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My two last parties of 2013

December 21st 2013,

Well, I am going to make of one stone two knocks. I am going to tell you my last two parties. Yeah it is sure, the winter doesn’t really motivate to go out nor anything, people tend to withdraw on themselves. I do not make an exception, needs to say that I am fed up with going into club and see pathetic drunk people who don’t know how to have fun. Moreover, I spend 6 on 7 days at my parents thus that doesn’t help… Well.


First medical party


Away from tae kwon do at about 11 pm, I went to pick up Hafid.

Arrived at the club, 1 hour. We directly approached a group of 2 guys and 2 girls. One was tall and thin, very attractive, a nice face with curly red hair. Hafid asked her for a light and began to speak to the guys. Seriously, we don’t give a damn of these guys (I know the principle of the amog but those were not dangerous nor interesting). Thus, I began to play Fabricio Juliano, what attracted the attractive and she came talking to us. After a while, her buddies left and she decided to go find them. Hafid followed her as a small dog, although she neither asked him nor did not give him a look at no time. Obviously, when she found her buddies, she continued to ignore him totally. He gets into bad ways, friend Hafid at the moment, he is situated between a ready for anything to fuck an idiot subdued guy and a guy discouraged by the desert of his sexual life.


ERROR N°1: an alpha does not beg for the sexual favors of the girls.


Then, Hafid saw a girl alone at the bar. She was in docker, what let’s glimpse an attractive tattoo. “Hello, you have a beautiful tattoo” was his opener. She looked at him, then ignored him… end of the interaction. Obviously, it was so much boring. It is like asking a girl for light. Besides, you look coward: the girl really believes that you come asking her something, and then she notices that you start trying to pick her up except that you are too cowardl to assume directly the fact that you want to try to pick her up. It is not honest. You can easily understand that her interest decreases. It can work only if the girl wanted you so much even before you approach.


ERROR N°2: do not show that you are boring, clumsy, in lack nor depending.


Then, with Hafid, we went on the dancefloor. Well. He went dancing behind a group of girl and spent 20 minutes waiting that they turn around to see if they were going to find him cute or not. This waste of time, and this side “I do not assume that I want to screw you”… It is so much a beta attitude. Who attacks from behind? Only the cowards. I’m not saying that it cannot work, I just say that it is a bad game. I waited better on behalf of a guy who is in the community of the seduction since longer than me. I have the impression that instead of improving, he becomes a little worse every time. The first night we went out together, he had picked up and fucked a magnificent Swedish, then we went out and we kissed girls at every parties, this invincibility lasted about 5 months at the rhythm of more than 2 nights out by weeks. And then, one day, he started gaming like a shit. Then, worse and worse.


ERROR N°3: that, I do not want to see it any more, the guys who rub themselves against the butts of the girls in clubs without really daring to approach.


Well. I a little dissociated myself from him because he had pissed me off : I approached a girl by mumbling an incomprehensible thing (voluntarily). She even asked me if I was French or not. Seriously. But I noticed that she nevertheless tried ardently to feed the discussion. I told her “you, you want to sleep with me.
– Yeah and in addition my boyfriend left me
– When ?
– Two months ago.
– Two months since last time you made love? Fuck, fortunately you met me”. Well, we a little warmed. Even a lot : I spent almost 1 hour on her case then in the end she got “cold feet” and did not want to go fucking in my car. I believe that she a little became afraid when I gave her a spanking. Another virgin who does not know what is good.

Then, I approached a small blonde, cute. I have smacked her in two seconds then I asked her if she had already made love today and if she was interested. She looked at me with big eyes, like if I had just told her that I had been kidnapped by aliens and that they had transplanted me a green dick like Hulk. It is a real pain to me these girls who do not assume that they would feel better after sex with a guy who knows his business and who is not the kind of jerk who will judge them.

Well. Far off, I perceived a girl who looked lost. I said to Hafid “go, she is for you”. He went there, he waited 15 minutes before kissing her. Then, she has proved to be very drunk. In the point not to stand up then I have a big doubt concerning her capacities of understanding. Hafid lost his mind “oh yeah I have to fuck her NOW, give me the keys of the car”. I gave them to him, but reluctantly. Except that she wanted to go have a drink at the bar. Hafid stuck her from behind, like if she was the pearl which had a priceless value that he had to protect at all costs. I asked Hafid, a little to see what he has in his pair of underpants and especially to try to make him think twice because that did not seem ethical to screw a girl in this state “well, we can make a threesome if you want ?
– Yes.
– Go ahead, ask her, then”. He did not dare. Or then he did not want to share, I am not fooled. I hope that Hafid is not the kind of guys to say “yeah go for it when you find a girl you call me and we fuck her together” but when it is him who has found a girl to keep everything for him. I say that because at a given moment I had found a mobile on the ground then I wanted to return him to the bar, but he took him in my hands and took advantage of it so that the staff offer him a drink. A little bit weird attitude. Watch out, I hate the selfish men and the profiteers. The worst are these narcissistic guys who always try to come in the parties with you, or to go to the nightclub without paying when you have contacts but who never propose you anything. By far, they promise you “next time, you will see, I am going to bring you in a great thing”, then the D-day : absolutely nothing.


ERROR N°4: the good plans are not one-way.


Well then Hafid really wanted to fuck this girl. Needs to say that so vulnerable, she had a sexy side. Except that a guy gave him a nudge and told him “she is my sister” then he stuck her to a wall and kissed her during 2 hours without fucking her in the end. Pathetic. On the other hand, Hafid should not be passive like that. He really has to go in for sport to have a stature and an internal strength. It is necessary to build up a mental of winner, inner game is 90 % of the game.


ERROR N°4: not having say to the AMOG to go to hell and having remained totally passive even fatalist.


Then, Hafid grumbled all night long “It is inequitable, the life, don’t you think?
– Not really in fact.” In brief, he is a little right all the same. But there, in this case handbook, it was not so obvious. As a result, he drank several cocktails at the bar. I think that if we think that we need that the girls are drunk so they agree to fuck with us, it is bad. That would have been almost similar to a rape in this particular case because that she was not really conscious.


ERROR N°5: the alcohol and the drugs, it is fashionable but it is some shit for losers who want to forget their problems, who need some courage or who are simple sheeps and who take it “so they seem cool”.


I settled comfortably next to him, a beautiful blonde passed. Tall, blue eyes, rather thin. Not bad. I don’t remember exactly how I opened, I believe that I tapped on her shoulder then made a sign with the hand to tell her to come. I have kissed her in 30 seconds in spite of a little resistance. We ate each other’s mouth then she left by saying bye-bye with the hand. I didn’t even try to fuck her. Mea culpa. End of the night.

Arrived at the car, totally drunk Hafid told me “well, if you want I drive”. It is not a joke… this guy is really high. I understood I guess why he had become so bad: He began to smoke, fags and joints, and to drink heavily excessively every night. In the end, it attacks the brain.


Second medical party


Christmas Party with Padawan. Between Padawan and Hafid, has an abyss, it is not at all the same level of wingman. And I don’t say that because I trained Padawan. Well, we directly proposed threesomes to girls who did not enough have confidence to accept. Nothing surprising, will you tell me. One even told me “What persuaded you that I was a whore? It is to the whores that one ask for that”. Shitty mentality, thus, that announced the color.

We all the same kissed two attractive girls with openers “Hello, I am your Christmas present” and “Hello, I am your sexual object”. Nothing crazy.

Then I approached a tall one, something like 5ft10, with “you too you want to make love (indicating Padawan and me)
– Not with two boys but just you and me why not” (although she said that she then played the innocent girl). It was funny, classic game which turned “I am not a girl who sleeps at the first meeting” into “I admit I want you”. But had constraints there, it was on my back seat or nothing. She did not stop telling me “well I smoke a fag and we go there” then “well I have a drink and we go there”. She quickly pissed me off, in fact. Two or three hours of negotiations in the term of which she wanted that we go having sex at her place, and not in my car. Hard luck, I had to drive Padawan back.

On the return, Padawan spoke to me about Camille. “But fuck who is Camille ?
– The girl with whom you have just spent 2 hours”

This evening, we hesitated to go hunting there. But we said to ourselves that it was a better idea to see our sexfriends who are beautiful and who know how to have good sex rather than interacting with silly bitches. As a result, there I leave you, I have to visit 6ft. We planned to test all the positions of the Kamasutra illustrated by Clara Morgane in one single night.


Anecdote: otherwise, during the night, a sort of crazy came speaking to me about my blog. While I turned on the tall one, Padawan spoke to her and explained that here the guys are discouraged and would screw her but that in Sweden she would not fuck. In brief, that she is not beautiful. Then she wanted to know if she was a 10. She acted like a magnificent princess while she was hardly fuckable, it is crazy (if we put so much out in understanding the game it is not to bang girls who are not top (physical appearance, state of mind, lifestyle, etc.)). Two pussies (guys) of her class who certainly wanted to screw her in a fit of pique came to see Pawa “and you do you think you are a 10? You are a fag in reality, go do body building and eat your proteins “. The two stupids were so cliché “rholala you note the girls, you are 2 jerks, it is not polite” (=We are not like that, why doesn’t she want to suck our cock ? We are good boys)… Especially that it is HER who spoke about being a 10 or not. Well, that almost went down the drain. But Padawan will tell you better that me this delicious anecdote.

“I just made her understand that we did not play in the same category even if she tried to warm me before. That makes me think, and I confirm: You should never decrease = banging anything. Frankly, we should more often put them back in place, that would oblige them to move their ass. If more men did that, more women would move their ass (sport, food, etc.) ! Finally well, a real crazy person who did not handle being rejected while with the basic guys that probably works every time. She thus fetched her two feather dusters in the rescue. On the other hand, no, they did not say that I was a fag : One of the guys asked me why I would not want to sleep with her, “Yeah she is magnificent, I do not know what you need, she is the most beautiful of the world this girl” (Big licking of ass by a friendzonned dead man of hunger) , I told him that I did not like her and that anyway I preferred the blondes! There, they told me that I was gay, I didn’t give a damn, thus they tried an attack on the physical appearance. In brief it is better to ignore the aggressive morons.

Otherwise, we had made a small bet about which Fab forgot to speak : I approached two girls with “Do you want to see my dick ?” Here we are, you know everything now, ahahaha !”


May the God of the Game be with you !

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