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10 tricks to stand out on the sites of online dating

I have been a little bit negative in my last article about online dating. I have to admit that awesome girls can be met online. Moreover, it would be very hypocritical crying out the opposite because I see frequently at the moment several kinky girls met online. But to achieve such a outcome instead of being plucked as a pigeon, it is necessary to know how to take advantage of online dating (or being lucky what I wish for you). Here are thus 10 tricks which will help you to improve your game online.

#1 it is marketing, you have to sell a product, and this product it’s you:

– the nickname : choose something which draws attention, something funny or which allows her to start a conversation. For example, a buddy has chosen “click-here”. So catchy! My “Bio Product” works well enough too because it allows me to tell girls that I am a man as a sex object who they can eat without getting fat. On the other hand, forget the things like “sex god”, “big dick”, etc.
– The choice of photos: The main photo is determining then forget pictures taken topless in the mirror or your bathroom on which we can see your pubic hairs. Selfies with duckfaces also, so cheap. On the contrary, the girl has to think “hmm this guy looks interesting I am gonna click on him”. It is the packaging of your product : it is necessary to attract the eye. If you d not look like Ian Somerhalder, do take pictures like if you were a model… Choose funny or intriguing photos who allows girl to start a conversation thanks to the staging.
– The description : I advise you to put so much text as you can and to write without spelling mistakes. Your text has to contain punchlines. No ideas? You can be inspired by advertisements which knew the success or you can visit some profiles of girls and to use their techniques against them. Finally, as in a job interview, make so that your claimed defects are in fact qualities.

#2 you do not take Online Dating too seriously :

in the women’s minds, even if they are on the site, only losers need Internet to pick up girls. Thus, and it can seem paradoxical, you have to adopt an attitude which conveys the fact that you do not need it.

#3 suggest the fact that you are good with women :

don’t put any photos on which you seem to like very much a girl… Rather photos on which girls seem to desire you. Also mattering : don’t kiss any girls on your photos: The jealousy is a good thing only if it is mixed with the uncertainty.

#4 do not brag and do not look weird :

avoid the things like “handsome sexy guy with six pack”… I mean, girls can see if you are sexy, no need to write it “Womanizer wants to play with your smlittle string” bragging communicates a lack of confidence (even if it is not your case case in fact), in the mind of the girls it is like the guy who compensates for a small cock with a big car. Furthermore, on the Internet, the girls will eliminate you at the first detail which will seem “weird” to them because it is well-known that there is a lot of strange guys and psychopaths online. But if you are too “normal”, you are insipid thus not interesting either. A middle ground has to be found.

#5 do not answer to every question in your description to make women send the first message :

if the girl has the impression that she chose you and that she came talking to you… Then the frame of the discussion will be that she tries to pick you up you and you will thus be from a position of strength. Then, your work will not any more consist in differentiating you of the mass, simply in not wasting everything. For example, do not lose your virility by becoming needy just because a girl is interested in you (I think of these guys who send 15 messages when she does not answer or who harass her by the telephone)… That would inform her that you are a loser because the other girls are not interested in you.

#6 sort out :

statistics are your friends. Some guys think that quickly by sexualizing the conversation, they lose girls because quite a lot of girls stop answering. The truth is they do not lose girl but they win time. These girls who look shocked when we start talking about sex are in fact pains in the ass, frustrated, girls who look for suckers to exploit, etc. I mean, you would not have fucked them anyway, then it is better to know it rather sooner than later, no?

#7 copy and paste the first messages but do not get caught :

the idea it is to be able to send messages of 10, 20 or 30 lines in 30 seconds. Why? First of all, because writing so much sets you apart (many losers send “hi hw r u” ? ” or “u know ur cute baby”). Then, because the girls who answer are obliged to write everything they thus invest with time for you… More than you for them in any case. And, this invested time, they will probably want to make it profitable. Do not forget to personalize your text a minimum all the same.

#8 contact the women who visited your profile even if they did not send you a message:

Many girls have no courage to approach you IRL but do not have it either to approach you on the Internet. They are also submerged by messages from needy guys, etc. Those who visit your profile are generally attracted at least a little : they are most of the time OK for talking with you. It is an indicator of interest.

#9 to really see what the girls look like, ask for other photos or for their Facebook :

in any case, be careful, because a girl is not a photo. The least good photo is generally the one they look like the most IRL . Certain minors lie on their age also, etc. In brief, it is better to cross-check several social networks before meeting.

#10 meet only when the plan seems solid to you, really concrete :

to avoid being stood up and other flakes, I meet a girl only when I feel that she is really motivated and when we have already talked a lot about sex. I plan dates only when I have nothing else to do and when that does not oblige me to travel specially. So, during the last 2 years, I made love to 90 % of the girls whom I met on the Internet. And I met on average 2 a month with a free thus limited account. Well, you know everything now. It’s your turn to enjoy life !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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