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Application of Brad P’s method “10 minutes seduction”

March 28th 2015,

I finally tested this Fast Seduction technique that I learned in the seminar of Brad P (not Brad Pitt but an American PUA who took this pen name). Well, I had tested it before but let’s say that it is the first time it worked so well! I was sent to Hell several times in the past by trying this method but well I don’t care thus I persevered. And there, that worked thus I am very proud to share this adventure with you!!!

I put you back in the bath: I am under Zoloft (antidepressant) since a few weeks. At the beginning, it was very hard because I had read the list of the side effects and I provoked them all myself. At the beginning, just taking the pill provoked an anxiety attack (fear of poisoning – you know that I am the kind of dude who does not even take an aspirin when he has a headache). But, little by little, I began to feel better, I took only 2 or 3 quarters of Lexomil, the thorough treatment being enough… on the other hand I have to take it during at least 6 months. I returned to sport (swimming – 1km three time a week – racing breaststroke, crawl, back) even if I was persuaded at the beginning I would die during the effort. The simple advice of my shrink in Marseille: “live in mode carpe diem and accept the death”. I spend my time to sound myself because of all the strange symptoms I have, I am not still firmly convinced I have no disease, that’s the thing. Thus, seeing that I got better all the same (I still have sounds in the ear, cramps, irrational fears, dizzinesses and palpitation), my mother decided to accelerate the process and paid me a WE in a sort of SPA hotel with massages and everything so that I relax well. Yes, my mother has not only defects!

It is in this hotel that it happened. On Fridays, I admit, I just got on with some girls who worked there (like Dolteau would do). But on Saturday evening, seen that I cleared off on Sunday morning : I didn’t gave a damn of all this anymore then I risked everything (method of Brad P – 10 minutes seduction).

At the end of Saturday, I asked one of the masseuses with whom I had established all the same a good eye contact and with whom I had a discussion rather about sex (in a quite abstracted way until that moment I admit) “I really want to masturbate after that, could you recommend me a discreet place?”

I asked in a manly but not threatening way: there was all the same some sweetness in my voice. I wanted that she understands well that even if she did not help me to find a place, I was going to give a fuck somewhere anyway. She advised me ultra-clean toilet with a little smile… then I continued “you know that would make all the thing much more exciting if you came with me and watched?”. She had probably understood that for me the sex was just a hobby and that I would not judge her because she emitted some rhetoric objections but eventually came “I have never done that seriously it is crazy
– Me neither… but life is short and full of pain so let’s enjoy it”. I didn’t believe it! Sensation of irreality.

It is true that it smelt good in these toilet (that’s it the hotels dedicated to relaxation… in addition that probably changed her from the old men whom she usually sees). Thus I began to masturbate, and she was a little bit distant but I read in her eyes that she was excited ! Then I asked her if she wanted to give me a hand… and it turned into a blowjob. Well, first of all, she took it in her hand and everything then she kneeled down and gulped down it. Do not call me an asshole, at no time I forced this girl: only questions and suggestions. Her excitement came from my natural power of man’s body on her feminine body, that’s it, I speak about it very well in The inconvenient truth about gender relations. It overrode her logic.

She admitted to me that what turned her on was especially that I am a total unknown. That I am vulnerable in certain domains but so confident sexually speaking. And that she had a boyfriend but that in the bed it was a little bit the routine while I had offered her the possibility of realizing one of her fantasies: watching a guy jerking off… I was so confident over the moment that I dared to push the cork “that would be better to have a bed next time, no?
– yes, I admit. But I like to make standing love too.” Fuck, me too I love it so much !!!

Finally: I planned to take her in my room and to savor her all night long (what a romantic I am) but I was finally entitled to a standing doggy style in this very bathroom. She loved dirty talk. It was really too exciting, in addition she was far from ugly the scamp. I told her “that must be sooo good to be inside of you… I really want you right now like in a timeless bubble out of our lives…” I guess that it was the trigger. Well, that depends on girls: the important it is to be fixed quickly… either she says yes, or she says no and you move on (until the following one). You need to accept rejection as something that moves closer you to a “YES”. In any case, this is my philosophy of game. What I mean it is that if we base on the statistics and if we have let’s say 1 % of chances that it works, that does not mean that we are going to fail 99 times before succeeding, that means that on 100 tries, that is going to work on average once but maybe during one of the first tries. Then here we are, every failure, and God knows it can be violent (some were very offended by my request ie watching me masturbating) moves us closer to a “yes”. And that’s it to be a pick-up artist. Full stop. You will never fuck all the girls on Earth, you will never seduce them all, but you are rather intelligent to play on the statistics (and to increase your success rate thanks to certain things such as a mastering of your body language) and so achieve exploits that most of the guys find incredible. But that will require courage, just like catching the 151 pokemons, because you will sometimes take the rap and play along on your way: some, instead of appreciating the kind of guys you are (adventurer), will try to humble you!

Women have a power on us (just like we have on them but this is a taboo subject). And this kind of sexual exploits boosts me, so I think that the game can help me once again to beat my fears. Or at least to change my mind. I want to see again my buddies, it is already good… finally that those who did not go away during my depression. For example Hafid.

Well, next time I’ll try to ask girls if I can accompany them in toilet to watch them having a pee and I destroy their ass after in fact. (Yeah I am hot and totally disinhibited, it is maybe a side effect of Zoloft). I specify that I was kidding here, I find that a little bit glaucous to watch her have a pie.

Well other thing, a good news : Virginie started making me very good blowjobs and I showed her what 69 looks like, she loves that. As they say, all things come. I also lick her in all the positions (top, bottom, front, behind, under the shower, on the bed, standing, lied down, sat on a chair, in her university…)

In conclusion I would say that what interests me it is not so much to screw girls, I am not a mentally ill person, otherwise I would use always the same method again and again to have sex. But what interests me it is to try a lot of different things and to deeply understand women. Because I love them. I do not hate them, I do not want to take my revenge on them. I love them, that’s it, and I want to show it to them by giving them a lot of pleasure. And by making them good memories.

May the god of the Game be with you !

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2 thoughts on “Application of Brad P’s method “10 minutes seduction”

  1. Hi man,
    Cool report, btw do you have the pdf or audio of Brad P method or you just follow it on his youtube or website?
    If you have the pdf, could you give a link so that I can take a look.

  2. It’s not a PDF dude it’s a seminar.
    But I guess you can find anything in torrent.

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