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Oral orgasm while blowing

This text is a bonus in my Diary of a French PUA 2


Read on a blog for girls: a quack coach teaches that women who want to seduce a man must cook good things. I laughed out loud when I realized that women do not understand men more than lambda men understand women.

Seriously, if you’re hungry, you go to the restaurant. But, to leave us a huge impression, a girl shouldgive us the best blowjob of our lives. We will then remember her until our last breath. If I am single and a chick lets me know she is good and is motivated to make me a demonstration : I run after her all night long… and if she is really good in addition : she shouldn’t worry, I will call her back the next day. Finally, I think that to better understand the gender relations, we should just accept our respective simplicity.Do not see that as a defect.

After this “appetizer,” I must tell you the incredible story that happened to me. Why was this girl different? She offered me via my blog something more than just a fuck, rather a sexually and very rewarding educational experience.

Indeed, she studied Tantrafor years and found a way to orgasm deeply in her mouth just by sucking cocks (which just goes to show that it is in the head all this, this is why some people manage to enjoy during the sleep). Moreover, her behaviour projected sex and orgasms. Girls like that, it is not common. Maybe just by eatingbananas, she can enjoy.

Between “scary” and “exciting,” my heart swung. But because I am a positive guy, I decided to focus on the exciting side of the case. If I summarize the concept, she offered me (the most naturally) to bring me into another dimension by playing with the muscles of her throat during an oral intercourse. I would have nothing else to do than lending my cock.

It was interesting me in the scientific sense of the word, like an explorer. As Christopher Columbus discovering America, I set sail for the unknown(s). I was going to explore the legendary world of Tantra. The one that makes so many people fantasize. Much ado about nothing or there are really crazy things in those old customs?

Rendez-vous halfway between our places, in a hotel.We created a link with a drink before she swallows me in the intimacy of her bedroom. Without this, transgressing sex magic does not affect me. I more need, I think, that it fits with the girl as a form of approval and mutual attraction than doing some stupid dry humping against her body. When it came to “sex”, she took matters in hand like a queen so I obeyed her as one obeysa nurse. It’s exciting as when they “take things in hand.” For me, sex is the man’s responsibility. However, reversing roles sometimes is enjoyable (and relaxing).

She lay on her back and leaned her head over the edge of the bed: funny but unorthodox technique. I had never seen such a thing.With her hands on my butt, it was her who hold the reins of this session. After a while I traveled. The euphoria invaded my body. I understood the meaning of life, why we are on Earth and everything (but I forgot in the meantime)… I was thinking of a super ugly Lama so I don’t come, quickly, to extend the session. My anxieties were veeeeeery away at that time. Shestarted moaning like if sheenjoyed it even more than me (and maybe she did).On the other hand, the return to reality was hard after that.

Her performance finished, she smoked a cigarette. I drank a caramel tea and offered her some BN. I like all the blowjobs but then frankly it was magical.

Maybe I could one day, me too, enjoy by making a cunnilingus (licking a pussy).

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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