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How to easily kiss 12 girls in only one night out

22th February 2013,

Yesterday’s night can be divided in two phases. Both parts more mythical the one than the other. I am going to tell you everything in order chronological.

I ) Date with Pauline (the blonde from Adopte) to eat together. I brought her in a burger bar just to see if she is a snob or if she just looks like a haughty girl. In my opinion, she is the kind of working  girl who sucks without undoing her bun and keeping her glasses. That makes me a lot of effect. To the restaurant, she seemed comfortable: it was cool, the discussion derived slowly and she suggested herself coming “to see my cat”. OK, if it wasn’t obvious, she wanted to come to my place. But, during a previous date, she had challenged me ” I shall not come to your place before the 10th date.
– Ah well, it’s OK for me because I never sleep before the 11th date.
– You will not can wait.
– Bah if you say that, it is that you don’t know me well.
– I could do what I want, you will resist?
– Yeah.” Then here we are, it is a challenge for me… Spending at least 10 dates before sleeping with her: it will establish a psychic connection and I will see if sex is better when we enjoy a deep relation. As a result, once at home, I turned her on and everything and the Coach of Marseille rang at the door so I decided to kick her out.


II ) The Coach is my buddy who is a coach in seduction in Marseille (I met him in the medical party of December (I have already spoken about him several times (fuck needs that I stop putting brackets in the brackets (that becomes difficult to follow)))). It was nice nights then here we are, we became so to speak “occasional wingmen”.

Yesterday evening, I had duly won places for the “Champagne Showers” (in fact I got on with the guy who works in the club : the buddy of the girl of ice cubes then I made 15 000 invitations on his FB event and he gave me free entries) in one of the clubs the best the esteemed in the city center. Then here we are, I was on the guest-list and it is so class. The thing is that the club is rather small and, without lying had there at least 600 people. It was highly full (one hour to put his jacket in the changing room it’s boring) …

The Coach had a T-shirt “I <3 doggy style” then I was jealous but he promised me that for my birthday of Saturday, he would give me one ” I <3 cyprine “. Phew.

I chose to invite the Coach because he is the only guy about whom I knew that he would follow me in the frenzy which I had planned. There are others certainly who would have assumed what I proposed to him but I was not 100%sure that they would not flinch. The idea: a crash&burn. The principle: we attack groups of girls by telling them not more but not less than “would you like to kiss me?” In brief, we forget all about the phase of attraction and comfort and we use the confidence conveyed by the pushy attitude to have our way. Our best trump cards : maintain the eye contact, the touch, and the formulation of the question. Many people answered us “no I have a boyfriend ” then we changed at a given moment we tested “are you single = > YES (ladder of yes) = > would you like to kiss me?”. But well that filled up me because it was too much complicated and then I said to myself that I had  no desire to kiss only single women.

We had difficulty starting because we were pushed aside in all directions, by children moreover. I didn’t drink so I was deprived of superpowers … I even missed an IA. An IA is what I call an invitation to the approach : in this particular case, a girl whispered something in the ear of her friend and she returned, agreed then the first one came dancing against me. So : she asked for confirmation to her friend to know if I was cute enough for her because she liked me. I did nothing. She was correct… Shame on me.

I believe that we had to really begin to play at around 2 o’clock (the club was full and the spirits began to warm up. At the beginning, I began because I did not feel the Coach convinced by my idea.

1) A group of 3 passed in front of me and I asked the first one “no”, I asked the second: she looked at me like if she did not understand (she couldn’t believe her eared) then threw herself on my mouth like if she had not eaten for 6 months (nevertheless she was not ugly : tall blonde, thin with a head of doll but a little bit stupid face because of drugs needs to say it). She kissed me everywhere in the neck and on the trunk and bent, I even believed that she was going to suck me on the dancefloor. That was VBT. I left her after 10 minutes of pleasure (because it was all the same pleasant). On the other hand, we did not see her again in the club, she probably got banged in a car or against the fountain behind the club. I didn’t care: I played to a very funny game.

2) I have kissed another one but impossible to remember her. Nevertheless I force my memory now, no offend for her. What I remember is just that the score was 2-1 when we positioned in the main corridor. (Moreover, Coach, when you will read that, if you can share  your memories concerning her, it would be very cool, and I shall re-post behind. Kiss kiss.)

3) In the corridor, we put ourselves in ambush: like that we could ask every girl who passed. In brief, thanks to the stopping-off place: we did not even need to move and ewes had just thrown themselves into the mouth of wolves. At the moment one not bad rose to the bait. I asked her and she told me “go for it”: a short-term kiss then she passed.

4) The girl of ice cubes (cf. in January) passed there: kiss express, I didn’t even finish my sentence. And by the way, she has me re-added me on FB this morning, thus it is cool and she is cute (a lot of boy would break a leg to be kissed by a girl like her but I feel something is wrong with her… but it’s cool to play with her all the same).

5) Her best friend, brown hair, not tall not short, accompanied her and she convinced  her “go ahead you can kiss him too”. Friendship is beautiful.

6) At one moment, a chick came and told me “if you help me to find my friend, I kiss you”. I do not like these little games then I said yes but I did not move. She left on her way then returned and there I handcuffed her by surprise. Yes I had a walk with a pair of handcuffs in plastics “you stay with me.
– (laughing) OK.
– you wanted to negotiate with a gangster then assume now, normally it is: half before the delivery, half later.
– OK.
– thus we kissed without the tongue before and with later.” Smack like young people of schoolboy. I found her friend, her ex came bullshiting me and we almost fought. I sat her free just in time before he punched me. Seriously I don’t care about this girl, so they solve their problems between them, I am not a therapist for couples who broke up. Poor France!

7) As a result, her friend who we looked for, a tall one : I asked her “just to be sure” and she rushed on me. The girl of the handcuffs came back (she had apparently got rid of her pot of glue) and threw to me “too bad for you, I do not give second chances”. I don’t care, darling.

8) I arrived at the table of the organizer of the evening (which was a success): the a little bit fat waiter with a head of teddy bear. There was his buddy, the girl of the ice cubes (FDG) and other one of his female friends. They kissed each other (three of them), the principle is cool, they explained to me (we do it because we consider were are of the same family). Moreover, the waiter has also smacked me, well, it was funny in the party and everything then he is nice this guy.
– FDG: are you part of the family or not?
– Cyprineman: when we are of the same family, we bath together, no?
– FDG: Yes.
– Cyprineman: Then yes.” Thus we kissed with 4 mouths.

9) I also kissed a beurette [A young Frenchwoman of north-African origins] (pretty) who danced with her friend. The groups of two are my favourites.

10 and 11) Next to the bar I fell on two 17-year-old high school student SO FRESH : thin, attractive with blue eyes and all the fuss. In fact it was a group of three but I have just kissed two of them. One quickly but the other one stuck me: ” how old are you, what’s your name, etc.”. In brief, an interrogation according to the rule book and I don’t like that then I answered some shit. She told me “wait I am going to order a drink” and I left as soon as she had turned the back.

At this moment, (at about 4 am) we had approached more or less all the girls in the club, except the VIP area. We tried to go there 2-3 times but no way. In any case, it is knackered the VIP area, the very fresh girls go there like they want and we are refused because we have hairs in the snout but not full money pockets, it is a shame. I want to rebel against the system. Then as a result, we attacked them by side, we turned around the VIP area and we spoke to the girls who were against the windows of edges. Like if we besieged a castle-fort.

12) One put us in competition : she asked us to turn around to see our backs and butts, and to dance. I don’t like dancing then I told her that I would not do everything she wants, that she had only mouth and nothing in the string and everything, and that I had no time to lose. As a consequence, she asked for more explanations: we have lied as usual, we told her that “the one who will lose has to do a striptease on Saturday” then she gave me a lot of advice to win lol. Then, she pushed her tongue in my mouth and gave me a kiss of great distinction. This girl was apparently older than us, I would say 27 or 28 years. Then, I can make a mistake but… I already doggystyled some thirty-year old women, and they excite me, thus I want to believe it. The most mature women, fresh young girls and the chicks of our age: I believe that they all have something which excites me.

Then here we are, we have kissed 17 girls together. We didn’t make of doubles, even if we have a doubt on one but apparently the account is good. I think that we had approached hundred girls so approximately 20 % of success with this technique. We kissed 10 % of the club (more by counting only the fresh girls). Good job, bro.

We took some mythical rakes also. A lot of simple “no”. Some “no thank you but it is nice to ask”. One ran after me in the club telling me “but are cute you know but I can’t :(“. Two gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then needs to say that we were going to ask it to the same girls thus “no + neither” and others “no + you even less”. Girls who felt that you give them a little power and who feel like the masters of the world. IE floozies not funny who want to hurt too confident guys. Sometimes we approached circles, we asked them and we crossed and we continued. The girls were laughing out loud. Also “no, it would be too easy!
– Bah for you too it would be too easy.” We had a lot a lot of “I have a boyfriend” others “you have already asked me” and even one “you have already asked me three times”. Seriously I realize that I have a shameful memory. I can remember the street and the number where lives the girl of the ice cubes while she told it to me only once but not at all the things maybe more vital like going to school, feeding the cat or paying my invoices. Alors, I guess, some thought we were joking.

Then here we are, I made out with 12 but I can count only 11 because the girl of ice cubes (who moreover redid me the thing with the ice cubes) was already checked. Next stage: a blowjob, I lick her pussy, and a hard doggy style of 30 minutes virgin bitches like her deserve.

At the end, we approached a last girl together. She did not want to kiss because she “had already kissed a guy tonight and that would stand out badly (like if everybody was eying her)” then she asked us why she should kiss us “I do not kiss without reason” then without consulting the other one we murmured to her ear at the same time “because people say I am a good kisser”. I believe that we are a little bit connected, finally it was beautiful lol. I left by grumbling that she was not funny and the Coach continued to try to pick her up, he took her number. Well done, bro, even if I doubt that you will screw her according to her state of mind of shit full of principles submitted to the social pressure.

When I told the party to Padawan, he told me that 12 it was not a lot all the same that I would have been able to do better. He really has to go out more often because he doesn’t realize I think how the field is difficult (not a real club in this fucking city, little places, 70% of men, etc.) and then the fucking mentality submitted to the social pressure of those people who go out to be seen rather than to have fun. In other words, Aix, it is really hard as a field, especially when you have no cash. But it is cool to train here, that really makes you become good.


III ) Otherwise, it’s done, I found an internship. Just a step from at my place moreover, in the Allées Provençales in one of the biggest French groups of chartered accountancy. I am going to work for the boss who has a partnership with the implementation of the metropolis of Aix-Marseille and I am going to make full of relations, to have certainly a good grade at my UE7 because the mission which they proposed to me is original and important. We promised me bonuses and summer job. I am satisfied, very relieved especially. On the other hand,  it sucks, my boss called me just now with a hidden number and I answered by saying “Ouaiyeee”. Seriously : I thought it was Hafid who wanted to go out. Big silence then… he laughed. Phew.

Who could think that a guy like me who likes very much bukkakes, who thinks that DSK was right to fuck a chambermaid and who has a lack of respect for everything which breathes (except cats) could find such a good job? I am going to try not to arrive too much late in the morning, because I don’t like justifying myself (“ouaiiiiis had traffic jams on foot”), I hope that I shall not work on Saturdays, that the secretaries (who are fresh and young, seriously, it is not Raymonde from Carrouf, it is rather Paris Hilton) practice the blowjob during the hours of break. In return, I promises to leave their intact bun and to do not come on their glasses. There will be also, I hope, a head of Turkish to take care of and a distributor of vodka in the hall. I know that in the United States, we can sometimes come working in flip-flops then because it is soon the return of beautiful hot weather in the daytime I would like to put myself barefoot on my desk. I dunno how to formulate my request. Then here we are, I took my time but at least I found an internship where the distributor do not proposes only coffee and bottles of water and moreover, the policy on the sexual harassment is not very strict. Because I am Cyprineman (and I am proud of it, that’s the worst thing).

May the God of the Game be with you !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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