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This mindset will make you fuck more quality girls way more easily

December 23rd 2013,

Today, I think that it is interesting to review the progress of Padawan.

Padawan is a childhood friend who left to Lille for the studies, a few years ago. He was in couple during 4 years with a castrating girl then lived during 2 years with a girl who got fat and meanwhile who did not want that he touches her during the last 6 months of their relation… while they slept in the same bed every day. When he decided to show his balls and to leave her, at the beginning of the year, she did not understand and started crying. In her opinion, he was acquired for life and had to undergo her whims ad vitam aeternam! It is the case of many men incapable to rebel against the system.

In parallel, my lifestyle made him dream. But these girls had to really be a pain in the neck so he takes the plunge. So that he understands that this kind of love which everybody seems “to look for” is not what makes really happy, it makes people subdued and dependent. Because yeah, the comfort of the couple and the pressure exercised by the society so that people comply with this model, even if it does not make really happy, are difficult to overcome. That needs, among others, to have the courage to think alone (think by yourself it’s more complicated than it seems).

Well, he is intelligent, Padawan. He has a scientific spirit and formation. He is also a sportsman: he goes in for sport almost every day, is black belt of tae kwon do and eats healthy (he does not drink alcohol except good wine or quality beer).Roughly, he has really nothing to envy me: tall, handsome, brown hair and blue eyes, the square face, the striking abs, etc. Nevertheless, he had a hard time at his beginning with the girls at the beginning of the year…

He thought that it was enough to be a little bit cute and to approach girls to kiss them and sleep with them. Logical but totally false reasoning. He quickly became disenchanted. It seemed crazy to him that the girls do not come to him when he was the cutest of the club. It seemed crazy to him to see them making out with fat and ugly guys just because they were the waiters. It seemed crazy to him to not be capable of approaching all the pretty girls while he was nevertheless determined, to feel this anxiety of approach which paralyzed him. When he started to have enough balls to approach girls, he was surprised to be treated like a shit by girls who have nothing exceptional, and who objectively do not deserve him, just because they have the sexual power and because the other guys lick their ass (and because they do not know how to recognize a quality guy). He was surprised to see that the women have the sexual power but cannot use it because of the diktats of the society and that most of people thus live in sexual poverty (like him before but he did not even realize it). It seemed crazy to him to realize that what creates the attraction for a man doesn’t necessarily creates the attraction for a woman : it is not about a simple transposition of desires otherwise everybody would be good at seduction.

Like me, he got slapped a lot, and had to change his attitude to have results. It is what consolidates me in the idea that the physical appearance is secondary, I mean that of course it helps him to be hot…but if he had not this mental of competitor given by the martial arts (not feared of getting knocked, here in the ego, not feared of getting up and of trying again) if he had not become more confident and impertinent (in spite of the fact that conditioned bitches try to make him feel guilty for that), if he had not stopped putting the girls on a pedestal (they feel this weakness and take advantage of it to stuff this kind of guys)… He would not have the level which he has today. Even if he now meets new problems!

Him, who had slept with and kissed only 2 girls in his life. Him, who thought he could count as conquest a girl to whom he had held the hand in the street but not dared to kiss. He now has slept with a thirty-year old (Buddy of the girl of the Street Fucking) but because she was backed into a corner by her internal clock she put the pressure on him to start a “serious relationship”. It is the trap in which many guys who begin to have results fall, because they do not know when they will have another girl. Besides, because you share something with the girls with whom you sleep, the sex is not only mechanical, many confuse this link with love because they know nothing to it. In brief, he told me “she is cute, she is a good fuck, but she does not absolutely correspond to what I expect from a woman” and nevertheless he saw her every 1/2 evenings, they went to the restaurant together, etc. I thus had to wake him up : finding a girlfriend is not an objective of winner, it is better to look for a girl who SINCERELY tempts us to be in couple.

In brief, he found the strength to break up. He then picked up an American. This time, he told her “no couple” but behaved all the same like a guy who wants a couple. “Even if I want nothing more with her because she is not a sportswoman, she is too much well-thinking, she eats anything, etc. I want to treat her like a princess.” He invited her to the restaurant I do not know how many times, he showed her the city, made her come in his family… I dunno what he wanted to prove but the girl had feelings for him, she moreover tried in vain to make him feel jealous with other guys and he eventually had to break her heart. It is really important to join the attitude to the word in seduction, at the risk of hurting the women.

Then, the case of the Spanish. Picked up in an Erasmus bar. We decide to return by car, and her friend left before to leave us alone. From this moment we devour like crazys parked in front of the gate of the student halls of residence. I regrettably only tasted her breasts and very firm buttocks. As soon as I wanted to go into high gear she prevented me from it, certainly to give her a clear conscience. « I am now going to sleep now » She tells me that but I catch her again! And this three times. We both couldn’t handle more sexual tension but she preferred not being thought of as a whore or I do not know what… fuck off ! In brief I give her three dates to go up to the end… After that she will have missed her opportunity.” Actually, she wanted to see him again) twice, and acted twice the same way : she did not to want to sleep asked to see him again. Totally crazy, this chick (like a lot) ! They don’t want “to be thought of as whores” with a guy of whom they would like to develop loyalty then they do not sleep with him. The guy, if he is a little bit alpha and if he can have other girls, he clears off with a less boring one, yeah ! As far as you like the guy, if you know he is not a sucker who is going to judge you, why going back home frustrated, 3 times in succession moreover, instead of spending a delicious night which will give you sublime memories for all your life? Knowing that after you can see again the guy to continue to have fun from time to time if the connection is there?

Fortunately, there are not only complicated girls like that. He went to Lyon to see a concert, met this quite cute inhabitant of Lyon (they maybe have a “less pain in the ass” mentality over there). Then, he went back there to spend a few days at her home. They made love of course, she told him that she “had never had so good orgasms like that”. They are still in touch, she is soon going to come visiting him in Aix and he will go back to see her. That it is a healthy and fulfilling relation. Why going without it?

Otherwise, he found a girl in the area too. He tells : “Well, sometimes, the fate does things right. I had a walk one evening with a friend in Carrouf with a friend and we met a small very cute brunette. She called out to us, she knew my buddy. We discussed, she has something special which makes her sparkling. I gleaned some information then we went out to go to a barbecue. I said to myself that it was a good target and that I had to see her again then I found her Facebook and after a small sexual trying to pick up via Facebook at the beginning of the week, I saw her yesterday. Short but with very attractive proportions, her face is always smiling, she made herself beautiful with makeup and thus wanted to go farther than a simple date, I like it. We went out to drink a hot chocolate, the chick was impressed by my physical appearance when we walked, I saw it in her eyes. I had not too much paid attention on that the first time. Well they did not serve hot chocolate there, then we both took a soft drink. I did let her speak by placing funny remarks. This girl does not smoke and does not get drunk, she thus has all my attention ! We did not hear each other anymore there so we had a walk on the Cours Mirabeau and then I suggested her settling on a bench. She is a real blabbermouth, it is the first time I fall on a similar smooth talker but plunging my eyes into hers created confusion. Some kinos later, we left towards the parking holding each other to warm. Arrived near the elevators, she continued to yack, I would have had to use my balls and to kiss her when she spoke but well I have waited that she finished. On the other hand I did not know what to do, she kissed strangely… a lack of experience maybe… I told her to relax it was a little better. Some kisses later she drove me to my car, I am going to have to make her understand that I won’t judge her if we meet again to give orgasms to each other ! In any case she is motivated to see me again. To be continued soon certainly !”

Guess what, they went on 2 or 3 other dates. He took the initiatives: she was wet like crazy but did not want to fuck. As a result, he told her “shit” (he acquired enough internal strength to say fuck off to the girls who mess around) and put her in the refrigerator during two months (because he is not a dead of hunger man). She apparently found nothing better meanwhile, then she a little thought by herself and saw where was her interest. She thus contacted him again, just after our aggression, at the end of October. He tells All things come to who waits. Yesterday I had a date with her, small very cute brunette whom I had gamed in September. We did not meet since I had told her that I was free and that a couple was not on the agenda for me… With the story of Friday, I went there especially to change my mind. She picked me up at about 8:30 pm at my home, she was still so hot ! We gave each other a kiss and went to a nice restaurant in Puyricard. I did not want to end up alone with a woman in Aix for obvious reasons IE the psychopaths of Friday… We chatted on the road, I explained her more in detail the aggression then we changed of subject a little. We arrived. The restaurant is classy and there were only two couples eating: We were quiet, perfect! The dinner took place well and the waitress took care of me when she saw my plaster at the hand. I didn’t start sexualizing before the dessert, I don’t know why. Furthermore I did not really talk about the massage that we had meant ! At the time of paying, the waitress, intrigued by my plaster, asked me what happened. Once the story told, she started gaming for me! By addressing to her: “take care of him” followed by a wink and other sentences with really obvious allusions! In her car, I thought that we were wisely going to return, I was wrong ! Ah ! the excuse of the massage, it is so good (the excuse and her). I did my best to give her a massage with only one hand but she liked that, then I did stick to her I caressed her, blew her in the blow, resumed my massage. I did not kiss her to make the tension rise. We eventually were unable to resist… we found a very dark place to continue our somersaults in her car. She had a very meaning look! You know this look of the mad nymphomaniac, too good ! That was probably one of her best fuck: “You are doing great for a guy with a plaster”, “you are awesome !”. I have to admit that she was good too, especially that in her toyota yaris we were really tightened! She is not thin but everything is firm, especially her small breasts. I feel so good and happy ! The following ones had better watch out !”

Well. He still sees her frequently, that it is cool, but he lets her hope a little too much to my taste. Because even if he speaks to her about the other girls with whom he sleeps and about the foursome we made, that annoys her and he continues to bring her to the restaurant several times a week, to present her his friends, etc. She yet begins to say that I disgust her and that I have a bad influence on him, she would want that he stops seeing me. In my opinion, this well-thinking simpleton is going to try to catch him and become possessive because sheidealized him… He thus has to learn to manage better his open-relations, to do not leave them fake hopes, but for the rest he became rather good. Within one year of Game, thanks to his open-mindedness, he has much better results than many players I know! He overcame a great deal of blocking points, and I am going to try to help him to overcome the last ones next year! Our duet works very well because I help him to become happy, spread and free in his love life and he helps me to improve my lifestyle (sport, alimentation, people I spend time with, etc.)

May the God of the Game be with us !

PS = I am anxious to tell a new anecdote to illustrate again that the attitude is more important than the physical appearance. I have a buddy who arrives at nothing usually (he slept with 2 girls in his life, does not dare to approach and even less to take initiatives, etc.) Except that I told him my threesome with the Red-haired. Then, he approached her on FB. He was very sexual and took initiatives BECAUSE HE TREATED HER AS A GIRL WHO HAS SEX. If he had tried to pick her up without I told him what I did with her, he would never have dared to speak to her like that and never he would have slept with her. The bottom line is that it is necessary to be sexual and to think that ALL the girls are sexual beings. Of course, there are a lot of conditionned, formated, frustrated, inexperienced girls whom that will frighten. But it is the mindset which is important. Because this mindset will make you fuck more quality girls way more easily (and too bad for those who don’t want to have fun).

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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