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Even if they drop-dead want to kiss you, they feel better with making a little resistance

17th February 2013,

I just blow into town because I am very busy tonight. OK, so, concerning Beautiful Name I sent « In fact, I want to kiss you again and again and again so your Friendly Relationship, you can forget it. Her answer « Ah… ». Now, I freeze her out, she pissed me off. I let her the time to think. We will see if she is smart.

Well, this afternoon, I decided to go out and walk during one hour because I was tired, don’t wanna spend the day in front of the computer, and I had an idea : what if I contacted Pauline the blond working girl, my Adopte date of yesterday ? I sent « Are you waiting that I send the first post-date message ? » Getting some fresh air gives good ideas. We talked and she said she was in town. Another drink, we discussed and we even got that we were in class together during 1 year but she had a boyfriend. I probably noticed her but… nothing more. In brief, we talked about gender relations, we made fun of each other, she is always ready for a laugh and quick to respond and our body languages synchronized. I caressed her feet under the table like the day before and it looked like she didn’t mind.

On our way, passage in front of my apartment whereas she returned to her car. I was walking fast without saying goodbye to her and she came to me. She was waiting something so I said « handshake ? » She said yes and I kept her hand in mine whereas I came closer and kissed her… she moved back a little but not too much: I smacked her and then she kissed me back. After these two kisses, silence and I said « embarrassing, right ?
– No, it’s OK. » She left with the smile and I admired her butt.

So that’s crazy, even if they drop-dead want to kiss, they feel better with making a little resistance. Is it a way to test the confidence of the guy ? Did I forced her and was wrong ? Or, they are simply complicated and no needs to try too much to understand them ? I vote for the answer A. I had to kiss her, what would I have looked like otherwise? Who does not kiss at the second date is a gay man, at the third is a lost cause.

End of the date : 9:30 pm, perfect timing because I have a girl of FB, I have never seen her but she sends me naked  pictures (in all the positions) she said she will come visiting me and drink shots of tequila (and probably fuck). So here I am, waiting for her : Plans like that, I never know if it smells good or not … I will tell you tomorrow if it was an « epic fail » or an « epic win ».

In any case, Pauline made me feel happy. I like her and, I guess we can say she is my cutie birthday present (the one of the naked pics worth it too). And I have to say, Beautiful Name and Marie my Open Relationship pissed me off so I have to bang someone.

Marie, my ex-lovely darling, wanted to talk this afternoon. It’s true that I promised her we will meet without fucking, but I can’t be everywhere. Now, she is hurt and sent me a « I hate you ». It’s OKAY, I am immunized.

Kiss, family. May the God of the Game be with you !

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