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Making love to a married woman when we are not her husband

8 December 2012,

Hello friends, I am very happy to be still alive so I can write. I am going to tell you why I was so afraid …

I had a date at 10pm with the 35-year-old married woman about whom I spoke to you earlier. Bad start : she sent me a text message at around 7pm « if I come at 9-9:30pm is it good for you ? » I was just getting out of my fuck with the previous one then I negotiated a small respite to eat and everything « no prob, take your time, 10pm at [this bar] it’s good ». Except that when the time came, I sent « where are you ? » and no answer… 10:10pm., I called her and… voice mailbox. I decided to go to see on the spot at around 10:20. At [the bar], nothing to report in the warmed terrace, so I called Hafid for advice, he suggested me to come playing poker with him and his buddies. Brilliant, except that it was not even a strip-poker! I told him that I was all the same going to go around the tables of the saloon, to be sure that my dancer was not waiting there like an idiot. No regret is my policy.

Once inside, I found her : I recognized her immediately. Not easy nevertheless bicause she has just 3 or 4 pictures on Facebook. This woman added me as a friend because she likes what I write on FB (I tell my adventures and develop fantastic theories about seduction, the whole on the tone of humor). The challenge is interesting and original : she is 35 years old, lives at the other end of France, is married.

This girl, or rather this woman, sipped a glass of rosé in a beautiful black, very classy dress. She has an attractive face, great legs and good neckline. In fact, she is really sexy. To contrast, I took a miserable apple juice because I don’t drink alcohol anymore. She paid my drink (very good initiative that deserves a cunnilingus) and told me that she had no doubt on the fact that I was going to come even if I was late… she however should, because I was very closed to join Hafid. In brief, I sit on a stool, she played footsie (caressed my feet) during a quarter of an hour, then touched me with her hands and came very close to me. She made rise the temperature but stopped always at the last moment. It was push and pull feminine version… I always thought that women had an innate gift, finer and more developed for the seduction. That is what consolidates me in my theory… She even went as far as fiddling with my face, etc. Never seen that, it is not the small kids who live here who would go so franco. It excites me twice more. I would like to congratulate hers, Earth  needs more women like her.

At a moment, the seller of roses passed then I asked my princess « Do you want to offer me a flower?
– No. » the seller was laughing out loud, he even tapped me on the shoulder. But, frankly, sometimes there were silences and she looked at me like if I was a fucking marvel or I dunno what. To try to understand, I asked her if she considered as one of my groupies « Half.
– Why ?
– Because, me, I came to see you.
– So what ?
– I am pretty sure that there is a lot of girls who would like to be me right now. » The bottom line is a certain shape of celebrity is thus the ultimate goal of the personal fulfillment

Because I am a suspicious dude : I was afraid whether she is a serial killeuse who would have a pistol in her bag or something. It was too good to be true. I even wondered at a moment if she had poisoned me with aconite in my apple juice like Hanna McKey. I know, I watch Dexter too much. On the other hand, if I think well : she is unknown here, alone. She thus can do what she wants and  it will have no consequence on her life. It is the same principle than at the Club Med. No social pressure = we enjoy life, in a carpe diem way.

At midnight, she wanted to go out to smoke: « do you want to go somewhere else to drink or do you want to come over and read my last post on FB ? (she did not read it because she was on the road all day long like De Palmas)
– Read at your place ! » Thus we were walking. On our way, I answered some SMS while she held my hand (not easy). I questioned her « you are really an awesome girl who takes the initiatives.
– Yes but I will probably never see you again, that’s why. »

Arrived at my home, she removed her shoes, and passed from 5’11 to 5’6, that changes. I turned her on in my bedroom and it worked like crazy. She moaned, had gooseflesh, etc. I really drove her crazy in the strict sense of the word. It is flattering for the ego. She threw me on my bed and sucked me « you open your Christmas present now ?
– You told me that we would make love before the end of the world ». Seriously, I had forgotten that I had said that but I think it is a legendary line. While she took me in mouth in a delicious way, I still wondered if she was going to twist my neck or others… and when. I was going to have an orgasm so I told her to stop. It is true, you don’t make a good impression when you ejaculate before penetrating the girl. I licked her, then took her in missionary. It was so good, I was so excited that I finished in only 5 minutes, fuck. So, during the time I needed to become hard again, I licked her again. I used the technique of the thumb and the tongue which titillate the clit while I’m fingering her. She had an orgasm, yeah, the honor is safe. I finally became hard, so I took her again in missionary, then she came on me (two orgasms) and asked me the sacrosanct doggy style. I enjoyed taking her doggystyle because she has a nice body and  especially the situation was really exciting.

Before returning to taxis, she read the text for which she came. She told me she will miss me. Me too, I liked her. When I see girls like that, so simple, so direct, who know so well what they want … that would almost tempt me to move at the other end of France.

Well. It is 2/3. Tomorrow, I see Chacha. It is not necessarily the most difficult but still she has to come to Aix (that she doesn’t cave in). She already said that she has « a lot of work » but that she was going to « try to » get organized. She hesitates. I am not fooled, if a girl cancels and does not make counterproposal, it’s dead.

I cross fingers. Good night. May the God of the Game be with you.

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