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How I was sucked by thirty-year old woman engaged/tortured

22nd April  2013,

Hello friends, let’s review the WE which has just ended. Needs that I tell you my date of Saturday afternoon with one of the blondes of the Champagne Showers, that I tell you where I am with the SPU and that I explain you how I was sucked by thirty-year old woman engaged/tortured.

On Friday : nothing, not enough energy to go out, the arms anesthetized by too much body-building. It is at 4:45 pm that I felt asleep by going out of the work. I slept till 9:45 pm then hung out on the computer with Cat till 4 hours. I even remember that I masturbated in front of Daredorm. Nothing very glorious, thus.

1) On Saturday afternoon : a freezing cold outside, if you want to know everything. I went to buy some great clear foundation cream, some mascara and teeth of vampire for the disguised party taking place that evening. Then, in the afternoon, I had a date with the blonde of the Champagne Showers who had contacted me again. We have talked a lot, in particular of the waiter who took the virginity of the girl of the ice cubes. Thus, certain girls like him for the “small celebrity” which he acquires in this social environment, then also he is cool, and especially they do it to brag in front of their friends and everything and to go in the club for free. So, being a waiter is maybe a strategic place if it is in an environment like that where the girls have a lot of cash thus are hot for the greater part but well it is a little bit humiliating all the same then here we are. With that said, so much the better if that allows AFC to bang hotties “they become the prize” without moving their ass. To note that they are not at all superior to PUAs : when they quit their job or move or whatever, they will be probably deprived of cyprine. The important thus is drawing the attention, that people talk about you. So, otherwise, the girl of the Showers told me being inactive sexually for quite a while … We shall see if I am going to destroy her pussy : I suggested her to come fucking to my place next week, she did not look against in theory, maybe she will contact me again… Maybe not. In any case, I am not going to fight for her, I don’t care : she is not a rare pearl even if she has got charm. I went home, cooled as a frozen food Findus and she too. In front of my door “I say goodbye to you” she approached like to give a kiss on the cheek to me. I evaded her and took her in my arms, I felt her squeezing me then I turned her face to me with the hand. Kiss. Day lesson: A girl who wishes that you kiss her can try all the same to give you a kiss. Where from the importance of the test of congruence.

Bracket facebookienne here: I shall be unblocked on Tuesday evening, so I am going to be able to begin again to poke in all-out. I believe that I am going to begin with the participants of last Showers, maybe that I shall persuade some that we kissed each other during the party or something. But I hope not being re-blocked … At the moment, I also question my registration on Adopt. I want to say, I have a free account it is cool and everything but I don’t connect there any more too much. Moreover, the girl of the Showers told me that there are lots of other guys who made girl’s profile like me, I am disappointed, I considered myself as original. Then, it is a real pain to me to go there, women make difficulties in virtual and everything while in street pick-up, that becomes concrete quickly. On the other hand, I like very much meeting in bars some girls to whom I spoke on Adopt, that breaks the ice and I kiss them rather quickly generally. But making a trip for a girl of Adopte without having seen her to go have a drink? That doesn’t really interest me. Last thing: the girls from Adopte, we find them generally on FB, then why not centralizing everything ?

2) Let’s talk about street pick-up now, I gave myself until May 15th to fuck a girl from the street but I believe that I am going to fail. Seriously, I have not even started to go hunting, I have not the time, then this city is quite small it is a fucking loss of time we re-meet all the time the same people … I am ashamed to look for excuses like that but that’s life. I don’t even see when I could go to have a walk to meet women between the work, the sport, the food-shopping, the dates and everything. But needs that I regain self-control. A challenge is a challenge. I need a string kick in the ass, if you want my opinion. If you have tips …

3) On Saturday evening, not very motivated, I disguised as a vampire for the birthday of Valentine. Why not very motivated? Roughly, I already banged her best friend who was present and I felt that she was going to stick me all night long. As for myself, I like very much the new women… Then also, I believed that it was in an apartment that I would have been able to vandalize but in fact it was in the VIP area of a bar. To tell you everything I went there because I more or less connected my buddy Padawan with Valou. In any case, it was a fucking good night.

Well, the place was classy and everything. But it is especially the friends of Valou that made me hallucinate. Only hot girls, dressed in an exciting way. Less hot were just cute and the others although vulgar or bimbos (they would gladly write a thesis on the duckface) were nice for doggystyle. Then here we were, about ten naughty girls deserving widely their mention “I would like very much to submit you as a dog to punish you for being also haughty and superficial but nice and hot”. Well, an atmosphere favoring heat and fucking : rosé made us drunk, eating olives while the girls waddled on a not bad music for once. Only adistributor of condoms was missing.

– There was Valoche, tall very nice blonde with a nice face dressed in marine mode. She would have been able to maneuver my rudder when she wanted. I moreover gave her two or three hands in the butt, like that just for fun.
– There were three girls who would have been able to participate in Les Anges de la télé réalité as Nabila’s clone. Two policewomen and a panther. Very superficial girls if you want my opinion, but so much that they tempt me to suck their fake tits. I would have spent 48 hours in station at sight with these policewomen. And the panther, she can eat me alive. Groar.
– The BFF of Valou was here, the girl of the street-fucking, dressed like a gendarme girl. Fuck I have probably a problem with the authority because frankly that damn made me hard all this shit. I wanted to handcuff her then to sodomize her. Moreover, with her bat, we had distributed some spanking with Padawan.
– Eva Longoria was there, dressed in serviceman with a little black camouflage on cheeks as if she wanted to go unnoticed when she sucks in a dark alley, or in the heart of the forest. Damn… role-playing games like that, make me crazy. Eva, I am willing to become your gardener.
– There was an a little bit crazy girl disguised as feminine Cowboy thus in Cowgirl. I would have played well the role of her Jolly Jumper but I learnt that she was in couple for two years and engaged. An alive and kicking, sparkling, openly funny and pleasant girl. She set fire (without lighter) by pissing off everybody with the song of Patrick Sébastien “la danse des sardines” or I do not know what. Really open-minded, she spoke to everybody, danced as if she was a guy by making movements of pond with her gun between the legs which hung weakly as a big pair of too heavy testicles. I guess that she pretended to sodomize her big buddy who got hooked. It is the false mustache which probably made her feel like she had so much testosterone (I think that I made a mono eyebrow with her mustache at a given moment).
– There were two other boring girls (always boring people everywhere), one was pregnant : the girl useless. Besides she gave me headache so I prefer to erase her of my memory.
– There were two AFC: a transparent lean young and a big nice fat guy.

At a given moment, I stole a pistol with plastic balls and fired at the DJ. A guy at a table next to us opened big eyes because of the girls, in fact they all drooled : poor people were three guys with only one chick and an ugly one. I also shot them. Bang bang, my baby shot me down. I also aimed at Eva’s low-cute : it was funny because she opened it a little more when I missed. At a given moment I succeed, shit!!!!!

One of the bimbos was completely on me : ah but you write about sex? You are the new Carry Bradshaw in fact. And it seems that you are a good fuck and everything according to the girl-of-the-street-fucking blah blah blah. That would have almost made me hard all this.

At a moment, we took advantage of the show with Padawan (disguised as serviceman with his raybans) quietly sat on a big red sofa. I believe that we looked like two pimps watching at their whores. Class.

I made a photo with two policewomen. I persuaded them that I had 120000 fans on FB, then needed that they make themselves beautiful and sexy for me to make a photo for my fans. One said “Wait can I put more red lipstick before?” Big LOL.

Well. I had to kick the ass of Padawan because instead of taking care of Valou (who was not happy : “he is embedded in my birthday and he prefers the policewomen but I don’t care I have a date later”) he hung out outside doing I don’t know what. “Fuck go talking to her and make a physical escalation.
– But I have the impression that it’s dead … She says that she wants a serious relation and everything …
– But shut up and do what I said. Trust acts, not words… and trust me”.

I spoke with the Cowgirl, cute but wearing a false mustache. “Valou is jealous that he does not try to pick her up.
– I am jealous too.
– I can try to pick you up if you want.
– Oh yes.
– But are you not engaged?
– Ah no (tidying up her ring in her pocket) not tonight.
– Well, I shall kiss you later.
– You know that you really look like Orelsan?
– OK, you want that we see each other for the Valentine’s Day? [it is a famous song  by Orelsan in France : suck me for Valentine’s day]
– Are you suggesting me blowing you?
– Yes. It is human, right?”

Meanwhile, Padawan wanted to take a photo with the gendarme then well I kissed her for the picture it was funny. Except that the Cowgirl saw it. “But you are mean, you said that you were going to try to pick me up and you kiss the girl-of-the-street-fucking.
– Don’t worry, when has it it for one has it it for two.” Hand on the butt, smile, it’s good.

Later, we quickly stopped at the girl’s of the Street Fucking (she lives in the street where all the bars are) because the girls wanted to make beautiful to go to the club. OKAY. Problem: one single key for all the group and the front door did not stop closing. So the gendarmette rocked the keys of 3rd stage and I caught them in my hat (great practical the hat I guess that I am going to use it as peacoking even if it is a little bit commonplace). I got them every time, and with several drinks of rosé in the blood besides. Will need to explain to me how I did it, it’s maybe the body-building which makes more skillful.

Coming out from nowhere and attracted by this commotion, Lolotte (the supposed couchsurfer I had kissed in her bathroom) came to say hello to me. I just wanted to kiss her like that in the staircases of the gendarmette there but it would have not been decent. So I proposed her “hey wait I want to show you something in the stairs, just wait two minutes”. Seriously, she would have come in with me, I would have kissed her there like that against a wall that would have been magic. I wonder how she would have reacted? In brief, she was with 3 guys (ugly AFC if you want my opinion but I have a little the hatred at the moment I find everybody very ugly except my buddies) who grumbled to wait that the girl of the street fucking sends keys again because they had their stuff at Lolotte’s apartment. She told me “I call you back in 10 minutes and we see each other”. She never did it, of course bitch, nevertheless I had read in her eyes that she wanted that I kiss her. Will understand who will can, maybe she made an orgy with her 3 Bob. I have the impression to be on her waiting list and I don’t like that. It is me the prize, motherfucka. She deserves that I screw another one of her friends.

In fact, it is maybe a good thing because, as a result, I came into the building with the Cowgirl. We both were in staircases and I told her “it is here that we kiss each other?
– No.” I did it all the same, she liked very much. Passage to the gendarmette’s flat, go clubbing.

Padawan finally used his testicles and kissed Valou on the dancefloor, me the Cowgirl again, and the girl of the Street-Fucking grumbled “go for it if you want to bang him, in any case he is a toy”. Hurtful with that. Our two hens paid to us to drink, it is a little the class. My 29-year-old girl said “it is my first treacherous party”. I laughed “I love first times”. I so much warmed her that she admitted “I have a guy for two years, he didn’t touch me for 3 months, I feel like if I am his roomate, I really want to have sex but I can’t. You excite me too much touching me up like that, stop, that too much tempts me.” Padawan took the photo, it is a little our new game : photographing us when we kiss chicks.

Around 4 o’clock, we discussed outside “I am cold I lost my jacket.
– OK pass at my home I will give you one.
– OK but we will not fuck.
– OK.” On our way, I caught her by her legs, lifted her and put her on a window to warm her “fuck it has been 10 years since I waited that a man finally stick me to a wall”.

Arrived at my home, I took off her top and her bra. I took off my pullover too. I led her in my room. She had hard tits, I licked her nipples, I kissed it and everything. “I can’t do that, I am religious.
– Undress me”. She opened my pants and took it off. “Fuck there is an almost naked man on me there and I can’t fuck him. Besides, you are a hottie.” She touched my cock. I managed to put my hand in her pants but she deeply removed it (the hand not the pants unfortunately). I had time all the same to feel that she was wet. She suddenly got up and pretended having to get dressed. I brought her down to the ground . We got up both on knees. “Don’t you want me?
– Fuck yes I want you, guess what, I want to shake you, to suck you and to fuck you.
– Do it.
– I can’t.
– You just have you to tell me “yes” and I force you. Say it.
– I can not, I can not, I can not, I can not, fuck.
– I want to lick you.
– Stop saying what I want to hear…
– You are not going to leave in this state all the same?” She eyed my dick in erection. “You make me have a good laugh with your hard cock.
– You are responsible for it.
– Fuck it has been 3 months since I didn’t make a guy hard like that. ” She came down and took me in her mouth during 1 minute. She did it again twice “Fuck I am going to go sleeping next to my guy while I took your cock in my mouth”. She sucks well, it’s too bad that I am not a premature ejaculator because she quickly regained self-control. “I have to leave immediately”. Nothing to do, she left as a fury with one of my jackets. I received a text twenty minutes later. “Do you remember me? Sorry having left like that. We see again each other on Tuesday? I want you so much.” Seriously, I don’t see what that changes that we fucked this evening or that we fuck on Tuesday but fine. It is the logic of the chicks. Another thing there which scared me I thought again about it just now, she told me “I am 29 years old, I want kids, and you just want to fuck me, but I have to leave my guy before, I mean I guess, I don’t know, I can’t do that, I am religious…” In the meantime, I fell asleep on the tripod. Maybe I should say “and your guy if he doesn’t fuck it is that he is probably fucking someone else?” But I do not like being the black angel who announces bad news. Then I masturbated, twice. Once thinking of her. Once thinking of Nabila’s double, the policewoman. I don’t think that I can validate this blowjob because I didn’t finish, what do you think ? Oh, just at the moment both girls of Saturday have just contacted again me, business picks up again.

From their part, Padawan and Valou slept at the gendarmette’s place (they fucked as expected). And the girl of the streeet-fucking came with a sort of tall Chinese, a real AFC who went to buy her fags at 4 am at the other end of the city for an hypothetical fuck but she didn’t give him anything. Another shit who understand nothing to women…

Long live to the Game!

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