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This afternoon, I took the virginity of a girl

January 24th 2016,

This afternoon,  I took the virginity of a girl. So, like Raelsan would say “I write these diabolical verses with the blood of a virgin.”


But before I tell you that, I have got some news from The Russian I want to fuck with The Teacher :

«Me: I want to give you your first orgasm: d
She: Ahah you’re so sure you’re going to succeed?
Me: I want to succeed. I kiss you virtually on the mouth while waiting for us to meet up again then 🙂 if you agree, of course
She: Ok, see you soon
Me: This « ok », was it for kiss? Wink emoticon
She: For the kiss yes, I am not against emoticon grin
Me: Lol. You make me laugh ! Do you want us to meet up just the two of us or with The Teacher ?
She: Just the two of us maybe ?)
Me: I also want smile smiley do you want to meet up in a bar or at your place?
She: In a bar maybe, but we will decide more precisely on Friday I guess »

I am staying in the race, I guess. Except that on Friday and Saturday I have stuff planned. But hey, I’ll improvise.


This afternoon, I had fun. I invited the little 25-year-old virgin arab whose only experience was to have sucked in the dark a guy met on Adopteunmec (I think I’ve already told you about it).

She hesitated a lot before coming, especially since I made it clear this morning that we would not be a couple after sex. She insulted me a little, then she weighed the pros and cons, and she agreed to come for losing her virginity.

I do not understand why she was still virgin, seriously : she is cute, thin and hot. In addition, she is much less boring in real life than online (where she harassed me a little). She works in the legal field (at the court of trade, I think) so she’s not the stupidest girl on Earth. Well, there are sometimes weird stuff in life.

In short, I welcomed her in the darkness as agreed (but I had seen by the intercom she was fuckable hahaha). We kissed after I started caressing her shaved pussy, after 2 minutes. She is a quite good kisser.

She was well wet, but after a while her legs no longer stood her. She said that no guy had given her so much pleasure, yet I was using for now only my right index finger on her clit.

So we went to the bed, where she undressed spontaneously saying that it was a hot day. I then went down to lick her, I also touched her pretty breasts. She removed her bra. Her little ass was firm. It was good. She begged me to take her, during the pussy-licking. Having learned the lesson of the other Thursday evening, I put on a condom and penetrated her. She was all tight (even that at first I could not slip one single finger into it… not even the little finger). I ended up being in her after a few minutes. I told her to put my cock into her at her own rythm and she screamed. But she wanted it: she was very horny! Sex is always a bit between pleasure and pain, anyway.

She told me she felt very little pain. Much less that she would have thought. I went out once I opened the way: I was at this moment able to slip two fingers in it effortlessly. This time, she had no more hymen, and her little pussy was not so tight. It was waiting for me. After that, we made the first missionary position of her life. She told me she liked my cock.

Afterwards, we made a hug and then I licked her again. I had to guide her, to be very patient and everything, I had to teach her how to let it go… but we have succeeded. She had an orgasm for her first time, such a lucky girl.

Then she wanted to have sex again. But I asked her to suck me before : it made me so hard when she told me she has sucked a guy in total black and has loved it. Btw, I can tell you she’s doing a pretty good job.

Then she climbed on me but did not like this position too much. I felt really comfortable in her sex, molded to the shape of mine. She prefers to be submissive, she said. So, I put her on all fours and I fucked her very hard : doggy style. She told me she loves it too much. Seriously, I broke down what was left of her hymen, the poor one.

Her little virgin ass, on all fours, it’s something awesome… I can guarantee you. I am the first and only dick that have been in her, it is very exciting, put yourself in my shoes! In addition she has a slim waist and pretty hair… so the view was great!

Well, the problem with the Maghreb girl, is their family, in general. I hope that her brothers will not come and punch me in the face because I have taken the virginity of their sister.

I turned light on, we hugged and she wanted to leave to rest. She no longer felt her legs she told me. There, she went at her place and stressed because she continues to bleed a little. I looked on the Internet and it looks like it’s a pretty normal phenomenon.

Me on the other hand, I had a really hard time : I had to change the sheets and clean it with the washing machine. I removed a lot of blood with a sponge and cold water  (and soap). Then it pissed me off and I threw everything in the machine. We’ll see how it will turn out!

I changed the life of a girl… again. I hope this will help her to be more confident in her whole life, and that it will have helped her to take a positive step in her head and to move on. She deserved it because for a virgin who fucks a stranger, she knew what she wanted and was motivated (.

May the God of the Game be with her!

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