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Available for a nooner

April 25th 2014,

On Wednesday morning, I sincerely did no think going to the Thursday evening Champagne Showers… then, I aimed to poke a little in the list of the guests! Indeed, this kind of party at the heart of the bourgeoisie from Aix reminds me too much that we were all born equal except for a few thousand euros. Finally, we motivated at the last moment with Padawan. A little bit by magic knowing that he twisted his ankle during the training just before.

From the start, the music assaulted our ears and seeing all these 17-year-old kids drunk and full of drugs, happy to waddle in a as virile a way as Guillaume Galienne to try to pick up siliconed floozy, overstrung nymphomaniacs and apprentices starlets which mercenary lips and opportunist pussies are only interested in Gold credit cards, destroyed our morale in two seconds. Not a good beginning.

Well then, chacun fait fait fait ce qui lui plait plait plait, after all… so their lifestyle is their problem. Except if there is a collective conscious or a common energy that connects all the human beings and in this case they would pollute us all (certain esoteric theories aim towards that). Well, we will never know anyway thus fuck off. I ate organic grilled almonds next to those who took shots and drugs (no more need to drink to feel drunk: goodbye the ugly who become beautiful when I’ve too much drunk/but on the other hand I let them drink to become beautiful).

Fortunately, at the end of half an hour that Padawan spent sulking, one of the girls I had poked and with whom I had chatted on FB passed in front of us… then, I caught her by the arm and she came talking to me. Attractive, rather tall, thin, hot, funny. I played the game of the questions and that fairly turned her on. In the meantime, she tried to test me so I reframed her. Conversation dissected like my almonds):


SHE: You know, I love when people want me…
– ME : Yeah so what ?
SHE: I don’t kiss so easily…
– ME: You’re shy or you don’t like me ? Because if it is just that you want to play, it is better to do it with a bigger challenge… As for myself, kissing or not, I don’t care…
SHE: OK, I like challenge.
– ME:
What is the challenge in this case? Because, as for myself, I would prefer to warm you without kissing you, it would be funnier…
SHE: You’re not wrong haha!
– ME: Even I bet that it is you who could not handle sexual tension anymore and who would kiss me the first one
SHE: That’s what you think, I would resist!


– ME: If you start with this logic, I am not going to play… I do not see why you should “resist” while I am not going to hurt you… That kills me this shitty logic but I do not doubt that it works with the starved dudes! You make me laugh when you try to make the fact of kissing me looking like my reward: I’m not saying that I don’t like you, you kiss certainly very well but… if you kiss me then I also kiss you (and I heard that I am a good kisser)… it is thus a two ways reward like the autorute, do you see? As a consequence: no little game of power with me, you would be nice… then, I know very well that you are going to test me to see if I am a virgin/a guy who has no balls and it is your right but know that I will test you too!
SHE: It is sure that in this club there are a lot of starved dudes, a lot…
– ME: Yeah and then, you make them do what you want: buying drinks and everything…
SHE: Yeah it’s not wrong!
– ME: I rather look for a partner for a game which is a little less for the virgins of this club.

…(then we talked about sex and she seemed interested)…

– ME: Women often did it to me, the trick of the disinhibited girl, a little open-minded but finally the girl get “cold feet” at the last moment… we will see if you are a girl who keeps promises or one more who talks a lot but does not much… We have the potential to have a lot of fun, then, it’s up to you to see what are your limits: for my part, I never get “cold feet”… but if you’re like me, as you claim it, if you’re a partner of game at my height: that could be an interesting meeting which can give rise to cool adventures. The ball is in your court.


– SHE: By the way, how old are you?
– ME: Why ? Are you looking for excuses qualify me or not ?
– SHE: No, more you will be old more it will be exciting.
– ME: Oh really, tell me more ?!
– SHE: The more I see frequently a boy with a bigger difference in age with me, the more I find that stimulating…
– ME: Do you mean that the more he is old and the less chances he is bad in the bed?
– SHE: That’s it!
– ME: I’m 25 and you ? And when you say “to frequent” I hope that you speak about OPEN relation…
– SHE: The couples it is not too much my thing. How old do you think I am?
– ME: I think you are 19 !
– SHE: No : 17 !
– ME:
In the nature, the best genes are passed on in the couples which have around 10 years of gap (man older): This is why the woman is instinctively attracted by older men. On the other hand, the social pressure makes so that it is badly seen, people do not assume their attraction, fear of being judged and everything… And it makes the sexually frustrated society in which we live now.
– SHE (irrelevant) : Btw where do you live ?
– ME: 5 minutes away on foot from La Rotonde.
– SHE: Great ! On the other hand it must stay between you and me, our relation, do we have a deal?
– ME: That is not my style to broad nor to tell with whom I sleep.
– SHE : Tonight I HAVE TO sleep at my friend’s but if you want tomorrow in the beginning of the afternoon we meet up ?

Then, I suggested her playing to warm without kissing but her friend stuck her. As a consequence : she came, stayed 5 minutes with me, warmed a little, kissed me in the neck, then turned to see her buddy… And so on till 3 am. The hour in which I received a quite disappointing text.

03:19 “I’m gone”
03:20 “
With 20 mn more without your friend you would have left really frustrated ”
03:21 “Tomorrow we meet up ? ;)”

So here we are : I think that it is the fact of not having kissed her in the party that made that she said to herself fuck but this guy did not validate me like all the others would have tried to, there is something wrong, I should go to his place to be validated”. Once at home, we will just have to let the sexual tension speak. The girl wanted to come on Saturday afternoon but I said no to her because I have training on Saturday thus it is on Friday that we had to see each other… strike while the iron is hot ! Fuck when I think of it if I banged girls like that at the high school, I would have been fucking happy!!!

Otherwise, in the club, we saw again the Captain! He is always funny and we played to steal caps the organizers had distributed. A girl said “c’mon dude give my cap back it is my boyfriend who gave it to me !
– no, I don’t believe you, YOU you have a boyfriend ? You want me to buy this ?
– Fuck yes I have a man so go AWAY”.
On the other hand, he put on weight : 6kg of alcohol (that’s it to have the constitution of a Breton sailor). Then, further to the pokes I had beforehand sent, a lot of girls smiled to me or said hello in the club, it was funny to clear the land like that (even if I did not always recognize them). Finally, a girl wanted to sell me her packs for another party/even by coming to try to charm, I hate that then I messed with her: I eventually stole her cap and steal her a smack. Caught at her own game!

09:08 “Still ok for this afternoon ?”

No flake. The 17 years old chick directly came to my place without creating a fuss. I love the girls motivated like that: it is necessary to encourage them, I thus decided to take care of her.

We rather quickly warmed on the sofa: licking of pussy lied down on the couch then caresses/fingers up against a wall. At this moment, she had nothing else than her string (really fine-looking and firm the girl, it is good to see that, and especially her breasts are very cute). She could not handle more, her legs trembled, she rose rose rose. At the moment, I consider that she really really could not handle it any more: she wanted to go back on the couch to recover from it. It is the lack of experience, I think, that makes that she rose very very high but did not manage to come (lack of confidence in me after all she knows me hardly and then she does not maybe know very well her body either). Finally, she enjoyed, and she told me she had never felt that before in spite of the fact she had 8 20 years old partners before me. I have to say that she was sooo wet, in a way I’ve rarely seen!

She told me, “sorry I don’t know what is happening to me, I feel strange, I am going to go back home”. I let her rest 5 minutes on the sofa of the lounge. Then I removed my top next to her (because I still had all my clothes) by fingering her again. She pretended to resist but she liked very much that. At this moment, I got that in fact, she did not know too much by which end to catch me, that she panicked a little inside and everything.

I thus took all the initiatives, I brought her in the bedroom, lied her down, put myself in boxer shorts and she came on me. She began to shake me by telling me If you ejaculate do not do it on me plz…
– don’t you prefer that I take you ?
– it’s an option…
– OK !
– But put a condom PLZ… oh but you already have it ? I understood nothing, when did you it?!
Thus, she was on me and rode me. First time of her life that she did that apparently, she did not say it but she needed a moment to get her bearings then I saw her feasting. At the end of 5 minutes, she asked me “did you finish ?
– no why ?”
After knocks, she admitted to me after she had never been taken so long/strong. Nevertheless, honestly, the next day of a party, tired, I did not make a crazy performance… Well, that will make for her all the same a good point of comparison in the future. In fact, at the moment, I do not much of my days and nevertheless I feel all the time tired with less and less desires. I do not listen to too much myself but it is painful! In brief, I hope that she will not live as a burden this rock ‘ n roll sex education she has just received.

She really excited me then I quickly wanted to take her again but she really had her dose. I see it from her perspective, at the beginning we are not very tough. In any case, I think that it made her feel good being really fucked for once. Maybe that I will see her again and that I can teach her other things! To finish, she told me “you’re strange as a guy all the same
– but you like strange people
– really, why ?
– they are less boring
– oh yeah that’s true”.
I like brutal love!

In any case, on Facebook, my blog did not block her. She even asked me to call her Ljubljana in my text (I don’t know why but if that can please her I am not contrary). OK, it will be our “open” secret.

May the God of the defloration be with you!

PS1 = The fact that I had a fight with her brother a few years ago and that she is the niece of the girl of the ice cubes just makes her more delicious. (Seen on her FB).

PS2 (not the games console) = The guy of Adopt about whom I had spoken to you last time “AT YOUR FOOT”: He drove 30 miles to go to fuck the girl of my last FR except that once there, he was fatter and less cute than on his photos. I suppose that in addition he had an AFC attitude and badly communicate with her. As a result, he went back home after 20 minutes, frustrated, the ego broken… That’s why, the dates on the Internet, it is never won beforehand (and also why it is better to make the girl come than to go to her place). Find out all my advice in Secrets for seducing on the Internet.

PS 3 = We filmed a video with Padawan in which I approach a girl in a park of Aix.

PS4 = Little trip at the ASSOM with Alex, a new Padawan who had just read my book about gender relations. First time he approached in club/street… and : 3 kiss. The WE that followed, he made 1 FC thanks to the technique of the book. Ah, he makes me proud this young boy!

PS5 = We beat out record: last time, Virginie had 7 orgasms in the evening.

PS 6 : At the Showers, I proposed a threesome (her, Padawan and me) to one of the girls who organized. I was very direct but it was above all for fun. Her answer: “no sorry, you’re too ugly”. Hmm, hmm. So :
1/ don’t be sorry because it is your loss there : do not try to look smart by telling that (bitchshield) while in fact it is just that you do not feel at the height to manage two guys… like if you had every day this kind of proposal… and I know that you have already slept with many guys uglier than us. Also, maybe you are uncomfortable because don’t know if we are serious.
2/ Why do you feel like you have to answer maliciously while we ask you a kind and flattering question? The answer hatred VS love shows that what most pisses you off it is that you saw it as an assault on your reputation, you have the impression that we treat you “whore” by asking you for that.
3/ I know well that it is largely because you find me slightly too confident that you feel like you have to put me back in place. You are not going to persuade me that you are so nasty and rude in fact.
4/ I know that you have many tattoos and that you like very much that but me I have “doggy style” writen in Chinese tattooed on the left buttock thus I win ! 😉 kiss for you

PS 7 : This FR is sponsored by the brand Triaaangles [no it is not a spelling mistake] which offered me a funny T-shirt “dispo pour un 5 Ă  7 peinards (available for a casual nooner)”. I would also have imagined an even more provocative thing like “je suis le roi du cunni (I am the king of pussy lickers)”.

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