 6ft girl, Jenn…

Just now I am with Hafid, we approached a girl in the faculty of literature and we are at present all three in my sofa. But I do not think that it is going to be useful because first of all my roommate is cooking in the kitchen and then she has a guy, this girl, and speaks to us about him… but pretty girl, sincerely.

Anyway, I shall not finish virgin of November (in term of FuckCLOSE I speak) and it has been ages since I wasn’t one-month-old virgin. I am very satisfied, I hope that this invincibility will continue !!!

Ah yeah, I was going to forget. That would have been a pity. We made a mission “foursome” in a club with the girl of the body painting (GBP), Padawan and his 1st girlfriend. We each had spoken about our project to our girl and we had shown her photos of other one. A priori, each pleased enough the others to try to make an orgy. As a result, we logically decided to meet in a dance bar “gay-friendly” (I’m not saying that I planned to sodomize Padawan but I wanted that both girls touch). As a result, we each danced with both girls and they even kissed each other and everything. Mine tried to sold me to the other one as “the king of the cunni ” and the first girlfriend of Padawan thus agreed so that we go all 4 at my home. Once in my lounge, Padawan and his girlfriend sit and spoke about absolutely not sexual things. We were drinking some tea at 3 am in an asexual atmosphere. It got on my nerves. GBP tried of sexualize the atmosphere but the remedy was the worse than the evil. The friend of Padawan told us “I only suck with condom, I have sex only into the black and with guys who have recently done the test of the AIDS.” Beautiful principles in theory, but well, you have nothing to do here then. I think that in fact, she was just frantic. At about 5 am, she concluded “I am going to think about all that and I tell you next time if we finally do it or not”. As a result, Padawan walked her back. She did not want that he sees her naked (while he was her guy during 4 years) because she become a little bit fat and did not even kiss him (“that makes me something to see you again like that”). Then, she told him “I will not get involved in this foursome, it is this nasty Fabrice who blocks me, I do not know how he can bang so many girls because he is so ugly”. Pure wickedness… that would have been able to hurt me but that does not affect me because I know what it hides : she wanted to try this kind of love with several people (more than 2), but at the last moment chicken out then she tries justify by blaming the others rather than questioning herself. Denial or bad faith ?

What is “funny” it is that her shit was contagious. GBP told me ” WTF?! We are not going to go far with such a team, it is necessary to find other people”. Certainly, Padawan was not transcendent, but for his defense: he was totally out of his comfort zone and his ex blocked him (GBP and I were the only ones who had already done something with several people). But, I know what my buddy is up to, then I convinced her to give him a second chance. Concerning the other girl, she is a little bit unhealthy but I am going to draft all the same a fast analysis even if I do not plan to see her again, that will maybe help chicks in the same situation. She was raped by a bastard a few years ago (tragedy) and that fucked up her life : she made a depression, stopped going in for sport, began drinking and going out excessively… she got fat, now feels ill at ease, has a bad relation with sex, she sleeps only with objectively yucky guys (quite too thin or then fat, drug-addicts with the dirty and badly dressed hair, the kind SOOOOO AFC because she would especially not want a dangerous guy who could be a threat… moreover Arnaud banged her, few years ago, and he was quite proud of him because he usually had no success in his life… but… no, finally that just meant that he was in this category of losers – there are thus customers for everybody but by becoming more alpha we find healthier customers), etc… Then, yeah, it is a drama what happened to her but it’s a pity to piss off everybody and to do big shit because she only punished herself in the end. Me too, I was assaulted, but I used it as a trigger to improve my life, I used my hatred to make a positive thing instead of sinking into the bullshit, because I know the principle “what does not kill us makes us stronger”. In spite of the fact that she offends me and talks behind my back as soon as she has the opportunity, I do not hold it against her, and I hope that she will regain self-control but as soon as she does… I don’t want people with a bad energy like her in my circle of acquaintances

May the God of the Game be with you !

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