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4 dudes and 3 chicks undressed

On May 10, 2015,

There’s something like two weeks, I received a friendly email from a guy of Aix. A young dude, 20 years. He had a friendly face and I was in a good mood so I answered. He wanted to show me “Veecome” his website to organize parties in Aix in his apartment with strangers.

After, Jojo Hamster confessed that he and his buddy Titi (a guy from Nice with a quite gay look including an earring but hey it’s maybe fashion on the French) are members of ADS and read my blog for a long time and it would make them happy to meet me and pick up with me.

Good. So, just to please them, I organized a party on their website. I proposed an original concept: in the dark with card games where we would remove our clothes down until underwear (I had noting to lose I didn’t know this people). I thought that no girl would come and all the guys would click (and that I would cancel) … but no, it was actually fairly balanced as a ratio.

We went up to 7 chicks on the website but the day D all have flaked and we ended up 3 girls for 5 guys (including the girlfriend of the guy who contacted me – Jojo). Does it surprises you, you? Not me: they had one of the most memorable nights of their lives within range of cliques and they chikcen out huu sorry they did not come out of their comfort zone. It’s true that it’s better to watch Dancing with the stars on TV … pff … finally for those who think that I have a huge social circle with a lot of hotties, sorry to disappoint you : I do not necessarily always stay in touch with the girls, they are not always interested in this type of plan, etc. I said it and I repeat it: I sleep with normal girls, no nymphomaniacs or girls like that. And I am not a go-between to make you fuck easily my friends.

So, around 9:30pm, we decided to go picking up in the streets to find the two missing girls to have a balanced ratio. Nothing was found in the street, must say it was just me and one of the girls who approached. Jojo and Titi wanted to approach that night but in fact they did nothing, they chicken out! One of their friends, let’s call him Yellow Laughter because he looks like him (a French Youtuber) was trying a bit to approach too but well it was not enough. He is the kind of dude who always wears a suit … btw everyone is not Barney you should remain congruent with the context! In short, I must say that I went there as a soldier, “hi party strip – card game tonight do wanna join” The others wanted to lie in order to trap this girls but it’s better if they know what to expect, right? You don’t want to take them in a traitor way but rather in a doggy style way, right?

I also sent the invitation to every a little bit cute girls on my FB and I had 2 OK that turned into two flakes at the last moment. The others did not even answer, or were rude or patronized me and even insulted me. OK, people don’t know what’s good or what?! The worst it’s perhaps those who do not assume “not tonight I have another party
– Like if you’d come otherwise?
-. No, you know it
” FUCKING SOCIAL PRESSURE !!! At least I was able to sort my contacts. I also had jealous boyfriends who threatened me because ohlala I proposed a little daring party to their girlfriend, what a drama!

Anyway, fuxelife. One of the guys (one of their buddies) gave up and we ended 4M for 3W when we got back home around 11pm. At first, they wanted to play “Truth or Dare” but their Dares were really kind of crap you do pumps or you dance so I cropped everyone “What are those shitty Dares? At least we Frenchkiss or something?” One of two free girls looked at me in the eye and said “kiss me handsome” : general amazement. It was so unexpected. OK, so it was getting interesting. I drooled a little, I must say that I had drink 1L of tea so I had a very lubricated mouth.

The girl in question then came sitting beside me on the couch (probably attracted by my testosterone levels continually increasing in recent weeks) so I stroked her legs or back casually and when she made a remark like “what are you doing?” I answered either “I stroke your leg” or “fuck off” or “nothing baby
– Don’t call me baby / I’m not your baby
– OK baby
” And I kept doing it. I’m unpredictable and always at the limit of head slaps, it’s funny !!!

After that, the evening got a little more uninhibited. FINALLY !!! This chick was becoming increasingly hot. She kissed Titi. I’m not jealous me, every time there was a Dare, I told Yellow Laughter to kiss a girl in the neck or on the lips. I found him nice, I wanted to help him. I also wanted the girls to kiss together.

Then we played a strip – card game around 1am (the one in which all the cards are returned on the table and each player turns 2 in his/her turn and with the memory the goal is to manage to make pairs). There was a brunette with blue eyes and tanned skin (quite short, with no fat, not tiny tits and pretty lace) that I liked so she ended in underwear the first one. The other was a little more fat then she had complexes after. But it was not at all dramatic. So she didn’t want to remove her skirt. Rhalala prudish, why does she bullshit us while in fact she likes it !!!

Well fuxelife! I fingered her discreetly while two English (met on Tinder) I had invited rang downstairs. It was a little unexpected, I had no battery and it was 2am so I waited 30 minutes before going down and open to them shirtless. Yellow Laughter accompanied me in search of fresh meat, topless too. It did not really please these roast stuck then they have insulted us, I have not understand everything but I heard some “fuck yourself” in it. It kills me that these bitches do not even make the effort to insult me in French in France and do not want to comply with local customs (ie orgies in my house).

Well, so much the better in the end: the complexed told us that if we did not invite the English, she would remove her skirt. So I said that I had sent them to Hell and we ended up with 2 girls half naked. Titi had taken advantage of our absence to settle down with the girls and was kissing the complexed now who wanted my cock too so she always told me to come next to her, to give her my hand, etc. It was cool, we looked like procurers with our hens. CLASSY !!! To get busy I put my hand now ostensibly in the pants of the hottest of the two “but what are you doing?!
– What you want me to do
“and her friend outraged about to screw up everything “yeah he is too much of a dog in heat” I could have put her a slap but I wanted to put her some fingers instead so I said nothing, I turned her head and gave her a kiss… she at first timidly avoided before surrendering to my perverse charm. I went to sit next to her, the other started to pout a little, so I was able to rub her pussy.

After, the chicks have just won the game (no one will say we let them win) and Jojo’s girlfriend ordered me to undress. OK. No worries, I did expect this. After it was up to the girls to remove their bras saying it was not really fair play that we have only our pants and they still have two garments. We played a “Never have I ever” after that.

Well, I took a shitty excuse to go to my bedroom and I tapped my foot against the bed. It hurt me really badly so I shouted and I lay down on the bed. The one who was complexed joined me attracted by the smell attracted on my perched dick. I told her to lie down (without pressure to do not stress her) she said “no no but what is this trap?” then “ah but it’s true that we feel good on this bed“, stretching. There, because we were very relaxed, we kissed and I put my hand into her panties and I stroked/fingered and she was REALLY VERY wet. She could fill a rain gauge.

Yellow Laughter joined us while I licked her. He sat on the bed in his underwear and did nothing. She sent him to Hell, it was legendary. A bit naughty too. But he had less game, was less sexual, always refraining his moves.

The others said they’d leave us alone, some privacy in her intimacy, well. The thing is that I rather wanted fuck the brunette with blue eyes so as to choose I skulduggery “Titi he can come, him?
– Yes, him I’m OK
“. So I went to get him and I took the opportunity to take the most shy of the 2 by the hand. (She knew only one guy before me – it was a nice challenge) to warm her. I slammed the door and the shiest said “I’m just here to watch her.” I said “OK if you say so” and then I kissed her and I put my hand into her panties to caress her. Titi said “And me what do I do ? I don’t know what to do?” with a rather mythical stupid face (he is nice but his face was very drawn comic). I told him “kiss her dude.” It was obvious, right? Anyway they liked my tactless tact!.

Finally here, I licked the most feverish and she ended up naked like her friend. So, it was homogeneous. There it was OK for a 4 some. Then the door was violently opened, and Jojo and his girlfriend came in. It blocked a little mine, she wanted to stop everything especially that Yellow Laughter took this opportunity to come in again. The girls have rejected him again, poor dude. The couple it was OK if they got naked: they could stay. Especially since the girl was pretty hot and I wanted to see her naked, what excited me a little too was that she is also a member of the BDE (student affairs council) law university.

I licked my girl with two fingers in her pussy and I felt her contracting, she was about to come. It was probably a torture for her to be unable to enjoy. After, we fucked with condoms but it was so obvious she did not know what to do nor how. Then at one point I stroked the face and breasts of Jojo’s girl and I must say they are quite firm, it’s cool for him, even if his couple is in trouble. In addition, she is very nice.

Yellow Laughter cooked pastas in the kitchen during this time, we could hear the pots it was pretty disturbing. He also smoked 10 fags so much he was pissed off. And at the end of the evening he was found dying on the balcony. The poor is a virgin and wanted to lose his virginity like that. Too bad, he should be more enterprising than Titi to take his place! But then the others do not have too much experience either and have lied about their number of “conquest s” also. Jojo said 9 instead of 3 and YL 30 instead of 0. Titi said nothing. Chicks either except the shiest who said 4 instead of 1.

So now, Titi and Jojo have told me that they thought I was a charlatan but that at least they understood that what I tell on my blog is the truth. Since they call me “the legend“. It’s embarrassing. Jojo’s girlfriend said she was “skeptical” but was “pleasantly surprised” (she would be too if I fucked her – why not a threesome with her and Virginie) and Yellow Laugh told me “oh yeah since tonight at least I know that everything is possible now.” Cool, I’m officially their idol.

On the other hand, the other two chicks said they did not regret me but that we will not see again each other because they have “men in their lives.” Of course ! Basically, I a little shaken them, so prudes, it’s hard to go out of your comfort zone right. They will remember this evening as a vivid memory of their lives, but I become a monster, a leper, a guy to avoid. It’s unfair that rationalization and guilt they experience after sex! And that I also undergo so! It is inequitable and they liked it then what is the problem? It must stay a secret?

I tried to friendzone them to fuck their girlfriends and that’s how I discovered that: they do not really feel too good for me, but they are totally tight-ass and feel “dirty” or I don’t know what. A kind of buyer remorse but not really. It was not very clear, their arguments. One even said that I was a guy who thought only about sex and everything … they have not understood me at all or they are in denial. It’s hard, these girls who do not assume anything … Anyway, I’m used to being the asshole (although I’m a nice guy) but it’s annoying and disheartening when it’s too often! Because I contradict them and make them face their contradictions they say I harass them to my buddies while in fact they answer I would not feed the conversation alone. And of course the guys believe the girls or doubt because they want to fuck them (there’s always a hope). It’s easy !!! In short, I put a nuclear weapon in the hands of beginners (it was the kind to exclaim like animals when a girl undressed instead of encouraging her and making her feel comfortable by complimenting her). Yes, they will remember this 6some (although we did not really exchanged is it a 6some?) … But well… they’ll probably find reasons to say it was not thanks to me.

Band of ingrates!

After the shock they received, I even wait until the AFC will turn against me! Fortunately I do not care. I’m just happy to have lived that.

May the God of the Game put more 6somes on my way please!

PS = the highlight of the orgy is that Titi has such a big dick and such a powerful ejaculation he pierced the condoms (and the girl) !!! Video soon available on the site of Michel et Augustin Jacky et Michel (even if the two guys were not really hard all the time)! Ah yes other funny thing to finish the girl told “there are a looot of good fucks out there!!! Besides we have men we in our lives!!!” Thus it is a deviant to make love with several persons in the respect? More than to cheat on her guy? And there are a lot of good legs out there? Ah well, but it is not what I had heard until now… nevertheless with their inexperience, they are not what we could call references.

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