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I love having mistresses !

I love having mistresses !I fucked a mistress !

October 24th 2015,

On Monday, I recovered my initial investment with Alison (+ interest).

Tuesday, I performed a balancing act to score my second F-close of the week with an ardent Italian/Corsican girl. She has already sent me a text message to suggest that we meet again but I do not have time…

Wednesday, I saw my cardiologist. She pressured me to see me more. Once a week, it’s not enough for her. I did not know when I could put her in my schedule, so I told her “no”.

Thursday, the researcher flaked me again “ahlala, I work too much, because of my internship, I can not have a private life, sorry”. It is not really credible when it happens 2 nights in the same week. So, instead of fucking her, I went if for 1h of sport. It’s been a long time, it’s good. Then I saw the cardiologist again: she was happy !!! We did it doggystyle in front of the mirror of my bathroom and she sucked me on my bed in front of the window. My neighbors were making a party on their balcony and there were some stupids guys who saw me so they loudly encouraged me “go go go, champion”! So, she wanted to close the blind after a while! Too bad, it excited me!

Friday (yesterday), the cardiologist discovered my blog and was very shocked. Yet I was honest with her, I told her I was fucking other chicks but I do not think she had understood that it was this bad. She called me an asshole and everything, I thought it was unfair. And she does not want to see me anymore. Sometimes I really feel like a big asshole: I’m sorry I hurt her, I feel sad… but after I fuck a hot chick and I feel better! What I remember of this story is that when you are a pick-up artist, you have to get a little weaned because otherwise it drives you crazy.

Last night, around 9 pm, I had an Adopte date with a schoolmistress. I love having mistresses. She is on holiday, so it was convenient to arrange an appointment.

I had warmed her with erotic texts (written speed-seduction) and she had written some for me in return. I share some passages with you:
“You should however take two things into account: the first is that I tend to express my pleasure without too much modesty, the second is that I am a former gymnast.”
“I will take part in the rewriting of your penultimate paragraph, so I put you on the bed, and I hold your hands while I rub myself on you and I leave you some flaming kisses: on the neck, the mouth, the chest… My right hand finally slips along your body to touch your balls, then your penis, and as we both want it hard, you lie down while I go down lower, lower, lower, and I lick them as my hand begins to swing back and forth on your penis, sometimes my tongue slips to your penis just to frustrate it a little. Finally, your glans interests me more, I stay there, I play, before I finally put it in my mouth.I hear you grumble some stuff. Your trige is now in my mouth, a little more, a little more, I’m coming, you’re feeling the pressure of my lips and my tongue slides… But comes the moment when you can see my camber and my little buttocks shaking as I suck. You cling to me, you raise me up to you. After a few seconds of hesitation, I ride you. Gently, and then more vividly. I love this moment when I know I can do what I want with you… “
“Dear Fabrice, it was short but intense, it is time that I reveal to you some elements, so that your imagination can work even better… Know that today my lingerie is black lace. Also, know that I only wear Brazilian stockings and tangas. About the body they dress, I will leave you the pleasure to discover it, I also usually wear dresses and skirts, and heels. Sexy and easy. I never had sexy in public, I have always wanted to try. Your narrative has only doubled this desire. You may also know that I have absolutely nothing against a certain bestiality, as long as it is done with respect. Finally, regarding your last paragraph (again!), know that you will only lick me in the morning if I did not wake up before and if I am not already blowing you. I am also very fond of this kind of awakening. I hope I have awakened the man again. And that will inspire you a new prose.”

In short, it’s a fucking literary, a fan of dangerous liaisons! I think I could fall in love with this kind of girl…

I gave her an appointment at the metro stop downstairs because at first she wanted to have a drink in town before coming over to fuck… but it pissed me off. She was the most demanding so she finally did want I wanted. I was late so she was afraid I flake and sent me several worried texts… apparently she has already been flaked. There are guys on Earth who do not want to fuck a girl like that ?! Seriously, she is hot and has a beautiful face. In my opinion, the guys had just got cold feet. In addition, she had brought chouquettes because she is a polite chick who does not want to come empty-handed. Fuck, chouquettes, that is what my grandmother bought me when I was a child : I immediately liked her!

So I took her home and we drank a glass of wine. Then I proposed a strip – card game. Fuck, I have hallucinated on her breasts: 85D for 1m60 and an incredible firmness (she sports) with pretty little nipples. All accompanied by a flat stomach and a fitgirl ass.

I asked her if she had any origins and it irritated her because apparently people often thinks she is an Arab while she is Italian. Damn, it must be because of her naughty eyes and her olive skin!

She suddenly spotted the “blog” file that was lying on my desk (it’s probably because of it that this damn insomniac cardiologist found out me about me) and asked me a lot of questions about it. So I played card on table and showed her my site. She found it exciting, SHE.

After the game, I positioned myself behind her, still sitting. She got : my fingers, a proper clit caressing, then a pussy-licking on my bed until she begged me to take her. Then: she went on me, lotus, doggy style, missionary, handjob, blowjob, ejaculation. She enjoyed it and me too.

Afterwards, we did it again. The doggy style is awesome with her! I’ll see her again, I think. She told me she’s OK : she tells me that I’m the best lover of her life for now. She has another sexfriend at the moment, a bear apparently very hairy, but he only lasts 2/3mn so he is out of the game.

When we had finished fucking, it was already 3am. Where did the time disappear? She could not go back to her place because there was no subway so we slept together. It did not bother me because I feel a real connection between this school teacher and I.

On the pillow, she told me that she rarely fucks with guys from Adopte and that they rarely keep their promises… but how can I believe her ?! She has is 23 and usually prefers men in their thirties… so I felt young, for once! She confessed to me that she wanted to fuck me as soon as she saw me because I supposedly releases a sexual aura: what a flattering little girl !!! Ah, I almost forgot, she’s a former lesbian so she has an ex and would like to do it again with a girl during a threesome. It’s VERY interesting…

This morning, she sucked me until noon (she did not want to have sex again because had already taken too hard). She put me late so I ran (with foamed legs because of the long blowjob) to go to my appointment at the psychiatrist at 12:30 pm (I’m currently trying a CBT to fight my anxiety crises).

This afternoon: Snipe’s interview is in the box. Then, I took a nap, and here I am typing my FR.

Next week, I will be offside : my mother is coming on Monday evening until Friday lunch… and Friday night, Virginie arrives in turn until Sunday evening (we explained and a little patched things up).

Good luck to you ! For my part, it will be necessary at work even if I have calmed down a little since Wednesday.


May the God of the Game be with you !

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