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I think that I kissed thanks to the karma (or to The King Lion)

Colonel Cyprine to the report,
September 7th 2013,

It is with the dick still hard that I write you this FR. I think that I kissed thanks to the karma (or to the King Lion). I explain to you. I was at my parent’s this morning to study better my exams when, around 7 o’clock, I heard a big BANG and a distant voice “help, help”. A guy had just crashed in the crossroads in front of the house and he was stuck in his car. I got up and saw some smoke to the window then I called fire brigades… they asked me a lot of questions and treated me like if I was a guy who had just that to do in his life to indicate wounded persons who do not exist. There are probably a lot of idiots outside who enjoy making them jokes, it is dismaying. Then, I ran through the road to see the guy and speak to him, he was a little bit conscious but I didn’t dare to touch him. Anyway, it is necessary not to, I think I heard that. In brief, they deigned to send a car of patrol who then called a bigger one. They cut the car and took him out by the roof. I like believing that I a little saved the life of this guy. Especially that, among my neighbors, I was the only one to move, to call… later, some people came watching, but fuck it was necessary to act quickly. That really moved me all this then I came back to Aix. In brief, I a little regild my karma which needed it at the moment, and it is maybe why I met a girl I liked very much. The story now.

I re-did my profile AUM at the beginning of the week and I spoke with Virginia on Adopt, then texts and we agreed on a date to watch THE KING LION together. God knows how we came there to speak about that, but I was in shape and the hour was late then I pushed the vice until asking her if it would not be better to watch it in underwears. She said yes, and she added that many things are better in underwears with this heat.

She had a birthday before and she came at 5:45 pm knowing that she had to take the bus at 7:15 pm : last delay to return at her home. Hard, but well, I accepted the crenel, knowing that it’s better than nothing. At set time, in front of my intercom, a very thin brunette extremely flat stomach with a tiny ass and great legs and boobs as I like it. Really good rank from the back, cute face with green eyes. In brief, I enjoyed my time, knowing that she had not FB… I had taken a risk.

I drank a tea and her a hot chocolate then direction my bedroom for the movie. I told her “so, you undress or not ?
– as you want.
– ok, so yes.” She laughed. In front of the film, I took her hand, she said nothing. I touched her boobs, she said nothing. I ventured into her breeches. I have licked her, she liked it. I put a finger into her, that was OK but two that hurt her . Weird, it was quite squeezed, it made me hard. She was passive, she let me do, but that’s it.

I tried to remove her bra but she said to me “no I am not ready for that, we cannot do it.
– why ?
– I didn’t imagine my first time like that.
– do you want me ?
– Yes, I would have difficulty in lying in this position”. Punchline !!! So, I kissed her softly, I went down on her again. I removed my boxer so she shakes me or whatever but no way she didn’t want to touch it. As a result, I licked+fingered her, certainly the first time of her life at the age of 19, she said to me that she would like to become a little more debauched and that she liked it very much. My sex penetrated into her slightly through her shorty but nothing more to do. Having said that, bodies like that, I want it every day. I have just walked her back in the bus. I don’t know if I hastened her too much or not…

It would be not really ethical to take her virginity and to kick her out of my life but if I see her regularly and if I teach her things (intensive sexual training) ? Her concern by leaving, it was what she was going to say to her friends, friends who had formally forbidden her to see me… and she met another guy on Adopte who would like to go farther with her. Yeah, I take shortcuts when I can. But there, it was quits or doubles. It worked so much the better, I roasted the line.

In her bus, she wrote me that she had liked the sensations of what I did to her. That pleased me as far as I also liked her. We shall do better next time ! There is all the same something weird : that girl knew very well what I was going to do by coming, and she blocks. Except for this schyzo side, she is charming. Well, needs that I go masturbating to recover from it. I am frustrated. But I forgive her because she made big efforts also from her part!

May the God of the Game be with us !

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