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How to well kiss a girl?

First, we must know and admit that a good kiss is more dependent on the chemistry between the two partners who kiss than on a pure technique.

However, even if there is no real connection between you and the girl you kiss, which can happen from time to time, it does not matter. You can still make this moment a pleasant one.

For this, what you’ll do is you’ll lead. You will impose your way of kissing enough time to better know each other. Then the two of you will be adapt a little bit to the other.

Moreover, at first do not put your hands on her buttocks or boobs (that’s boorish). Stroll in the small of her back, her hips, her neck, take her face in your hands… These are territories that remain the domain of the gentleman but that still are very erotic and erogenous.

Do not use your hands and do not always kiss the same way. You can kiss her more or less passionately, with or without tongue, more or less tighten your grip while you kiss, nibble his lips or her ear lobe, you can lick her neck… so many ways to make your kiss a preliminary!

A good kiss, in general, it’s one lip over the other. It’s not like that (we are not in a comic):


Once you’ve kissed a bit like that, you can open a little bit more your mouth to see if the girl will follow you. And once the mouth is a little more open, you can try to go and play with her tongue. Do not put directly it in the back of her throat, you will see gradually if she follows. It is useless to turn your tongue during 107 years, it is better to give several short kisses.

Top 5 of things you should avoid when you kiss :
– The knock of teeth in a hurry (that’s often front teeth that hit);
– The soup of tongue (oral rape) : washing machine 1200 rpm (not including spin) + drooling;
– Blowing while you are kissing (true story);
– Eating her lower lip like a wild sometimes up to leave scars there (they are people who love but that well);
– The kiss of the two who keep their eyes open and who look at each other in the eyes with the eyes of a Tarsier.

How to well kiss a girl

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