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Rather interesting if you want to understand girls a little better

December 16th 2013,

The nice little young Frenchwoman of north-African origins with the green eyes whom I had fucked in June 2013 came back speaking to me on Facebook (after I visited her profile on Adopt) some times ago. She told me that she would have adored that we see again each other regularly. I went deeper into the question (the conversion is rather interesting if you want to understand girls a little better) !

Me : Well explain me your thing more in detail

Her : Which thing ?

Me : Well
If you wanted that we continue to see each other
Why didn’t you suck me ?

Her : That is a good question…

Me : It is important

Her :I think that it is due to my lack of confidence

Me : I did feel it too

Her : I do not trust myself, it is a fact.

Me : You can acquire confidence. I took the virginity of a girl 3 months ago. She makes progress

Her : At the same time with you, it is not difficult to make progress

Me : Lol thank you flattering girl

Her : It is more a report than a flattery
You have quite a lot of experience in this domain, it is normal that you train well

Me : Yes but I didn’t think I had surpassed myself with you

Her : Nevertheless, I speak about my experiences, you are by far the best

Me : Thank you it means a lot

Her : Undoubtedly. It is because of my disastrous experiences that I lost self-confidence on this ground

Me : I see

Her : You understand…
But from your point of view, how was it?
Answers honestly please

Me : well you’re cute
I liked the 1st time when it went alone without trap
The second time when lied by saying that your father had to come picking you up (and supposedly we did not have time to fuck then oh miracle when I turned you on he could pick you up later) I less liked
It’s a pity that you didn’t suck me I would have honored you with a wonderful cunnilingus otherwise the sex her wasn’t bad but I would have liked that you feel more free

Her : Ok. For the second time I was not lying at all it was completely true. And later, I would admit you that I do not know how to have fun. I only served to empty the testicles of all my ex. Where from the rather disastrous experiences

Me : Why don’t you suck ? Don’t you have pleasure when you give pleasure ?

Her : Why I did not suck you, the question still remains unresolved. It is nevertheless a thing which I like doing very much
But I was lacking confidence in myself at this moment and the idea of comparison slowed me down I think

Me : I’m not like that lol

Her : I know…
Later I would admit you that I still think of it, I always asked myself the question of why I didn’t do so

Me : Yes me too I thought again about it

Her : I was stupid at the moment

Me : Lol rolala stop it I wouldn’t have gone as a couple with you anyway you know my principles

Her : No but it’s true, I was stupid on many points, fortunately I opened eyes meanwhile. And the worst, it is that I started having feelings for you without wanting a real relation

Me : It is healthier ! This model of relation that the society want us to adopt is a shit in almost all the points of view

Her : Frankly, yeah. Where is the freedom?

Me : For example
And now you’re on Adopt, looking for a “good guy” who wants a “serious relationship”

Her : No you’re totally wrong
The idea of couple is not any more with current tastes. Now it is sex without feelings and bye-bye

Me : Do you really say that to the guy on Adopt ?

Her : It depends
I have a lot of fun on the site

Me : Do you make fun of them ?

Her : Most of them, yeah

Me : Poor guys
We are always the idiot of another one
A lot of women make men lose their time on the Internet

Her : At the same time, it seem also that they look for it. It is almost a case study

Me : This is why it is necessary to select quickly
For that you look honest
Did you come to the date in the optics of bedtime with me?

Her : In the optics to speak to you in the first time and after we shall see

Me : At what point did you decide to sleep with me the first night ?

Her : Are you talking about the day we met ?

Me : Yeah
Is it when I turned you on in the elevator ?

Her : No, from the moment I put the look on you my choice was made

Me : Oh that’s good
And in my profile on FB, what caught your attention?

Her : The fact that you write which could imply that you have a brain not like all these jerks

Me : What I write didn’t embarrassed you ?

Her : I had never read and no, it didn’t. It was exciting

Me : Ah thus you already wanted to suck me before the date ?

Her : I read what you write later
After the date

Me : Thus you wanted to meet me because you saw that I wrote but you didn’t want to see what I wrote before meeting me?

Her : No

Talking with you was enough for me

Me : Very good
Do you Know Marie of Medicine ?

Her : Do you make a study?
Yeah I know her, why ?

Me : Not at all
You had her in your friend list, right ?

Her : Maybe, one of her friends was my sexfriend

Me : Ah

Her : Why?

Me : This is because of her that I poked you

Her : Ah

Me : She was my open relation of this winter then well she wanted to try to make a “real” couple with a guy (it lasted 2 weeks and she lost me with this bullshit)
Then well I said to myself that I could see if she had cute girls in her friend list

Her : And you found me

Me : Yeah even if it wasn’t a good start

Her : Why?

Me : Conversation started on May 29th
– Did we meet ?
– No but we don’t care
– Ok … So what do you want ?
– I don’t want to sell you anything don’t worry lol
– It answers hardly my question
– I am a crazy poker, I poke the profiles which interest me
– And what in my profile interested you?
– Your physical appearance, well after if you are a big idiot I won’t be interested anymore
– Interesting as means of selection
– Yeah do you know others ?
– Let’s say that some would be the physical appearance, or the intellectual. I think that is needed a happy medium, it is always better to ally all the pleasures of the senses.
– Yes, the last question of your hiring test is, are you heterosexual?
– Totally
– Perfect then we are going to be able to kiss each other without the tongue
– Interesting as job interview, it is a technique which I would use too if it doesn’t disturb you
– IRL, you, girls are scared of approaching

Her : It’s true ^^

Me : Why did you answered me so badly if you liked me ?

Her : I learnt to not trust my hormones

Me : Do you realize what you almost missed ?

Her : The best lover of my life

Me : For example
A good night in any case

Her : It’s true

Me : And thus, what eventually decided you

Her : Your way of speaking, the way you write

Me : I see

Her : Why all these questions right now ?

Me : No reason

Her : Whatever
In brief, you know how to contact me if you want

Me : If I want what ?

Her : Facebook or text me or what you want

Me : Okay
To do what ?

Her : Everything you have in mind

Me : Do you want to give me the best blowjob of my life ?

Her : I don’t think I can do that, I need to learn before

Me : Every blowjobs are pleasant as long as there are no teeth

Her : That depends how you use teeth

Me : Lol
I don’t think so

Her : I will show you

Me : I’m scared

Her : Lol
Well, good night

Me : By the way, would you like to make a foursome ?

Her : Not at all.

Me : Okay
I suspected it a little

Her : Then why asking ?

Me : To be sure

Her : It is funny, you are the second one to ask me this question today

Me : Who else ?

Her : A sex friend

Me : Well I am not a sex friend
I am a sex artist

Her : Yeah ^^

Me : I don’t have sex for having sex
I experiment

Her : Did you experiment with me ?

Me : No, I took life as it comes

Her : Sex for sex then

Me : No
The transformation of the poke into sex
That is so interesting
How, coming from nowhere, we can penetrate the intimacy of people

Her : Experiment, in this case

Me : Yes and no
Let’s say that I already knew it was possible

NB: two days after this conversation, she was “in couple” with a guy she met on Adopt, mode “it is love” on. And one month later, single again. Incorrigible, these girls.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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