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I had Lyon for breakfast

March 16th 2014,

I published nothing for a while but I have rather unusual things to be told : my pen weighed 7lb and my hands sulked in a corner. I looked at the blank page during two weeks with the same fright than a young Roma would face Claude Guéant. Thus this text will be particularly long. Take a meal.

At the beginning of the month, the married woman of December 2012 came back visiting me. This little trip from Brittany cost her all the same more than 300€ + 1000€ of business expenses. I thus had to give it to her for her money in the bed. It was the case. I think seriously of moving high-class escort-boy or orgasms donor for bored rich.

Last week, I went to try jeans. In a shop, after a few minutes, the seller told me “you are all the same cutter in reality than on your photos.
?” I turned around and saw a kind of 17 years old hottie, thin, average size, rather big breasts but that hold very straight, decent buttocks, brown hair with magnificent light blue eyes, fair skin… In brief, a kind of east girl dressed like a bimbo. She would have been able to make attractive the crappers of a nightclub. We talked a little, she knows my blog and likes it. She showed me her two tattoos and I pretended to be more interested in the jeans than by her but she dashed disturbed me the naughty girl. I tried a jeans and she came into the changing room to warm me “yummy you should take this one, it fits well on you and I know how to open the fly“. I didn’t bought the jeans, I am not so easily manipulable. Or I am really stupid. She told me that she was not free that same evening but that she finished at 7 pm every Saturday (she is a high school student who took this job for when she is not in class ie on Wednesday and Saturday). In brief, I said ” OK let’s see each other next Saturday after my tae kwon do training in addition it’s perfect because I finish at 6:30 pm“. I sent her a message the next day but no answer until Wednesday when she finally decided to end my ordeal:
ME : I was kind with you because you half raped me in the changing room, what was not unpleasant (March 9th)
HER : Haha, I put a lot of myself into my work! (March 12th)
ME : Having had no answer, I thought that our project had fallen into the water. Too bad, I said myself, that would have been able to make sparks! Still good for 19 hours Saturday?
HER : No, my cousin from Saint-Tropez is coming over.
HER : Or late
ME : late , it doesn’t bother me , if it’s a sure thing
HER : I can’t tell, plan something else if you want (9:18 pm)
HER : I swear my cousin is coming, I didn’t know before (9:29 pm)
I could think that she has flaked me and that our idyll is already finished but what leaves me a hope it is the deadline between its last two messages without I answered in the meantime. Roughly, seen that I did not answer after 11 minutes, she said to herself “fuck I maybe was a bit too hard on him” and she came back to justify herself. It’s a little indicator of interest. As a consequence, I told her to make a counter-proposal when it would be a sure thing. Time will tell. The young virgin is maybe afraid of facing me in a duel in the bed, me the valiant knight tamer of hot dragoon. Then I joined Virgnie (my darling) and in the evening threesome again with Padawan and 6ft. We could easily become used to it! But I am not sure that it is really good for me even if I was less bad than the last time. They considered my criticisms.

On Thursday, the inhabitant of Lyon (cf. the attached girl FR *) with whom Padawan slept in November came visiting him. Well, because Padawan still lives with his daddy and brother, it is at my home that she stayed. Of course, before, I had a little warmed her on FB by using the routine of the 20 magic questions (that I explain in Secrets for seducing on the Internet). We had planned a busy schedule :
On Thursday 6-7pm: Padawan picks her up at the station and welcomes her then brings her at my home and go back pick up his car to go to the tae kwon do.
On Thursday 7-8pm: I get acquainted alone with her, she is really cool, funny, pussy, has charm, her Spanish origins are obvious up to the end of nipples, is not afraid of anything. She has legs and humor, spirit and tits.
On Thursday 8-11pm: Training of tae kwon do, she waits alone in the hall and gets bored.
On Thursday 11pm-1am: Padawan goes at his place to eat and takes a shower (that lasts 3 hours), I eat with her at my home by whistling a Serge Gainsbourg’s song. Then she says “it is really too easy I can have you when I want“. We discuss and she tells me “a threesome I would like to try it but a foursome with a girl I don’t want I am too much afraid… it’s too much at a time : sex with more than two people and with another girl, too many novelties in one time“. She flirts with me but always goes far from me, like a game. She says “no” when I come closer. What does not prevent that I always win at this small game and that I finish at the end of half an hour with my hand in her panties. She says “stop I don’t want…
– your body is nevertheless saying the opposite (she is wet)
– oh fuck is that so obvious
” but I still refuse to kiss her. The problem here it is to differentiate the true and the fake “no”, where from the mixture of the rapist. The desire rises in her, she gets up “me too I have hormones, I am not going to resist for a long time if you continue like that“. She runs in the apartment and I run after her. Funny. I catch her and stick her against the reinforced door: with my right hand I caress her from behind and with the left hand I finger her. She rises higher and higher on the scale of the pleasure, at this very moment, she would do what I want. I ask her if she wants to play, she tells me “yes what game?” I take her by the hand, drop her panties, removes my jeans and my boxer and make her jump on me just by removing her pants. We undress in a granted disagreement and I reveal her the invaluable treasure with which God endowed my crotch. She kisses me, “it’s not cool for Padawan” she says by way of resistance while she is jumping on me for one quart of an hour (but she likes prohibition like some people like money) then Padawan rings at the door. I quickly finish her then I am going to open the door.
On Friday 1-5am (when these mentally retarded Yankees persons still believe that we are on Thursday) : Padawan arrives with 6fr and a bottle of wine. Not bad this wine, but the inhabitant of Lyon was a little disturbed at the same time by the presence of another girl and by what we had just done. By the way her make-up had a little run down. At a given moment I am going to close the window, 6ft caught my hand then I kisses her, caresses her breasts then comes down in her panties while Padawan and the inhabitant of Lyon watch us. After a while, I come down between her thighs (she was sat on a chair) and starts licking her. It is the signal, Padawan kisses the inhabitant of Lyon and it really begins. With 6ft we finish on the ground warming like crazy and the two other dudes are on the couch. I suggest to my partner “joining our guests” and that finishes with 6 hands and 3 tongues on the inhabitant of Lyon. It drove her crazy. We more and more mixed and we switched the girls. At that moment, our sextape would deserve to be broadcasted on Canal+. Great atmosphere, a lot of energy and I finish with a facial on 6ft. Although I had difficulty in being hard because I have not any more a great deal of desire for her. I’m just realizing that what I have just written is as strange as Tyrion Lannister captain of a team of basketball but I don’t care that is the way it is.
On Friday 11am-1pm: I wake up next to the inhabitant of Lyon and we fuck like crazy. I am not usually the kind of guy who says he is a virtuoso of sex to make hot young girls take it in the sights (or somewhere else) but we started in the bed and we finished against my refrigerator in the kitchen. She could not stop praising “I should come to Aix more often“… especially when she had a big orgasm stuck to the table of the kitchen “sex is really good with you“.
On Friday 1-3pm: we eat and I fuck her again on the ground. We then wash the proofs of our alcoholic debauchery of the day before.
Vendredi 3-7pm: we go to the sea together with Padawan. He bathes in the water in the middle of March, I dunno how he can do that… And when he goes out with pectoral muscles inflated up to the brain, he looks like James Bond in Casino Royal (the only character potentially capable of making me doubt my heterosexuality) !
On Friday 7-9pm: I fuck the inhabitant of Lyon almost everywhere in the apartment to finish by a doggy style of half an hour on my sofa. She literally stuffs it, so much that she cannot handle it any more: she has a hard time. “The best doggy style of my life” she declares to me. I’m not surprised : me too, I liked very much. In fact, due to sex and living “like roommates” with her, we creates bounds.
On Friday 9pm-4am: Padawan joins us and we go together out to eat sushis. I almost suffocated, big ball in the throat, I say to myself that it is psychosomatic (I had regularly some when I was depressed a few years ago). Then we show her the city (it was time after two days) and we go have a drink in a bar then it ends in threesome at my place (it’s crazy when I think that some take it excessively badly when I fiddle their friends but I let them fiddle with my buddy). We all are exhausted. Her best friend called her to ask her what she was doing and she answered that she was having hard sex with two guys. He did not believe her.
On Saturday noon-2pm: sex like a madman with her and she returns in Lyon in ride sharing. I hope that we will go there to visit her, I became attached to her, me, especially to her attractive big boobs.

During the training on Saturday afternoon, I almost fainted, everything turned. Needs to believe that I too much burned… the candle, lately. But that was worth it: seriously, what a timeless weekend. We could believe that we all dreamed, I guess. For her part, she was delighted to have two lovers for her, she imagined the heroine of Savages, I guess. Me, I felt rock ‘n’ roll like Pete Doherty when he takes Kate Moss wildly in an underground bar.

During these 3 crazy days with Padawan and the girl, I had successfully approached a girl on Adopt during the rare moments when we did not fuck nor sleep. Conversation :
– Me : In addition I’m having a stressful week O:)
– Her : I can propose you a little treat if it can help you…
– Did someone already said no to such a proposal? lol
– Yes. But he was stupid!
– Oral sex (give*take) it’s almost what I prefer
– I also like oral sex… It is exalting and exciting to see the power that we have on the other one.
– I understand what you mean! Yes it is true and do you like having power on men?
– Generally I prefer the men who take control but sometimes I like when I can order
– Order some dessert? lol
– Mouahah! No of course… well but… A dessert and some sex can fit very well together!
– Lol ! sex before or after ?
– Before, after, during… when you want!
– Ahah ! Do you like playing with the food?
– In reality I never had the opportunity to try but I would like to!
– Ah yes and what would you use ?
– Whipped cream… or maybe a raspberry coulis… and why not some nutella. Just thinking about it and I have just got 12 lb !!! 🙂
– Lol I will make you do sport then ! well so prepare it for Saturday then 3:)
– OK I prepare all this! Just a quick question: are you really vegan?
– That depends on days and you
– According to days, vegetarian… But most of the time omnivore.
– Omnivore does it mean that you eat men? Or just a part of them?
– No, it means that I eat anything… and especially a very precise part of men… I generally eat them entirely…
– I am volunteering to unfrustrate you : with what you’ve written to me you must be excited
– Hummm too late… I did it alone. So is it OK for you tomorrow night?

Finally here we are, she cooked me something and that was a good idea because I had nothing anymore at home and laziness to go shopping.

I already had the cock on fire when I went there. It was a salad of rice with fresh vegetables and some white wine. Very well, all this! Then she kissed me while I just caressed her leg casually : I played with her little pussy and she rose on me. Then I destroyed her ass doggy-style on the couch. What a good fuck, she shouted so hardly! Then, I finished her whole salad of rice and we took a shower together. I made her come again just with my fingers and I got hard again. This hot water that caressed me and these shouts of pleasure excited me, in fact. A miracle considering my general state and that I was not even sure that I could be able to be strained once by coming. She kneeled down and sucked me with her attractive small nose and her mischievous look. A girl with a hyphenated first name, 26 years, from Bordeaux, real estate agent, looking all-around great at first sight but what scamp in the second sight! And she knows how to do it. I travelled with this blowjob… the orgasm I had was powerful… I was then invaded by energy: I did not know what to do any more to evacuate it then I hit the wall. Too good, seriously! She wanted me to sleep with her, but well, that would have implied to fuck again the next day and I didn’t feel able to, seriously. No more energy, here. I returned at 1 am and cooked some fried potatoes casually by watching the end of Kaboul Kitchen… seriously I am a big fan of the mustache of colonel Amanullah. I could watch the show only for that.

Here we are, it was the news. Please don’t speak to me about sex before April. Saturation ! Except maybe the young seller teaser there… a pussy like that : we take it when we have the opportunity of it otherwise we regret it for a long time. On the other hand, seen my level at the moment, it is her who would have enjoyed her life if she had come yesterday evening but well… well, I am going to leave her a second chance all the same, if she is not too stupid she will seize it.

Signed: colonel cock on fire aka Kalashnikov.

Kiss les jeunes. Que le Dieu du Game soit avec vous !

I am going to make an epilogue for this pervert’s column with the FR of Padawan of last November related to the small inhabitant of Lyon.


(*)Written by Padawan on November 27th 2013,

On October 18th I had a last oral exam in Lille, and I had decided to stop in Lyon on my way back to visit a friend.

He lives in a dormitory and I thought I could wreak havoc with her neighbours but there was nothing interesting in the group ! I also got acquainted with his neighbors who advised us to go to a nice bar / club : a rock boat, a barge filled with women who are hungry of cock according to them!

In brief, on Saturdays night we meet up with people in the barge. There is an abyss compared to Aix… women everywhere ! The atmosphere is top. I discuss a little with people who were there, that moves a lot.
I turn around in the crowd and I find myself face to face with a very charming brunette. She was up to bump in me, thus I said a bullshit! I don’t remember what I said at this moment. We part and I leave finding my buddy.

We settle comfortably in a corner to get some air and now the girl tries again: she sits down with a friend just next to us. With this approach invitation I cannot resist. “How do you plan to make me forgive you for earlier !”. The conversation starts well! My buddy acts like a wing and talk to her friend : perfect !
But the thing is, they want us to buy them drinks… I thus make speak my repartee (line) with a shock sentence for this impertinent girl : “Do you know what is a guy who pays drinks to a total stranger?”. She is called out, I continue: “A looser !”. She likes the challenge, the conversation goes on.

It is the moment to isolate her… but the thing is, she came with a lot of friends… hard ! I do it all the same by pleading that we have to jump into the Rhône. I stick her to the barrier, she is enthusiastic, I get closer and… I pass by her head and make a comment on the height of the likely fall. I feel her frustrated, I try to kiss her for good and we play to get away, then we eventually eat each other’s mouth! Very good.
I try to leave with her, but she does not want and her buddies cockblock me completely!
She takes advantage of it to ask drinks and fags to guys. We play the libertine couple in front of two guys, funny ! She makes her friends game also by giving them missions with guys, awesome!

Then I abandon her by telling her that I have to leave, to make her react! But I only leave to hunt more there… and a guy sends me on his American roomy who is very hot! (a real bro).
After a while the first one tries again. She is jealous and kisses me in front of the American.
So I negotiate the FC, no way, she has to go back at her parent’s… well it was just an excuse, we planned to meet up again the next day to have sex but she flaked.

The thing is I had taken her number. The text phone game was hot ! She thus had to accommodate me a weekend in Lyon in exchange for orgasms.
I thus went back there last Friday to see my friend and my cousin and, well of course, by going out of the restaurant I visited the chick. We a little played when I arrived, the tension was strong… It was hot ! We had sex all week end long.
A 19-year-old woman who likes sucking it is so good! I was ready to do it several times but I think that she had enough because she lied down to recover. In brief the next day and on Sunday we did it again, in the awakening and in the evening. I was still excited like a lion ready to devour a gazelle.

Moreover I am “one of the only guys who have given her orgasms “, nice ! She will think of me when she will masturbate 😉

A very good week end. It’s very interesting to game somewhere else that in the South of France!

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