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I love tea because it is hot and wet

7th December 2012,

Today, I ate with Hafid at the university restaurant because I did not have something else than bananas in my apartment (and I think eating too many bananas can be dangerous), I bought gloves because it’s freezing outside, and I fucked a girl simply because I wanted it. It’s the chick I recently took to the cinema.

In Sociology of a womanizer, Alain Soral considers that his pickup is bad when he didn’t sleep with the girl after tree dates (so he is not a sucker exploited) ! Let’s recap : 1st date = a drink in the bar in front of my house, 2nd date = the cinema last time, 3rd date = the D-Day = today. So : it was the last time I saw her if she continues  to avoid sex.

She came over after her day at the faculty (I dunno what she fucking studies exactly) to drink a tea (officially). I love tea because it is hot and wet. For over a month now,  I didn’t drink alcohol but I don’t need this shit… we kissed on the couch when my roomate arrived (inch’Allah) so I used this excuse to bring her in my bedroom : just a bed, no chair to sit down obviously. I turned her on against the wall 5 minutes then I said « close your eyes » and I undressed myself. Then, I brought her on the bed, she phoned to her mother that she would be late for dinner (those people eat at 7 am) while I licked her. It’s perverse, a girl, needs to know that. Besides, she was laughing out loud by hanging up.

No resistance. We made love only once unfortunately because she bled on my bed. No, she wasn’t virgin, it’s her contraceptive pill which provokes her bleedings from time to time according to what I understood. Her vagina was small (the pelvis was new – I guess it had not too much served) then I had trouble penetrating her and I felt tight, it was funny and pleasant. Or maybe it’s because she is short, because I had the same sensation with the girl from Adopte of September (who was short too) except that HER, I’m pretty sure she was a nymphomaniac (and I say it in an affectionate way).

On the other hand, bad point, she is the second girl in a row who doesn’t suck me! Not satisfied ! Well, I have to leave you because I have a date at 10 pm with a 35-year-old married woman <3. No child, the morality is safe. No, seriously, maybe that she is making me a big joke or maybe I am going to fuck her. In the doubt, I have to take a shower to remove any smell of cyprine on my pubis. Also, tomorrow, I see Chacha, my sexy neighbor I like very much a lot !

Well, I kiss you, family ! See you soon I hope because that would mean that I have given orgasms… again ! The Grand Slam would be 3 in two days. At the moment 1/3…

Agent Cyprine, roger ! May the God of the Game be with you !

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