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This Field Report was written by The Girl of the Body Painting

This Field Report was written by The Girl of the Body Painting. She wrote it for her, spontaneously, then sent him to me because she found that a feminine vision of the pickup was missing on my blog.

November 27th 2013,

What a team, written by the girl of the body painting.

The cold begins to reach the South. The desire to leave to the sun is stronger every day. Fortunately there is an other sources of heat…

With Fabrice, it is my fourth date. A day shot which is finally transformed into a regular plan with whom I share a certain complicity. Needs to say the truth, he is my double this guy, his pragmatic, determined, solitary side, and his tendency for the sex with more than two people.

First date : Body painting.

The feeling was here, the sexual tension was for its height, and the meeting was more than original. Within 20 minutes we were naked, his dick towards the sky, and I painted the outline of his muscles.

Second date : Merco.

I kidnapped him at his parent’s to take him in a more or less quiet place in the forest. I sucked him, he licked me, then he took me on the back seat, to finish me on the hood.

Second date : Merco (long version).

One of my lovers is a writer, a specialist in trying to pick up and seduction. The rare times when we saw each other things were clear as can be: we saw each other to make love. Only one detail : we always opted for original ideas. The first time we made a session of body painting. Then the second time we made an escapade in my merco.

This last escapade was very exciting. We stopped near a road which we considered deserted. It was in the hill. We began to caress against the car, then I started sucking him. But there were a lot of cars which passed so he wanted that we move a little farther in the hill.

So we left farther under trees so I finish sucking him. Given the fucking supports which I had (prickly bushes and sticks) it was rather intense ! I was breathless after.

We took advantage of this small break time to discuss a project which we wanted to set up: go night-clubbing to find pleasant volunteers to make a foursome. Then suddenly he took the initiative to lick me. We settled down behind the merco and he licked me with his famous magic tongue. Yes, I admit it, this guy is the king of the cunnilingus, he was one of the rare to make me come this way. But this time I stopped him before coming, I really wanted that he penetrates into me. I asked him to take me on all fours, after I have jumped on him. Regrettably the position was not optimal to move in all directions. I proposed him all the same that we go out of the car so that he takes me against the hood, what he did. It was much better ! Standing love is top all the same…

In brief, he made me come, and to show him my gratitude I suggested finishing him in the mouth. After what I made him come for the 2nd time. I was rather proud, of him and of me, to see that he was capable of coming a 2nd time, it is rare for a guy.

Then after we tickled and kissed. Strange, once finishes he was stone, sat in the back, he marked a break time and told me something like « I like you, you know ». I did not expect it, but at the same time that looked kind and sincere, so I was uncomfortable, I gave a kind punch in his shoulder and told him « me too, I like you ». But I was a little confused, my clumsiness won.

Later I drove him back, we spoke about books in the car and about our project. He wanted to lend me books, nice. I dropped him, he spoke to me about a party where was invited (on Thursday) while telling me « I dunno if you could like it… », so I said no to him but go there and have fun, we shall see each other later, then he proposed me that we see each other on Saturday. « A Saturday? Wow do you know what that means according to my book? » I quickly explained him that if a boy suggested you seeing him on Saturday it was that the relation past of a notch above, he was ready to make a commitment in the relation, etc. Well, I teased him. Then the telephone rang I answered, it was Bastien my ex-roommate, I was late in a meeting, during this time my lover left informally. After my call I honked him …I didn’t know what else to do, I didn’t even know any more if we had really said goodbye to each other.

Third date : Foursome first try.

Me, Fabrice, Padawan and his ex tried to warm at the Chassdo. Me and Fabrice we tried with great difficulty to corrupt our guests. Total failure. Foursome canceled, end of the evening around a tea. However to comfort each other Fabrice and I ended the night in oral sex. He is really endowed for the cunnilingus… We sleep in affectionate mode, so cute.

Fourth date : Foursome second try.

It is one of the coldest nights in Aix. I arrive to Fabrice, he has a surprise for me. He takes off my coat, takes me in his room and kisses me against the wall. Padawan is lengthened on the bed. He turns me on at full speed. I have the impression that it is Christmas. Two sexy men for me. The complicity we share makes this moment very intense. Big giggle, good sexual tension. They stop right in the middle. I offend them friendly, then we finish the night at the IPM. We danced together (three) in a not very conventional way I have to admit it… Sandwiched between both guys I swayed hips until they have the beginning of a hard cock.

During this time everybody looked at us. In their look we could feel a mixture of jealousy and surprise : “How these guys managed to warm her like that?”, “How this girl seduced those guys ?”. We were proud!

Concerning our objective: the only girl ready for a foursome was a just fuckable, very aggressive half-blood. Her friends made me understand that she was too young. Indeed, I was able to confirm that by myself, I didn’t want her. Then has a blonde there who seemed to be really tempted by us, especially when I told her that Fabrice was the king of the cunnilingus. Very attractive the blonde, in addition she found me very cute, that excited me. Regrettably miss had a serious relationship that she tried to keep as it stands. So we went to another club, no result. We went back home. Fabrice put his pajamas and we respected our pact: nothing sexual if we do not come back with 4 people. Well ok…

The following morning, seeing Fabrice’s hard-on I was not able to refrain from jumping above him. But all the same, after 2 minutes, I stopped and asked him if I had to continue or stop. He had the choice. He asked me to go on, which made him as responsible as me. Toc !

Fourth date : Foursome second try. (Long version)

Concerning my 4th meeting I want to develop more the description of the night.

The whole on an air of “What is Love” parodied by Jym Carrey. Yeah I know that imposes a certain atmosphere…

In brief, I arrive in front of Fabrice’s door. I call him. He does not answer. It is cold. He should rather answer. He answers. I bring in. I forget to take the elevator. Serious mistake: he lives in the last floor. The building contains at least 6 floors. Let’s go.

I arrive above, a little breathless but nothing more. Fabrice has a smile which stuffs him half of the face, he tells me that Padawan did not arrive yet. In the most absolute naivety I trust him.

He removes delicately my jacket and tells me that there is a surprise which waits for me. Great I adore the surprises ! Especially when they are for me! He brings me in his room, I perceive Padawan lengthened. I hardly have time to articulate a “But heu…”that he sticks me to the wall, kisses me and brings me to see Padawan. I kiss Padawan for the first time and I say “good evening”, all the same, the rules of politeness. Padawan laugh a little bit uncomfortable but not so much. I sit down on Padawan and kiss Fabrice. “You do not want anymore that we go out hunting ?…” No answer. It is the first time which I had to juggle between two men. It was exciting, I did not know any more where was my mind. Quickly Fabrice took me in hand from behind he began to lift my dress while I try to remove Padawan’s belt who had decided not to be passive. Then Fabrice began to slide the hand under my tights then under my string and arrived until my sex. I struggled because I wanted to be able to make so much on one of them. But they had decided to warm me. He prevented me from taking their pants off, that drove me crazy. So I tried to catch Fabrice’s testicles through his pants. That allowed me to get clear of him and after I tried to get clear of Padawan’s pants. During this time Fabrice blocked me again. I had no more hand to defend. He fingered me friendly while Padawan laughed.

The malignant, he had really decided to drive me crazy. Fabrice took off my dress and proudly showed my ‘attractive’ breasts to Padawan. Then I managed to deliver one of my hands to catch again Fabrice’s testicles. Then I got up and moved to Fabrice with a languishing step and a voice of young girl “please Fabrice, let me remove your pants” while approaching his ear. I saw on him a small smile which made me feel that I was not far from kinking him. He asked Padawan help just when he would have been able to defend himself alone. Padawan embraced me and pulled me towards him. I fell lengthened on him “but hum I want my phallus!! ” I told them that. And at the moment : big laugh, we roared. Needs to say I say some awesome lines sometimes, I even come to surprise myself.

Then Fabrice lengthened on me. “Go at least one on two”. Big giggle again. The laughter was my only weapon for embarrassing them. Sandwiched between both, I started to go nuts. It was so exciting to feel my body imprisoned between theirs. And there Fabrice got up “Let’s go she is horny enough we can go !”. And they left the room… “What ?? Dirty bastards’ band!!”. That irritated me…I was very close to (pretend to) go back home. But quickly I realized that their game had turned me like crazy. Really I had a very good moment and it is a very nice present they gave me, although it was a little bit short for my taste.

After that we were connected by a certain complicity. Each of us had awakened in us a sexual tension… especially me, in fact. We were just in time to go warming a whole club just the three of us.

Confident, we went to the IPM. We deposited our stuff in the changing room. Seen the cold I had a lot of clothes “that’s it” asked me the guy. “Yes… More it would be indicent”. After what I had one spanking, then two. Normal, I was accompanied by two men. I took the initiative, discovered the club and hoped to be noticed. I feel I am not in sync with the others. I am one of the most classy and the hottest girls, that promises ! Then I joined my two men to the bar. “Do you know where is the photographer?”. “We don’t need to wait to drink before starting”. “Then what do you feel… about having two men for you?” Then it is there that I realized how lucky I was. I began dancing against Fabrice, then with Padawan. I liked seeing Fabrice watching me dancing. He didn’t look jealous, just happy for me, happy to see me so naughty. It was classy the look he gave me.

Then the photographer arrived and brandished his enormous camera (OK I make it “too much” there). “For one kiss you win one drink”. I looked at Fabrice, then at Padawan, then at Fabrice. I have again looked at Fabrice, got closer, after what we kissed each other in a sexual way, the tongue prominently. Once finished, I kissed very languishingly Padawan. “Heu it’s OK the photo is taken…” “Hun ? Ho yeah ..” The photographer waited that we finish to give us the ticket for free cocktails… Fabrice was laughing out loud. We had reached the level of indecency he hoped I guess. And yet it was just the beginning.

Having drunk and having been noticed at the bar, we went on the dance floor. They invited me naturally to dance between them two. I kissed Fabrice, then Padawan. Sandwiched between their bodies, I waddled on the rhythm of the music by trying that they follow me. “Haha, the face of the other people !!!” Fabrice was in seventh heaven, like a kid! He admired with pleasure the effect which we made on them. Especially that it was a little early for this kind of skid.

“I’m still not hard, make me hard !” asked me Fabrice. After what, I swayed hips in a provocating way and without self-restrain, but fuck, really none. While catching the hands of Padawan I made him dance and caress me, I pulled Fabrice towards me and kissed him. Hair completely in mess that reminded me the state in which I am when I stop sucking a guy. I gave myself completely. Little by little I began to see them rising in temperature, it was warm, very warm! I had even thought feeling Padawan hardening. Well, later, he told me that no. OK, so much for me, that was probably his mobile. On the other hand Fabrice reported me later that he began slowly to harden (all the same!). Then I left and made a sign that I was too hot. Especially that to showing was not enough it was necessary to go into hunting mode.

My two men went in front of the bar while I approached almost all of the girls who passed. At the moment Fabrice had a fucking good smell “Stop the blond one !”. I did so. “Hello, me and my two friends we look for a girl to make a foursome, would it tempt you ?” the whole said with the biggest innocence. Most of the girls laughed and told me “I have a boyyyfriend, sooooorry”. But there this blonde was conscious of the luck she could have. In her eyes I saw sparks. “What do you think about my boys ?”. “I admit they are nice, well I like one more than the other one…” Because it seemed to me that she had a preference for Padawan I drew her attention on Fabrice: “the other one I was already able to test him and I can tell you that he is king of the cunnilingus, a very good lover !”. And there, magic, her eyes woke up “Ok. If you tell me that he is good it is enough for me, on the other hand…pfff I have a serious relationship at the moment and I try as possible that it works”. And there, that reminded me myself who beat me against my devils when I am in couple. “I understand very well, it’s a pity…”. “Mhm in addition I find you very cute, really…I would have liked it…”. I did not expect it but she so much insisted on that that I said to myself that she had to really think it. It is rare, a girl who really compliments another girl. It’s a pity, I liked this girl. I have let her go by hoping to meet her again and to ask her again later in the evening. I was persuaded that I could kink her.

Then a little later I had got a brunette who looked at us with envy. I went towards her with my sexy-boys behind. “Hello, me and my friends we like you, would you like to make a foursome with us tonight ?”. The miss hesitated, asked me several questions and finally refused. And a little later it was her friend who was interested. The girl was a young half-blood, a little bit fat and aggressive. She approached Fabrice.”Well she is OK for this evening, on the other hand we have another 45 minutes, if we can find better that would not be bad…” “OK well continue to speak with her to maintain her in the warmth, during this time me and Padawan we are going to try to pick up on the dance floor.” Padawan followed me with obedience. We skipped into the crowd and went at the bottom. There were some groups of girls who hid. I put myself on the stage and moved closer to a girl dressed in leopard by believing naively that a girl in leopard would be open for this kind of plan. “I have a boyfriend”…well, and your boyfriend does he know that you go out in a club during the week dressed in leopard ? Seriously… Anyway she was ugly, yes she too…fuck there was all the same an awesome quota of ugly people there this evening.

Finally we had to envisage the small half-blood a little bit fat. But her friends pissed us off, they did not want to authorize her to leave with us…”heu how old are you ?” “23…” “ok…”. In brief I tried to convince the sexy-boys who frankly were not tempted by this fat girl. Having vaguely convinced the collaborators, I then had to convince the friends of the girl. They began to speak Arabic. Then the big girl got excited “no but I do what I want!!”, what urged me to ask her : “Ok in this case if you do what you want why do you need their authorization ? It is not your parents if I understood well ! ». Then she had a crisis of nerve … Finally she took my number and mimed me that she would call me later.” And you don’t mind to take her number in front of us?” asked me their buddies. “Not at all, if I do not feel her and if she leaves in negative feelings just like she did right now I shall not accept that she comes”. Especially that I knew what I did, this numclose was a fucking joke. I did not plan to do anything with her after the comedy which she had just played. The immature capricious persons I hate that.

We eventually went out of the IPM to go to another club. Along the way, I proposed a foursome to a girl. Negative, but a smile. Then to the club we removed our coats, we quickly visited all the girls and I asked them one by one if my friends tempted them. On the dance floor we fell on a funny crazy bitch. A double of Marion Cotillard in Edith Piaf’s role. “Wait I have a lot of single friends !!! “. “MORGAAAAANE!!” she roared like a seller of fish. She killed me, I complied in four so much I laughed. Then I explained her that it was for a foursome. “Ha ok… sorry I don’t do foursome me but… CAROOOOOOLINE”. Then there she threw us a drunk girl in the arms “Hèèèheu”. Completely stone the girl. We were all folded, the girl managed hardly to stand up. The miss had given us her most beautiful piece of meat there is nothing more to say about that !

Then to finish I found an Italian who spoke English, but the girl had to take a bus one hour later. In brief, it was dead. Then we went out, the bar closed, stayed nothing more than three unthinkable ugly chicks.

Once we went out we have crossed again the funny girls. “No but serisouly it was true this story just now ? ” asked me Caroline. “Well yeah, and that’s still OK if you want”. “No but have you already slept with them ?”, “With Fabrice yes, we had already seen each other twice “- “Heuu you’re going to hurt me…” interrupt Fabrice, “Oh yeah, excuse me, three times !”. In brief otherwise still not with Padawan, it was the opportunity…”. “No but you’re really tempted by a foursome ?!” -“Well yeah, did you see how it is cool with two people, thus imagine with 4, it is incredible !” – “Well and I have a last question did you already make it together?” by pointing my two sexy boys between them. Haha the naughty girl !

In brief we left without result but all the same proud of our performances. We had had fun all the same as a matter of fact and had marked the spirits. We went towards at Fabrice and made a small field report in the entrance of the building. Continuation after which Padawan left on his side “don’t forget the pact the scamps! “. Fuck I had forgotten the pact …

Me and Fabrice left back home. In less than two seconds, the pro of the trying to pick up was in pajamas (and socks it seems) while I not even had time to remove my shoes. He switched off the light, I undressed myself, joined him under the braid and we made a debriefing of the night.

Then little by little we left in different discussion. “Do you think that in 40 years I shall always be in pick up mode or I shall be fed up with it ?” – « I know nothing about it, you know in 40 years we shall have doubtless invented a new type of couple, times change…Maybe you will have several women, beautiful women who will be worth having your attention “.

Then a little later he spoke to me about his parents I do not know why “I do not even know if my parents still make love, I have the impression that no”-“You know a not very long time ago I still thought that my parents made nothing anymore in the bed, so I asked them and finally I learnt that they still have fun in the bed and that really reassured me, it is my genes… that would be worth it that you ask your parents…” – “Mhm, maybe…”

The following morning he asked me about what I had dreamed. “I swam in the water with a friend, we were in a city where the water was everywhere, then we were paid to swim… and you ?”- “I dreamed that I spoke to you, in fact I do not always know how to make the difference between my dreams and the reality…Maybe it was true I do not know any more did we speak ?”- «  Heu you asked me if I had slept well at a given moment.” – “Do you know that the emotional brain does not make the difference between the dreams and the reality…”.

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