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The best lover of the century !

The best lover of the century !This testimony has been written by La Prof : I am a good leg.

October 18th 2016,

I met Fabrice for the first time a year ago. I still remember that I had high hopes for this date.

The month of October had been bad, I only had disappointing dates and was sick and tired of my usual sexfriend.

I went in circles on Adopteunmec, seeing only profiles of guys who did not assume themselves or who wrote in an awkward French that they sought the woman of their life.

In the midst of all these hypocrites or naive, there was a very singular man who attracted my attention: very long description but all the same very interesting and well written, promising photos… It was enough for me.

The discussion started, he invited me to get to know his stuffed toy. Obviously, he was not a small player and I liked it. Anyway, I did not ask any better. But it was still necessary to see what he was really made of, then the discussion lasted, we talked about banalities and sex at the same time, it was quite pleasant.

Finally, we waited a week before meeting up. Anyway, before, I had my period. I was quite excited by the prospect of this date but I also was very afraid of being disappointed again.

We had agreed to go at his place. It was not my practice to move my ass, so I asked him to pick me up at the subway station. He did it without bothering. At the same time, he owed it to me because he had declined my offer to first go having a drink in a neutral territory.

He was late, I even thought he was going to pass the buck. It gave me time to send text messages to some friends to tell them where I was, just in case.

Finally he arrived, in line with my expectations. We talked and I followed him.

At his place, he offered me a glass of wine that I accepted and he immediately proposed his strip – card game. “Technique well-run,” I said to myself. We played. I had fun playing the shy girl, the girl a little distant. Either it destabilizes them and I take the advantage, or it excites them and they take the initiatives. No need to pray him, Fabrice is a man of the second kind. This is where things get confused. Everything was so intense and spontaneous that I could not build precise memories.

He got up half naked (I was winning!), went behind me and started to remove my dress. “Finally”, I said to myself. He kissed me and caressed everywhere, let his hand slip on my underwear and we left for several hours of incredible sex.

I was at once astonished and delighted to see his endurance and his sincere desire to give me pleasure. It is the first time that I meet a man as much, if not more, concerned with my pleasure than with his own. I enjoyed it totally.

After that, exhausted, I slept there. I usually never sleep with strangers but I no longer had the courage to fight against this kind of principle. We talked in the dark again. He confessed to me in a funny way that I was the fourth girl he saw in the same week and I understood better why he had the patience to wait so much before seeing me.

He also asked me if I had done experiences with girls and if I wanted to try a threesome, in an innocent way. We fell asleep after he explained to me wanting to have two women later, forming a « trouple »

The next day we took the subway together. As I left, I kissed him “in-between”: not a kiss given the night we spent together, nor a kiss on the mouth because he was not my man and we were in public.

My friends were worried about how everything had gone and I responded soberly that my new meeting was “the best lover of the century”. That is how he will be remembered.

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