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I can understand that it was still hard for her to make a 5some with her sister at 8am

October 20th 2015,

I decided to stop working this afternoon because my boss pissed me off (I’m in my office but I am not working). I’m on edge so I just made the decision to quit this job at the end of the tax period (next spring).

I will then have a good experience in cabinet on my CV and will be able to do my internship of 3 years of chartered-accounting in a cabinet a little more class, not in a scraper thing with a whimsical boss.

This time, the complaint is that I arrived at 2:15pm instead of 2pm (I had fallen asleep… as often between midday and two o’clock). I explained that I left at 12:50am instead of 12:30am but this bastard told me that this is not a reason… in addition, his niece arrives at 9:30am instead of 8:30am and 2:45pm instead of 2:00pm but he never tells her anything. DOUBLE STANDARDS ! Two strategies are open to me now: ignoring what he has just told me or sticking to the opening hours, leaving at the official closing hours and not doing any unpaid overtime anymore. He pissed me off so much that I have again pain in the chest (stress). And last night, he had so pissed me off that I clenched my teeth during my sleep: this morning I have a broken one… fuck…

In short, I will take advantage of this right that I just granted myself to tell you briefly the last 2 weeks of pick-up. I did not have time before, I was too tired and there was no FuckClose anyway.

Fail n ° 1

Saturday two weeks ago (October 10th), I spent the night in an Erasmus party with my friends and a girl named Alison. Then, she wanted to go to another bar, the one I call “the sauna” because it is always 50°C warm even when it is very cold outside. On the way between the Erasmus-Bar and the Sauna, we heard noise: a private party in an apartment! So we went there after simply asking through the window “Can we come?”. It was fun to go there like that (and it’s always easier to be invited when there is a girl in the group)!

We stayed there for 1h then we left. On the way, I tried to open all the doors of the halls of the buildings to warm the chick inside. There’s one that I managed to open (it was not locked I just had to push): I touched her breasts, buttocks and pussy in it.

Then, arriving the other bar, she began to booze and to dance. Personally, I neither drink nor dance. We were really in TOTAL shifting. But she still kissed me. I asked her all night long to come to my place but there was no way… and she always asked me to stay with her longer in the Sauna. I felt like a pigeon even if I paid nothing because I was losing precious hours of sleep.

I got tons of tests like:
“You’re sex-starving to death, don’t you?”
“You slept with 177 girls? Honestly, it’s not so much »
“I do not know if you will get me to orgasm I have doubts”

“I already have sex-friends so why would I need you?” ”
“Chuck Bass, I would fuck him on first date”
“You have long nails, don’t you? Ah no you don’t…”
It pissed me off ! So I spanked her ass a few times for the road.

At 5am, the metros had resumed so I left by telling her “sorry I feel too much like a gap-filler with whom you spend the night but are not interested in, in fact”. The next day, I received a message on FB “are you pouting?
– no, why ?
– what you said last night. I was in the mood to party yesterday
– OK when you are in the mood to party in halls of buildings, tell me
– I’ll even let you show me yours if you want now that it’s not the first date”

Fail # 2

Last Wednesday, October 14th, a girl from Adopteunpuceau came to my house. We had agreed for a glass of wine and a massage. Once installed, she told me that she was kidding for the massage and that she was not at all tactile “I hate being touched”. She said she never sleeps on the first night. She said that I should wait for her to feel like it.

I told her (for the challenge) that the day she would like, I would resist just for fun. She replied that we, the guys, had no will. I digged a little: she only knew 3 men in her life, so she has virtually zero experience and has not orgasmed for more than six months. She was, in short, frightening. She was so stressed that she was talking at full speed and all the time.

We discussed the sexual positions she would like us to do next time, she even drew them on a paper (a diagram) and then let me see her buttocks and underwear… but without touching. Nothing happened : I have been bad when I let her impose this frame.

I said that for the next date, we would play a strip poker. I explained the rules to her and she said “OK”. But I did not feel it. The next day, I sent “what color are your underwear today?” But I did not receive any answer. In short, apparently she has rationalized after and prefers to give up on it. Or she was crushed on the way home. No seriously, I did not understand where I messed up but I can tell her she missed something. This is how to err on the side of caution… So I have spoiled two dates since I’m in Lyon… which makes me a success rate of about 90%. In fact it’s like in Aix, except that I meet more girls.

Fail n ° 3

The following Friday, I had to receive at my house a pretty foreign student coming from Abu Dhabi whom I had approached to FB. A pretty little one. At the time said, a text “sorry I am too tired and I have to charge my phone
– kiss my ass “.
I do not regret my answer: in general, who had flaked will flake.

The same day, a 40-year-old woman from Clermont Ferrand passing through Lyon for the night offered me a libertine plan on Adopte. Except that there were no pictures on her profile. I asked some by mail and she sent me pictures where I could not see her face. She challenged me “if you’re curious and adventurous, come at 10:30pm in front of the cinema of Bellecour, my film will be finished and I will get out
– kiss my ass “
. Seriously, it was a fucking plan, no? So, I watched Breaking Bad until midnight and I fell asleep in front of the show.

Fail # 4

Last Saturday, we went out in my favorite bar with Chromosome Y and Mr. McBoules who bought a very classy jacket… so now he looks like Harry Roselmack. There was also a friend-wingman from Aix who was passing through Lyon.

He is so tall this guy (2 meters) that when girls dance on the tables, he can talk to them right in the eyes. It was with this observation that I opened a set of two. One began to answer us by laughing and there I heard a strong accent from Toulouse that I recognized “tell me you were there one month ago with a hat, right?
– oh yeah I knew that I had recognized you bastard you made fun of me all the night.”

Indeed, I had incarnated the whole evening my favorite character : I named the Spanish Fabricio Juliano (who speaks with a pretty strong accent). I had a good laugh with her but I had to leave very quickly because one of my friends was outside and could not come in the bar. So, I had done nothing with her. But when I saw her, I got on the table, I took her BEAUTIFUL face in my hands (seriously she is very beautiful), said hello and gave her a smack on her mouth right after. She did not slap me nor anything, her lips had a texture of a delicacy and a very pleasant sweetness. However, she told me “stop your bullshit now I have a boyfriend and I’m serious
– OK, well, that’s already something taken on life!”

I went down and told her “now I’m at the right height to kiss your breasts!” Between us, I think I will never fuck her but a kiss is always a pleasure even if I forced fate. Pushy game power !

Fail n ° 5

The most beautiful of the fails, I think.

Around 4am, with my buddys we decided to propose an after to some chicks in the street. We found a group of 4 girls. I approached with “well so ???!” And one of the girls of the group echoed me “well what then ???!” We talked to them and they were looking for something to do, just like us. Once at my place home, I tried to launch the strip card game but two of the chicks were reluctant. They wanted to play another game!

We then made another game (the liar) but the two pains in the ass cheated to don’t lose when they played (they handed cards in the package). To top it off, they did not make wages nor take off clothes when they lost. The worst part is that they made shitty remarks like “if we organize a diner for stupid people we’ll have to invite him” because I did not care about what they said. I took it a bit badly, especially since I had kindly made pasta for everyone because they were hungry. So I was very cold with them, especially with the one that was very ugly (the nastiest by the way) probably because she felt bad in her skin (there must be a causal link). “Well, we empty our bucket and we leave,” said the two pains in the ass. FINALLY !

My friend of Aix took the opportunity to leave too because he had fallen asleep on my bed in the meantime. It was probably 7am at that time! We finally played the strip card game with the two cool girls!

Two teams: I was with one of the two blond girls, and Chromosome Y + Harry Roselmack with the other blonde girl. By the way, I did not specify but they were two sisters. Thanks to the game, we undressed them and we undressed. Then we made pledges to kiss them, it was cool. When we were all five under the duvet fiddling after kissing, one of the two sisters went crazy “SORRY BUT IT’S TOO WEIRD COME ON CAMILLE WE LEAVE”! She jumped out of bed and got dressed. It put a damper. Her twin sister was as hot as the embers. She also masturbated MacBoules in a photomaton on the way back, according to what he told me (I’m happy for my padawan).

I would have liked that Chromosome Y could finally fuck a girl (that’s my virgin padawan) ! But otherwise, I did not find them very sexy so I have no big regrets. At the moment, I would have liked to have sex, that’s for sure, but hey… I can conceive that it was still hard for her to make a 5some with her sister at 8am. The trick is that she has spoiled the joy of everyone (and maybe even her own) and that it broke the mood. Ahlala, when you freak out, what bullshit don’t you do! It could have been a great memory for everyone! There was nevertheless a good dynamic and I did not find that we had a bad game…

The bottom line is that I really have to find how to put the heating in my apartment (the thermostat is very complicated). It’s frozing a little!

If I summarize: at work it’s not fun (the only thing I like in the office anyway is flirting with the secretary and talking with my work colleague who is as obsessed as me), the chicks it doesn’t work much, the cardiologist is a pot of glue and Virginie breaks my balls because she finds that I forsake her. She does not understand that with my job and everything, I do not want to spend the WE at her place with her mother, her sister and she while I have an apartment well wedged in Lyon and she is in holidays.

There are still positive things in my life: I just finished an ebook entitled “The awesome lover’s manual which is a good sell for the moment and I am preparing with Snipe an interview of 1h30 that will explain the Game well as it should (for once). We’re going to do a featuring like rappers! Wesh!

Come back of the mojo:

The principle of the cooked dish is that we cook it then we just have to put it to warm to eat it. It is a bit similar with Alison, the girl met in front of the bar during the Erasmus party. She came home last night with a bottle of white wine. Polite, this girl! And funny too, we had a good time.

After a while, I fingered her + caressing her clit under my table. She was close to orgasm so she was hot and took off her top. We went to the bed. I licked her. She is not an easy-to-orgasm but I ended up getting there. In fact, it was not a bad thing to wait a little in fact, it raised sexual desire. I admit I masturbated by thinking of her in the meantime… I told her, by the way.

Then she dropped me. She came over me and started rubbing. Without conviction, she asked “do you have condoms?
– Yes”
. But she stayed there, with her pussy against my erect cock. I told her “you’re playing a dangerous game
– Yes
– do you take the pill?
– no”
. So I put on a condom, I’m proud of myself to have resisted… it was hard.

I fucked her and… second orgasm. She could not handle more, the little thirty. I had warned her anyway that she would enjoy, I do not see why it surprised her so much… In any case, I liked her body without fat and firm breasts. She has nice tits (I was addicted to her boobs like to an anti-stress ball). In addition, her face made me think of a love of my youth so it helped me to fantasize, I admit.

It’s my second FC this month and I have 10 days left to fuck two more girls. Big challenge if I want to stick to the statistics I hold since I’m in Lyon (1FC / week on average)!

May the God of the Game be with me!

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