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Women with abundant ejaculation


1. Definition

“Squirting” or female ejaculation refers to the liberation of a woman’s fluid at the moment of her orgasm.

This can range from a tiny bit of liquid to a great abundance. This fluid is different from cyprin (“wet”) but is not just piss (it is a secretion of Skene’s glands and very diluted urine).


2. What kind of women can ejaculate?

Squirter is not an anomaly or a disease. Many people ignore it but ALMOST every WOMEN are potentially a FOUNTAIN. Some make this experience regularly, others exceptionally, the latter never do.

Just like for a man who wants to become multi-orgasmic, the mind has an important place. But the physical also matters, and more precisely, the strength of the muscles of the pelvic floor (the “PC muscles”).

Thanks to a set of relaxation exercises, anatomical recognition and sensation training, it is possible for almost all women to master their ejaculation.

For the anecdote, last year, I went to an erotic show and attended the filming of a porn movie. The actress ejaculated in front of the crowd with a “simple” stimulation of the clitoris. This is what makes me say that there is a great psychological part in female ejaculation.


3. How to make a woman ejaculate?

A. The Mind:

I met a “real” fountain woman in Lyon a few months ago. She told me that she became one overnight.

Before becoming one, when she had an orgasm with a man, she felt that something did not come out completely, and that it remained like a desire to pee. To put it another way, she felt that the process of orgasm was incomplete. In fact, many women have a retrograde ejaculation at the moment of orgasm (these are the ones that will immediately pee after sex)… but with work, they can become “fountains”.

It happened to her for 2 years when I met her and she told me that her sex life has been totally revolutionized thanks to it! She now enjoys a lot more when she sleeps with guys, the orgasms are faster to come, more powerful and she can have several orgasms in a row more easily. According to her, it’s very psychological, this squirt story. She told me she could even ejaculate just by caressing her breasts.

She may have exaggerated a bit but I do not think she told me bullshit: when I fucked her, she asked me to go out just before she ejaculated so that it was optimal for her! It is a relatively transparent liquid, and a little hot, that I saw spring (there was not as much pressure as in a fire lance but it squirts a little in fits and starts). And she orgasmed like that a dozen times a few minutes apart before smoking a cigarette and falling asleep.

To achieve this, according to her, the three main psychological pitfalls are:
– let go, go beyond the impression that the girl is going to urinate (this is not the case but the sensation is kinda similar);
– be comfortable, don’t afraid of being considered a fairground beast because of this ability;
– relax (sometimes a good massage is required) and prepare a towel or another protection for the sheets.


B. Physics:

To ejaculate, the girl must be excited, have muscular PC muscles and receive adequate stimulation.

It will be necessary to stimulate the G-spot, which will not be satisfied by a simple pressure or a vibration but which will require slight reciprocating movements in addition to the pressure.

We begin by caressing the clitoris, because it is super nice for the girl, and it gently awakens the entire vaginal zone, it titillates the thousands of nerve endings of the vagina that will become reactive to every stimulations.

Then we slip a certain number of fingers (depending on the tastes and preferences of the woman – two or three in general) that we put on her G-spot. Then, gently circle all the G-spot.

Finally, always with our fingers, we tap the G-spot, put pressure on it, slowly first then we accelerate the rhythm. We can stimulate the clitoris with the other hand at the same time, if we want. We tap and press fast on the G-spot, with fingers hooked inside.


When she feels that the orgasm is coming with force and crash, the girl must push hard. If she feels like a urge to urinate, it’s normal, it’s the imminence of gushing that does this: she must know she will not urinate, she will just squirt. But if she does not make a pretty fountain, don’t worry, she will piss this liquid safely into the toilets. The squirt, in fact, it’s learning how to expel this fluid at the moment of orgasm. It is a kind of liberation for women.

If you do not succeed in (making) squirting the first times you try, do not waste your time worrying and try again. It’s not easy, but the good side of the deal is that it does not hurt anyone to try (it’s even good for women).


4. The Porn

Be careful, do not be fooled by the image that the porn movies give of squirt. I suppose that, just like for a man, orgasm and ejaculation are not inseparable: for women, orgasm does not necessarily result in this emission of liquid, and this emission is not either necessarily linked to an orgasm (although this is usually the case).

Moreover, it must be said that some relatively impressive squirt effects in porn movies are perhaps just the result of a fake (they do this because it is a fantasy for some men).

The last thing to know is that some women can be “fountains” but do not squirt. Some simply flow…

Regarding the amount of ejaculated fluid, it depends on the woman and the context. This is usually around 50ml.

Feel free to comment if you’ve lived a fountain experience!

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